Shiplap Stairway Wall Before & After

 I'm Back!!!
Life has been a bit CRAZY with a new baby and all the holidays in the last few months! PLUS in my little family we have 2 birthdays in December and another the first week of January, plus we blessed our sweet little addition a week before Christmas, 
so you can imagine it's been an eventful month. 

Life for me has slowed down a bit. I'm trying to ignore all the many distractions in life and take some time to smell the roses. 

Our little Madeline is such a joy in our lives and I don't want to miss a moment of her sweet babyness! I really take to heart the inspirational words I was told by my sister, to take time to breath in the perfect moments in life. Perfection happens rarely in life, so always be aware of the golden moments! 

With the birth of Maddie, Brett and I find ourselves staying up late at night just looking and whispering to this sweet baby girl.  Hours seem like minutes when you're holding a perfect little bundle.

Other than Miss Maddie keeping us busy, we've been keeping up with projects on the home front. Brett's been up to more trim work (shocking I know)!

We added a planked-wall on both sides of our staircase from floor to ceiling, and also on the biggest wall in our home. 

Here are some before and after pictures 

I have BIG plans for this wall. I need to find the perfect sconces and I'm in the works of getting a custom frame made and adding a big family picture between the lights!

Next came adding MORE trim to the squared off, bumped out wall.  
It's always a smart idea to sketch out your vision for the space before just jumping in. It really helps to see it on paper and can lead to even MORE inspiration.

Here was ours!

Here is the BEFORE picture!

In the Middle...
Sorry about the BAD pictures! I've gotten lazy with my camera 
since getting an iPhone ;)

And the BIG reveal!!!

I am SUPER happy we did this wall.  

I now feel like my pony wall and banister finally blend and look like one piece of trim, where as before it felt choppy. 

Didn't Brett do a GREAT job! I tell you what, I wouldn't know what I would do without my Hunk of a DIY husband!  Muah!!!

I have a lot more pictures to share on the latest projects we have been up to so stay posted! :)

Until then ... I am excited for the New Year!!!
I am a HUGE goal-setter and just love to make vision boards, 
I'm a true believer in them!

Good Bye 2012 it's been a good one...and HELLO 2013 
can't wait to see what this year brings!!!


  1. Wow, love the wall Heidi! You're husband did a great job! It is inspiring me to add a planked wall somewhere in my house :) Love all your projects and your newest addition is simply precious.. Take care, Jen.

  2. Congrats on your new bundle!! Your sister is right. Enjoy those moments!!! I am telling you that last one grows up SO fast!!! My littlest turned 6 on 12/14. I can not even begin to tell you where those years went. It just seems like yesterday he was born. I feel like it was yesterday when this year started! I think we all need to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy every bit of time you can because you blink and it is gone. (My oldest will be 25 in June and my middle will be 15 in March).
    The wall looks great!!! You are right your little wall blends in seamlessly now.

  3. What sweet, innocent purity! Your Madeline is heavenly! We have a granddaughter just 2 months older, and she is very like yours in her angelic qualities. These babies really do come "trailing clouds of glory," don't they?

  4. MADDIE IS GORGEOUS!!! And I don't think I've ever since a greater husband picture than the one of Brett putting up a plank wall - u r truly blessed!

  5. We talked in church last week about creating vision boards... isn't that what Pinterest is? haha! LOVE your trim work, LOVE your banister/railing. That planked wall is STUNNING! I'm redoing my office this spring... trying to figure out how to convince dh we need some trim work like this! SO beautiful!

  6. Beautiful baby girl and planked wall!