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This summer is really flying by!  My kids start school in a week. I think I am just as excited as they are :)  Being pregnant and trying to maintain a house while entertaining older kids has been a bit physically challenging! At the end of the day I am warn out. We did try to cram in what we could. 
But I can't lie, It was almost to my physical breaking point. 

I am REALLY looking forward to next summer; I'll have my energy back plus this little bundle will be a bit older so it will be perfect to REALLY get out there and enjoy the summer! 

I have around 8 weeks to get my house and all the baby things ready before this baby arrives.  Eck!...Not a lot of time if you ask me.  

Blogging has not been on the top of my list this summer 
(as I am sure you have noticed) 

But I do post a lot on my Instagram. I have some of the Nursery updates, baby finds and also some random house stuff ! 

My profile name is- homebyheidi

Or just follow me on your phone :)

Something a bit fun and personal in my life. Today marks the 2 year anniversary since I competed in the Mrs. America pageant.  BOY, have things changed since then. 

Ugh...It’s better that I DON'T look at old pageant pictures while prego! :)

All of my pageant friends and past Mrs. Idaho's are all in Tucson Arizona cheering on the NEW Mrs. Idaho.

 I would have LOVED to have been there, but life is CRAZY right now in all honesty, I am perfectly content at home preparing for this baby and carrying around these extra 20 pounds I have gained during this pregnancy.

 This baby girl is VERY much a dream come true for Brett and I.  It took so major work getting her here. So I am ok with putting my body, life and fun on hold for just a moment! 

And let’s be honest, seriously...what in the heck would I have even worn??? 
This tummy is NOT fitting into a formal dress anytime soon! haha :) 

Go check out what’s going on at 

Hope you all have a GREAT rest of your summer! I'm jealous of you that have already started school. 
I am CRAVING routine right now! :) 


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