Darling Valentines Download

  I LOVE these darling TREAT boxes from Poppy Seed Projects!   Fill them up with a treat (like carameled popcorn) and you are good to go.

As a bonus Add the Free Darling download to the front of the box to REALLY make it festive!

Quick and easy for this upcoming Valentines Day :)

Stop over to their shop HERE and pick some up today, 
There shop is located at 477 W. 9160 S. Sandy, UT

PERFECT for the LOVE of your life :)


Megan's Room Take 2 or was that 3

OK...so I hope you're not tired of me sharing all the changes I am making in Megan's room? 

At this point I think I have had at least 5 plans I've tried, but either the plan had to stop for some reason, or I decided half way through I didn't like the direction I was going.

Trust me when I say that this LAST DESIGN was suppose to be the ONE! I already bought the paint and everything. I was planning on moving forward and I REALLY didn't like the fact that my excitment for her new room was crushed when Pottery Barn Kids 
told me that everything I ordered was no longer available! 

Oh WELL, it's my nature to change things anyway soooo, here is my NEW design plan. I REALLY hope it all comes together the way I am anticipating!

I went ahead and took advantage of Pottery Barn's White Sale 
and bought this blue floral Duvet and Sham and Decorative pillow with an "M" on it :)

I also found these sheets on eBay! 
I LOVE a great deal :)

Moving and Shaken Things Up in the Laundry Room

Things are REALLY starting to happen around here. 
I decided to take the NEW YEAR to heart and while I've been gettin' things DONE!!

Here are some pics of somethings I have been up to!

Remember this Room?

 Don't get me wrong, my laundry room is a fun, bright room. 
But having 2 HUGE appliances in such a small space has REALLY  been getting on my nerves. Especially that when anyone comes in the back door while I'm doing landry, SLAM...the door smacks into the dryer! 
Sooo, I just HAD to do something to make my 8x6' laundry room more efficient. 

So I called up My AWESOME Cabinet guy from KVO cabinets and they hooked me up!!! 

BTW if you ever need cabinets, 
let me know, I can put a good word in for you :)

KVO cabinets will be installing the NEW laundry room cabinets this Friday!

Can't wait to share those pics with you, But in the meantime I want to show you where we moved the old cabinets and put them to good use!

Here is the BEFORE picture of my storage room! 
Ahhhhh, I can't believe I am showing you this. 
YES, you all know my deep dark secret. hehe NO JUDGING... OK :)!! 
Especially after you see how I transformed the space! 


Now you can see WHY I have been MIA!
Watch for the More laundry room pics to COME!!! :)

The Boys Room

I have had a few emails about the boys room and their bedding. I was asked if I make their beds the same way I make my bed?  Here is my answer...I prefere my kids taking care of their own spaces and cleaning up after themselves. I'm a bit military about clean rooms:) 

But...I couldn't expect my kids to have a daunting task of making their beds if the process was too difficult. 
So their beds are a bit more simplified, though they still have a GREAT store window look to them!

Here is how I make the Boys beds...
(Or better yet, How THEY make their beds! :)

1st Step....Hide the top sheet
fold it, knot it in a ball... I don't care what my kids do with this sheet as long as I can't see it!

2nd Step... The Duvet
Just throw the entire duvet at the top of the Bed! Simple as that!

Ring In The New Year GIVEAWAY... JO Totes!

I am sure you have seen these AMAZING BAGS around the shoulders of oh so stylish ladies!!!  If not, I want to introduce you to

by April Johansen!

Stay ladylike while carrying your camera!
Jo Totes provide pretty day bags for carrying your camera and an extra lens with your purse items,
while out and about.

The padded interior can be custom fitted not only to protect a camera and lenses, but also to accommodate and organize items like a wallet, music, phone, keys, cosmetics and more. Padding is sewn directly into the interior lining on all four sides and the bottom of the bags. The bottom is also equipped with four metal feet to guard your bag from rough, dirty, or damp surfaces. Inside of each Jo Tote are removable pads which are completely customizable—you can use as many or as few pads as you wish, arranged in the way that best suits your camera, lenses, and other items. Each bag also includes pockets, strong and comfortable shoulder straps, a top-zippered closure, and a removable cross-body strap.

Check out the inside of this bag...you can hold a lot more than just your camera!
How great would this be while running around town or on vacation. Stuff your wallet inside with a few snacks and your camera and you are good to go...and Picture READY whenever that perfect moment might just happen :) 

 I just LOVE Everything about these bags! 



Were you wondering where I've been??
I have to admit sometimes I get in a blogging slump, or even wonder if anyone's even out there! 
But, then I get inspired once again by all the super nice comments and emails I receive, and I feel once again that I am not alone in the world :) 

The start of the NEW Year is a SUPER fun time for me. I love how all the stores start displaying all their sneak peeks for Spring. 
Have I ever told you how much I LOVE SPRING?!?!

 I love the Home Decor, Clothing and especially the SHOES!!!  Spring makes me feel ALIVE again!
Winter sometimes can get me down, especially living in IDAHO! SPRING gives me something to look forward to...OR I WILL GO CRAZY!!!!

But, this winter (so far) in Idaho has been pretty good to me.
 I can't complain about the lack of snow and a bit warmer temps. 
But I also know once the end of January hits, we are in for the Long Haul 'til Spring! ugh :(

While spending a lot of time all cozy inside my house, I have been spenindg a lot of time window..or should I say online shopping (hehe) 
Here are a few things I picked up with my Christmas money!

I am Looking forward to Summer to wear these beauties found HERE!
 I hope by summer to have a baby bump to go along with these cute wedges.
 Thus far, No luck in baby land... but we will keep trying :)
We have been doing everything that the doctor has suggested. He just upped my Clomid dose this month, SO WE WILL SEE???
We are coming up to our one year mark of trying for a little bundle :(  
I just need to remember to keep positive!

In the meantime, shoes ALWAYS make a girl HAPPY, Right!!?!

Next on the list...BEDDING!!!