Picking Out the Perfect Floor Rug

Hey Ya All,

With the way I have been feeling the last few days, I feel like this baby is going to come any second now!
(Maybe that is wishful thinking?) 

But...to keep myself BUSY I am attempting to finsh the office design. 

I have found these two rugs that I LOVE and I wanted to get your feed back and which one you like better?!

This rug will be paired up with Cream and Khaki/Grey horizonal striped walls. 

Mixed with houndstooth fabric and something geometric 
(still looking for that one) 
and other fun stuff elements like that.

Already in the room is this Black Crystal chandelier

and these sconces

Pardon my dust..Oops, to many DIY projects going on :)

Oh, And also my white and black desk!

OK...Vote away!! :)




  1. Gray and yellow look great together so I also say #1

  2. #1 gets my vote too! Can't wait to see the finished office. (And new baby!)

  3. #1 Gets my vote too! Can't wait to see the finished office! (And the new baby!)

  4. Well I think #1 is the clear winner. I love both but I would go with #1 I like that it has more color and range of shades.

  5. Both rugs are beautiful. I really like number 1 but the practical side of me says number 2. It is neutral which means you would be able to change accessories when you get the urge. ;)

  6. My first instinct is number one, but this is honestly hard! Good luck making a choice. :)

  7. Im the rebel and I say #2 :O)but really I LOVE #2

  8. Wow that is a hard one cause they are both amazing! But i think #1. I also have a question for you if you have time to answer. I thought I remembered you posting about shopping in Utah and I'm going to salt Lake City next weekend and wondered what your favorite places for buying home stuff were. Especially the good deal places! thanks!

  9. i also love number 2. It is beautiful.

  10. No.1. Where is it from?

  11. No 1. Where is it from?