Potty Training Is Happening

The past 3 days I have been in the trenches of potty training!!!

 It’s always hectic potty training, but this time around I started a bit worn out being prego and all to take on the tuff challenge. So I recruited help from Brett. What a man, he took the first day, and let me tell you it was not fun. Blake has definitely been my most stubborn baby yet. 
I hate to admit this...but I would rather go through labor than potty train UGH! 

I think it’s harder on the parents than it is on the kids. It takes patience to the extreme. But so far ... GOOD NEWS!!! 
I am diaper free...well at least until October hehe :)  

I owe a lot of Blake’s potty training journey to my good friend Krysta. Years ago she shared her potty training secrets with me. And I was soooo excited when she blogged about her routine! 

I have now potty-trained 3 children with this system in a matter of days. Yes, there has been some mishaps. Mostly on the way to the toilet, BUT....Blake has gone to bed for the past 2 nights in a row in just his underwear and of course towels under his bum just in case.  And The angel woke up 100% dry. This has been the case with all my kids.

I do have to say, I don't even attempt to potty train until I know 100% that the child is ready. 

Megan was 2 and 4 months. Brock was closer to 3 and Blake has been the HARD one at 3 1/2. I made a small attempt 6 months ago with Blake and quickly I discovered he wasn't ready at the time. I decided to give it a few more months. So glad I did! I personally feel you will have fewer accidents if the child really understand the concept you are trying to teach :)

Here is the link to Krysta's Potty Training system
Follow her directions very closely and you will also have success. 

You will seriously spend the first day in the bathroom every 15-30 minutes. Makes for a VERY long day, You WILL get bored and YES, NOTHING will get done. And you just might have less hair by the end of the day due to stress...But so it goes!!! :)



  1. I agree with waiting until they're ready. Very smart. Being diaper-free is AWESOME - enjoy it for the next few months. :)

  2. Such a milestone that makes you so happy once it's over! I must say, having potty trained 3 kids myself, my hardest one was my first and I think the whole reason it was so difficult is that he was my only kid in disposable diapers. Seriously, cloth diapers are the way to go. If for nothing else then having a kid who potty trains early...and by early, I mean both of my other two were fully trained (night and day) by 18 months. Yep, jealous?! So worth looking into!

  3. I totally agree--potty training is the WORST!! I dread it! And with each child I have waited longer and it has been so worth it! Congrats on making it through the worst of it and being done with diapers! love that! I am also super happy for you that you are having another girl! Hope she has a head full of curly hair like the others! I was in LOVE with Megan's curly hair when she was little!(not that she doesn't have beautiful hair now:)