Nursery..Take 2

I hope you aren't getting tired of my nursery posts just yet! :)  I swear I have a MAJOR case of Pregnancy Brain because I can't seem to make a FINAL decision about anything! 

UGH... That’s why my walls in my front room are still half painted :)

I THOUGHT I was FOR SURE going to paint my nursery pink and gray but now I’m not so sure?

I have been LOVING the new trend with fun colorful turquoise hues and wanted to add it somewhere in my home without having to be married to it for the next 10 years (just in case it decides to go out of style anytime soon). 

And so I thought WHY NOT A NURSERY???  

I was having a hard time  figuring out how to incorporate it UNTIL I saw the NEW Brooklyn bedding from Pottery Barn kids!

  I'm not a purple person at all, But for some reason this is drawing me in. 

I love this turquoise desk and I have a small round end table that is pretty darn close to that color, which would work perfectly by the side of my rocker chair, add a darling lamp and I would be set.  

If I do go this direction, this is the paint color I'll be using on the walls!

Pretty hu?

PHEW...I honestly feel like MAYBE things are falling into place, whereas before I felt like I was forcing the design. 

I am excited to also be able to still accent with gray. I suppose it is the BEST of both worlds! 

I ordered the bedding 
I am HOPING it all works out when it’s in the room! Crossing my fingers! :)

Who knows...You might see a "Nursery Take 3" (wink)

What nursery do you like better??


  1. I saw this in their catalog and fell in love with it too! I'm not the biggest purple fan either, but it's my daughter's favorite color, and I really like it in this bedding.

  2. I was sold on your grey w/ pink accents but Act 2 is a show stopper. Purple is my favorite color & I love it w/ the soft blue walls.

  3. what a cute blog wow! You should stop by our blog hop today and show off your cute blog on our blog hop! Come and check it out!

  4. Did you decide on the Brooklyn bedding? I've been checking often to see if you have posted any pictures of the finished product...I am doing my baby girl's nursery in this and would love some inspiration!

  5. What brand & color is that paint?

  6. What brand and color is that paint?

  7. What brand and color is the pain in the purple room with the Brooklyn quilt ?

  8. That picture is a shot from pottery Barn. I believe they carry their own color paints from the brand Benjamin Moore