Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

I have been going CRAZY pinning on Pintrest since we found out we’re having a BABY GIRL!!!

It’s still so surreal at this point. It’s been a decade since I have thought about a pink nursery or pink little baby clothes!

Megan and I started going through her old baby clothes to find out if there is ANYTHING worth using. I was sad to find a lot of them were stained, but there are a few dresses I think I can salvage.

GOOD NEWS... my living room chairs come on FRIDAY!!!  
I will have to take a picture and post it. Financially everything is hitting us all at once. Now that the new furniture is here, that opens Pandora’s Box, so to speak, because we’ll now need to buy more paint, rugs, curtains, etc, etc. PLUS, in the next few months, getting 3 kids ready for school, a new nursery and all the expenses of getting ready for a baby. PHEW!!!

Clothing is also a HUGE issue for me right now. NOTHING on the lower part fits me anymore and I REALLY need to buy somethings to get me by, BUT...I can't stomach the thought of buying maternity clothes or BIGGER clothes for that matter when I only have 4.5 to 5 months left. UGH... If you see around town in clothes that are WAY to tight for me, just know I am saving my 
monthly clothing budget for MORE important things :) hehe

Here are some darling nursery ideas I have been thinking about.

I will give you my starting point and then you can tell me what color scheme you like best. 
These pictures are just GENERAL ideas.

I have this changing table I bought YEARS ago for my 1st baby. I am having my cabinet guy build side towers and the bridge on top.  So EXCITED!

Here is the crib I'll be using, I will have used this same crib for all 4 of my babies! 
How will I ever part with it once all my babies have grown? I might just have to keep it in the family :)

And here is my rocker/glider and the chandelier. I am planning on having a slip cover made for the rocker. I’m not sure about the light?  
It’s super cute, but should I keep it and change the shade color OR sell it and go CRYSTAL???

OK... now that you see the basic stuff. What theme do you like BEST?

Soft and Sweet

Cute and Bold

OR...something In-between

I have each of these pictures on my Pintrest 
account for reference.
 I LOVE all these room! Not sure what direction I should go?


  1. I like the bold! It is girly and bright! Love your crib and dressing table. Have fun!

  2. LOVE the cute and bold, but I am sure whatever you do will be fabulous! Can't wait to see!

  3. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    I like all of those nursery pictures too! I think to be a perfect color/style scheme, you'd have to know her personality - is she highly active and rambunctious? Then maybe a bright happy colorful theme would be best. Is she more relaxed and laid back? Then probably the soft and sweet theme. Either way, you can't go wrong though. I think I like the soft and sweet best, with the something in between a close second. :) Congrats!

  4. I too am having a baby girl after 7 years since my first (with two boys in the middle) I also have been freaking out since I found out and pinning like a mad person :) I decided to go with the soft and pretty look - mostly because I feel like I can do the cute and bold and any point in the future, but that soft sweet look really only works for little girls and babies. I decided to go the custom made route with the bedding and used Sarah Jane's fabric line called Children at Play - I can't wait to see how it comes out!

  5. I though I definitely loved #1 Soft & Soothing, until I saw the last one with the neutral walls, greens & turquoise. Love the last one!!

  6. Oh my, I'm totally in the same boat as you with the maternity clothes on the lower half. I'm at 19 weeks and know I'm going to still be getting a lot bigger, but am not sure when exactly I should give in and get some larger pants. In the meantime, the solution has been passing off yoga pants from Target as work pants. I work with a bunch of men so they don't know the difference :)

  7. I would definitely say go cute and bold because it will work as she gets older, but let's be honest here... I've ALREADY changed up my nursery in parts, and my daughter just turned one! Designing addiction... So I say go for a little of each!

  8. I really like the soft and sweet! Being the mom of a boy, I would love to have a soft and sweet room. I've already got cute and bold.

    They really are all very pretty! Have fun choosing! :-)


  9. Go Bold. It is such a fun and happy enviroment. I just love the turqoise.

  10. this tutorial looks pretty easy to make maternity jeans. Check out your local resale shop. You can usually find some cute basic maternity clothes there.

  11. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    I love all except for the last picture. The light is just too much. In good looks like your crib is a drop side so you will be able to keep it in the family!! :). It's one illegal to donate or sale (even at a garage sale) a drop sided crib in the United States. I had a beautiful crib...which we never used as we ended up co-sleeping. I gave it to my cousin this year.

  12. Soft and sweet, for sure! There will be plenty of time later for cute and bold.

  13. So hard to decide..but I like the cute and bold looks. I did turquoise and pink my my baby girls room and it's my favorite room in the house. Have fun! It's such an exciting time! :)

  14. Cute and them because can easily transition to big girl rooms with out too much change. I did my baby girls room in pink and turquoise and it's my favorite room in the house! Have fun!

  15. Well I know what you will do, soft and sweet with pops of bold (: I'll try and go through my maternity clothes in the next day or two and send them to you. Just warning you the sizes get pretty big! PS did you know you picture of Blake's nursery in trending on pinterest?

    1. Holly..You know me soooo well!! :) I would LOVE any maternity clothes. You know me, I would MUCH rather spend my money on other stuff then clothing ( least when I'm prego..hehe) BTW..Big?? there is no way you were ever big!!!

  16. I love in between. My daughter (only one after having 2 boys) is soft on the wall, soft bed skirt and bumper and pops of color every where. I figure with the pops of color they can grow with her. I LOVE IT! Her room is my favorite room in the house, not to soft and babyish and not to bold and teenagerish, but a perfect inbetween combo. I have all of those pins pinned on my board as well, (you have good taste) and they were all used to design our daughters room. Good luck, I cant wait to see what you decide on. Congrats on the baby girl

  17. Where did the bedding come from in "Cute and Bold"?

  18. Where did you find the bedding in the "Cute and Bold" pictures?

  19. I am having a girl soon. I like the pink bedroom set that has a big flower on the quilt and the baby is standing on the floor in the photo. Can you tell me where this set can be purchased? Thanks!

  20. Where did you find the bedding for the pink room with the big flower on the quilt and the baby standing on the floor in the photo. I totally love it! :)

  21. Hi! Where is the floral bedding from in the soft and sweet photos? Thank You!