Our Kitchen Island Makeover

Just a really quick update...

After 6 years kids banging up the wood underneath the island. 

I had to either... 

#1 Refinish the entire thing 
#2 cover the parts that the wood was the MOST beat up.

I opted for #2 as the bid for a new paint job was $500 OUCH!!

So here is what we did. 
added a small piece of a v-groove board in the inner squares of the island, and then added an outer layer of decorative trim. 
Look how it transformed the island!  

WOW..Big change for little money!




Amazing Talent From Our Family

I just had to share this darling video! 
How's this for an engagement video? Love it!!!

This was a Family Affair! Brett's Uncle produced it, and the girl in the video is his daughter (our cousin) 
and the boy is her fiancé
WHAT TALENT!!! I am seriously BLOWN AWAY! 
Glad I'm related!!! 
hehe :)

Paint and Self discovery... PART 1

My journey started back in July, when at the Evo Conference. 
At dinner, I sat down with Shelley from House of Smiths and picked her brain about her AMAZING home transformation.  
At the time, I knew I wanted to change something in my house but was afraid I was going to ruin the good things I had going in the space. 

But... after 6 years of living with the same paint color, and seeing my personal style changing. 
I was ready for a change.  
Shelley convinced me to JUST DO IT! 
So when I got home I put a plan into action.

At first, I thought I knew the direction I wanted to go, but soon discovered that the idea of the space I wanted versus the and reality of living in that space were 2 very different things! 
But first things first... Let's Start from the VERY Beginning!

My first project was the kitchen, I covered the red paint with primer, and then set off to find a New color. 

Here was the kitchen before...

I went through too many samples of paint to count in all shades of blues and greens. 
My original plan was to get rid of ALL the red and exchange it out for blue.
The first color I attempted was a blue-grey paint called 
Samovar Silver-Sherwin Williams
   I painted most of my kitchen with this color, but stopped half way through. I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about it, and had to think about it for a week or so.  
I finally decided that this blue was NOT the right blue so I moved on to a Warmer hue of blue  "Comfort Grey-Shermin Williams." 

Here is the kitchen with blue attempt #2
I have to say this room is VERY pretty, In all honesty...
I had nothing to complain about.
BUT... (there is always a "But" isn't there? :)

I REALLY liked the color, BUT deep down it just wasn't sitting right with me. The more I moved forward, the More things started getting kind of CRAZY. 

By painting my kitchen blue, it opened up Pandora's box so to speak.  
When I changed the kitchen, I then had to change the front room, laundry room, hall and entry. I knew I would have to change things, but never realized to what degree.

Night after night, I lost sleep over trying to come up with ideas for a NEW plan of how I was going to make the blue work. But nothing seemed to easily fall into place. I am a firm believer that if things don't fall into place and it feels like you are pulling teeth to make it happen, it's your gut telling you "STOP" and regroup/rethink. THANK GOODNESS that I listened!!!

Then winter set in and the snow started to fall . . . for some reason, the idea of blue in my kitchen now became gloomy for me. (remember I was coming from a warm red kitchen)  

DON'T get me wrong. I am a HUGE lover of blue. The walls of my nursery, play room and Megan's room are blue.  But for me, loving blue and trying to incorporate it in my main living space are two  very different things.  
Idaho is pretty much cold 9 months of the year, and for me I wanted to garnish the main living areas of our home with warmth because of the constant blizzards outside.

So...AFTER much pain and agony over paint and Fabric, 
I have FINALLY come to a decision. 

and lets not forget Black and 
Lots and Lots of WHITE!!! AKA...Trim work :) 

Sending Our Love

Here is a Valentine from us to YOU!! 

Wishing you a Valentines Day full 
Lots and Lots of

My talented friend and photograper Chantri Keele Not only took the picture but also designed the card!! 
Hands down, She the best in the business :)

Laundry Room Update

It has been CRAZY around here. I had workmen (and Brett) working for an Entire day to assemble the laundry room cabinets. Things are looking good and I can't wait to show you all the grand reveil. BUT...I have a few things I still have to do, like get new lights and paint the room. But for now I will just give you a sneak peek of what's been going on around here!

Ok here is my laundry room 


Really cute, but not very functional and felt very crowded in such a small space. 
See HERE for more info on the Subject! 

Here is the next picture of the cabinets removed...
Ready for the NEXT HOPEFULLY more functional laundry space.