Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

I have been going CRAZY pinning on Pintrest since we found out we’re having a BABY GIRL!!!

It’s still so surreal at this point. It’s been a decade since I have thought about a pink nursery or pink little baby clothes!

Megan and I started going through her old baby clothes to find out if there is ANYTHING worth using. I was sad to find a lot of them were stained, but there are a few dresses I think I can salvage.

GOOD NEWS... my living room chairs come on FRIDAY!!!  
I will have to take a picture and post it. Financially everything is hitting us all at once. Now that the new furniture is here, that opens Pandora’s Box, so to speak, because we’ll now need to buy more paint, rugs, curtains, etc, etc. PLUS, in the next few months, getting 3 kids ready for school, a new nursery and all the expenses of getting ready for a baby. PHEW!!!

Clothing is also a HUGE issue for me right now. NOTHING on the lower part fits me anymore and I REALLY need to buy somethings to get me by, BUT...I can't stomach the thought of buying maternity clothes or BIGGER clothes for that matter when I only have 4.5 to 5 months left. UGH... If you see around town in clothes that are WAY to tight for me, just know I am saving my 
monthly clothing budget for MORE important things :) hehe

Here are some darling nursery ideas I have been thinking about.

I will give you my starting point and then you can tell me what color scheme you like best. 
These pictures are just GENERAL ideas.

I have this changing table I bought YEARS ago for my 1st baby. I am having my cabinet guy build side towers and the bridge on top.  So EXCITED!

Here is the crib I'll be using, I will have used this same crib for all 4 of my babies! 
How will I ever part with it once all my babies have grown? I might just have to keep it in the family :)

And here is my rocker/glider and the chandelier. I am planning on having a slip cover made for the rocker. I’m not sure about the light?  
It’s super cute, but should I keep it and change the shade color OR sell it and go CRYSTAL???

OK... now that you see the basic stuff. What theme do you like BEST?

Soft and Sweet

Cute and Bold

OR...something In-between

I have each of these pictures on my Pintrest 
account for reference.
 I LOVE all these room! Not sure what direction I should go?

And The BABY is....Take Two!!

I couldn't take it ANYMORE....I had to find out what this baby was, waiting 2 more weeks seemed like FOREVER!  
So, I convinced my husband to make a super quick trip to Salt Lake with me and pay to find out this baby's gender, from one of those fetal photo places. I am soooo glad that I did. So worth the trip! Do you all want to know what were having???  

The majority of you by 83% were RIGHT!!!!


My oldest, Megan (10), was so full of emotion! She cried with joy throughout the day every time she thought of TRULY having a little sister. My 7-year-old son said he wanted a girl, but honestly I don't think he cared either way:) He was just excited to see the baby and its tiny feet and hands on the ultrasound. 
My 3-year-old spent the day with family! 

Well there you go! We are SUPER excited!!!

I guess from this point on, you will be seeing LOTS of pink posts :)

Boy Nursery Ideas...

I thought I would share my nursery ideas one gender at a let’s start with boy, 
since from what I hear my odds for a boy goes way up since I did an IUI! Soooo, here are my ideas:

I am LOVING Khaki-Grey and Blue, Navy or Grey and Yellow....

Here are a few inspiration pictures I found on Google and off of Pottery Barn Kids 


Found at Pottery Barn

Picture from Etsy

Found at Pottery Barn

Basement Inspiration

My upstairs is currently at a standstill until the new chairs and sofa arrive. So I thought I would start researching a NEW style for my basement. Currently, I am NOT in love with our sectional. And it helps that it's very warn and ripped in places sooo, I am excited to look for something NEW. 
I want a FRESH feel for the space. 
So when I ran into this inspirational picture on Pintrest...

(Does anyone know where I can get darling pillows like these?)

What I LOVE about this picture is that I can still use red in the space (which I LOVE) and the fact I have a MASSIVE wet bar hood in the basement that is here to stay. 

I also LOVE how the white trim pops (which I have a lot of) and I still get to use grey-blue which is so popular these days! YAY!! seriously this picture was sent from heaven!

Not sure about the antlers on the coffee table? (not really me)
But I do LOVE the paint color!

Here is the sofa I am going to save my pennies for....
IKEA of course!
Im either going with a sectional again or 
maybe a Love-seat,sofa combo?? 

With the way my kids beat up the TV furniture it’s not worth it for me to buy an expensive sofa at this point in our lives. 

I am SUPER excited that this design with go with my cherry picture that I LOVE so much! 
The basement is it's NEW home!

I am excited to go forward with this design. 
It might take a while to complete. But I am happy to have some direction :)

Baby Gender Reveal - Girl or Boy?

Ok... so I know you are all waiting to hear the news if this baby is a boy or a girl?!

Well...SO AM I!!!! 

This has NEVER happened to me before but this little cupcake would NOT give up the big show. The cord was stuck right between its legs and there was no way for the Doctor to see. 

I am OFFICIALLY going CRAZY!! he wants me to come back in 2 weeks. Can I survive until June 4th?? 

Has this ever happened to anyone out there? 

Oh well, at least it gives you all more time to vote, and for me to keep day dreaming about the possibilities for the babies room. 
I might just have to post my boy and girl design ideas!

Baby Gender Guesses & Family Vacation

I'm back from a week at Disneyland and once again I took a bit of an extended vacation from my blog. I don't know about you, but I swear the month of MAY is busier than December. It's always one thing after another while preparing the kids to end the school year. I do have to say I am LOOKING forward to having this school year over. The early mornings have about killed me being prego. I am excited to be able to sleep in a little :)

Just to back track a bit, we had a BLAST at Disneyland!  My youngest (3) was transformed by Disneyland. It's like something awoke inside of him and he hasn't stopped talking since. I have learned that traveling is TRULY the best schooling out there. It introduces kids to new and different things

I think we wore this kid out!!! 
That's a rock wall he fell asleep on.. OUCH!

  My 7-year-old couldn't get enough of the beach. He spent hours catching sand crabs and discovering all the different elements of beach life, such as moss, sea plants, feathers and shells and of course the excitement of the ocean waves.  
The water was a bit cold (at least for me) but the kids didn't seem to mind. I spent most of my time soaking in the sun!

As far as projects on the home front...I am working on completing Megan’s room this next week. I will post pictures SOON!!!  I haven't been doing many projects around here lately. 
(thus the lack of posts) The thought of being a mother of 4 is setting in and I have had to put family first. I for sure will try and keep up my blog. But please be patient with me as I embark on a new adventure!  Speaking of #4