Nursery Inspiration & Feedback

I need your HELP!!!  

I think I’ve FINALLY got this Nursery’s color scheme down to the fun colors of 

"Gray and Pink"

I am SUPER excited to MOVE forward with the design, But the problem is...I don't know WHICH color I should paint my walls???

I have to make up my mind QUICKLY because the painter is coming next week. So below I am going to attach random pictures of elements I am THINKING about putting in my nursery. 

After viewing the pictures, I HOPE you will let me know what direction you think I should go!


Ugh...I hate making decsions :) (wink!)

If it helps, this was the nursery before. Lots of white trim!

Remember this chair?... My old rocker got a Makeover! :) 
So far this is the ONLY thing in the room

So the question is....

 OR Gray??


  1. I would vote pink, but have you considered white? A fresh clean pallet, your accessories and bedding would be so crisp.

  2. Don't think you can go wrong either way, but I'm leaning toward the pink. It's so girly and that's what I would pick since I live in a house full of boys! ;)

  3. I like a soft grey. I used a soft pink and my daughter is 8 and hates it. Grey is feminine and neutral. In fact, you could take it a step further and do a textured wall covering in grey like Good luck!

  4. Gray is the way !! There are so may adorable pink accessories you could add and they would be perfect against a gray background. Either way - your nursery is going to be great. Good luck on your decision and congraulations on your new little blessing !!

  5. I would have said grey, but I adore the pink walls in the first inspiration photo.

  6. Grey! If you paint the walls pink, all the pink accessories will blend in...the pink needs to stand out.

  7. Both color schemes are beautiful, but I would lean toward grey walls with pink accessories.

  8. I'm not a big fan of pink but your choices are all so wonderful that I'm sold on every one of them.
    Can't wait to see what you'll decide.
    Have a Nice Weekend,

  9. Gray!! I have two boys and three girls. When my first daughter came after the two boys I went crazy painting her room pink. We ended up having to paint it twice the first shade was too pepto bismol. Now her room is a soft neutral yellow and it makes it very easy to change up the room. So I vote for gray!

  10. Grey for sure. You will never be disappointed you painted the room grey. It is so neutral. Almost like a white. You will love it.

  11. In perusing another blog I came across a nifty little item called "chip_it." Look it up on google. You click the chip it button (which resides on your bookmark bar like "pin it" and it works like the "pin it" button, except it gives you color choices that go with the item you "chip." You may find something that sings to you!!

  12. I can't decide! Too much cuteness in those photos to pick a favorite! Hmmm.... Wasn't that helpful?

  13. I'd go with grey if you're planning to put in that much pink accent to the room all year round. What's even better is you can easily change color schemes by changing the color of the accents and tiny decors. Grey, even with a little bit of pink in them, will still work wonders together with most colors.

  14. Love your ideas! Have you seen the darling nursery here at the f
    Fickle Pickle?