Baby Gender Guesses & Family Vacation

I'm back from a week at Disneyland and once again I took a bit of an extended vacation from my blog. I don't know about you, but I swear the month of MAY is busier than December. It's always one thing after another while preparing the kids to end the school year. I do have to say I am LOOKING forward to having this school year over. The early mornings have about killed me being prego. I am excited to be able to sleep in a little :)

Just to back track a bit, we had a BLAST at Disneyland!  My youngest (3) was transformed by Disneyland. It's like something awoke inside of him and he hasn't stopped talking since. I have learned that traveling is TRULY the best schooling out there. It introduces kids to new and different things

I think we wore this kid out!!! 
That's a rock wall he fell asleep on.. OUCH!

  My 7-year-old couldn't get enough of the beach. He spent hours catching sand crabs and discovering all the different elements of beach life, such as moss, sea plants, feathers and shells and of course the excitement of the ocean waves.  
The water was a bit cold (at least for me) but the kids didn't seem to mind. I spent most of my time soaking in the sun!

As far as projects on the home front...I am working on completing Megan’s room this next week. I will post pictures SOON!!!  I haven't been doing many projects around here lately. 
(thus the lack of posts) The thought of being a mother of 4 is setting in and I have had to put family first. I for sure will try and keep up my blog. But please be patient with me as I embark on a new adventure!  Speaking of #4

I can't believe I am approaching my 18 week mark! YAY...I swear I am too old to be pregnant!  
To all you in your twenties: HAVE YOUR BABIES NOW!  
For me, being 35 and pregnant are not meshing very well. BUT I do have some VERY, VERY good news. I had some tests done. You know the blood work, ultrasound, looking at the baby kind of tests and the Dr. was pleasantly surprised by the results. 
He said that my risk factor for this baby is that of a 20-year-old. I have to say, that made my day! If I can't look 20 (darn wrinkles!!) at least  I'm 20 inside, RIGHT??? LOL :)

This Monday, I have an ultrasound so I am crossing my fingers that the Dr. will take a peek at the gender.  In all honesty, I am ok with whatever fate has in store for me, be it a girl or a boy.  But I do worry about Miss Megan. I think her heart will be crushed if she hears that she will be the ONLY girl surrounded by 3 brothers. 

I on the other hand, just hope and pray for a healthy little cupcake!!  
Especially after my last pregnancy, there were problems from the get go. It started out with placenta privia, delivering 5 weeks early, then being life flighted with my 10-day-old newborn who had to undergo major surgery due to twisted intestines, then spending 2 months in the NICU at Primary Children’s Hospital, and shortly after all that, finding out our dear little Blake carries a genetic disorder.  
I have had some anxiety over even having another baby. 
But, I have felt this little spirit for some time now, and without a doubt I know it's right. 

Now back to the question at hand....WHAT WILL THIS BABY BE?

I need you all to vote on the right side and tell me what you think this baby is!
( I wish I had a feeling one way or another)

Here’s a state-of-the-union report for you . . .

·         I am carrying this baby HIGH which I am happy about, I can still wear my normal jeans with the occasional elastic trick :)

·         I had a dream the other night I had a boy.

·         I have taken all the wives tales tests and here are the results.
o   ~Cabbage test...Girl
o   ~The ring test...Boy
o   ~ At home gender test...Girl
o   ~ Chinese Calendar... One says Boy and the others girl? 
Not sure which one is the accurate one?  VERY CONFUSING!

o   ~ I had a Doula ask me all sorts of questions about my past pregnancies and this was her predication...
(I predict you will have a baby girl born Oct 15 with brown eyes and brown hair weighing 6lbs 2 oz)
Not sure how true this is, but it was FUN! :)

·         Craving Lemonade and Limeade... I seriously drink a gallon of this stuff on a daily bases. I can't get ENOUGH of it!!!

·         Chicken Salad Sandwich...I don't care where I'm eating. This meal is on the top of my list

·         Fruit...All fruit, but especially grilled pineapple with brown sugar, yum!

·         Veggies....Not really salad but if you can grill it...I CRAVE it!

·         Meat...I have been craving a good steak here and there and a GOOD hot dog every once in a while. But pretty much the ONLY meat I REALLY want is FISH. But not any kind of fish, mostly salmon and halibut. Which is soooo weird because before, and I mean MY ENTIRE LIFE, I have hated Fish!  Weird pregnancy hormones I tell ya :)

·         CANDY...CANDY…CANDY!!!! Especially sour stuff. Not a big chocolate person this time around!
·         The one thing I stopped eating, which before I ate EVERY SINGLE DAY is popcorn???  Weird but I just don't care for the stuff right now.

·         Misc...I can't stop craving my FAVORITE snack; sliced tomatoes, mozzarella with basil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar, which I’m not kidding when I say I drink this stuff!!!

OK...NOW it's your time to guess!  
I’ll let you all know on MONDAY!!! ECK :)


  1. That's awesome that Blake enjoyed Disney Land so much. We've been kinda' wanting to wait until Aubree was old enough to appreciate it, but maybe she is old enough.

    I enjoyed the "state of the union report" - fun little facts. I'm going to put my guess on the sidebar, but I'll tell you also - I think it will be a girl. I'm so glad the ultrasound went well and that the dr. thinks you're low on the risk factors - what a relief!! Good luck with the rest of it!

    Can't wait to see Megan's room!

  2. I didn't realize it but I am only two weeks behind you in my pregnancy! I am 16 weeks today. We're excited about finding out the gender soon, too! This is my first pregnancy and it has been all new for me. Anyways, excited to see Megan's room soon!

  3. Gut says boy :-)
    Hurray for being '20' on the inside!

  4. Hi Heather! Emily told me about your blog last year and I visit it time to time. I love seeing what projects you are doing to your house and I love all the pictures! Emily and I were in the same ward for a few months--wish it would have been longer!--at Fort Leonard Wood. Now Ben's sister and her family (I think it's Ben's sister) lives in our old house on base! Small world! It seems like Emily may have mentioned to me about you having previa. I had placenta previa too. Wow, your little guy sure went through a lot! My youngest also was in the NICU for two months but he did great and didn't really have any problems so to speak. I am SO happy that this pregnancy is going well. My husband and I were worried about having another baby just because I could get placenta previa again. But all worked out and the decision wasn't mine--I had to have a hysterectomy because the placenta grew into the uterus (placenta increta). But I have five great kids and I am very happy that I don't have to wonder or worry about having more kids. Again, it's so great that you're having a healthy pregnancy! Congrats!