Baby Gender Reveal - Girl or Boy?

Ok... so I know you are all waiting to hear the news if this baby is a boy or a girl?!

Well...SO AM I!!!! 

This has NEVER happened to me before but this little cupcake would NOT give up the big show. The cord was stuck right between its legs and there was no way for the Doctor to see. 

I am OFFICIALLY going CRAZY!! he wants me to come back in 2 weeks. Can I survive until June 4th?? 

Has this ever happened to anyone out there? 

Oh well, at least it gives you all more time to vote, and for me to keep day dreaming about the possibilities for the babies room. 
I might just have to post my boy and girl design ideas!


  1. this happened to us with baby #4. He would not give up his gender. Luckily, the doctor was stuck in traffic that I had to see that day and so after waiting a half hour they checked again and quickly caught a glimpse before he began to be modest again. I can't imagine waiting another two weeks.

  2. Oh, I feel your pain! Our forth wouldn't uncross her legs! We had to wait until I was 36 weeks and they did another ultrasound to check her size. Then we FINALLY found out. I don't know how people can wait until they have the baby to find out it's gender!
    I still think you are having a girl. :)

  3. We decided to wait and be surprised in the delivery room with our 3rd. I LOVED it. It added a whole new excitement to the experience. It was so fun for my girls to come to the hospital and be the 1st ones to find out they had a new baby brother. I recommend waiting- it was so, so, so neat!

  4. ahhh... I would be going crazy too! The idea of waiting until the delivery to find out does sound fun, but I would just be too curious and excited to find out.

    I think you should show us the boy and girl design ideas. :)

  5. Argh! This happened to me! Only my daughter was laying on her back so they couldn't tell. So frustrating because I was DYING to know!! Turns out they couldn't see some vital organs so we had to go back anyways and sure enough we found out it was a girl. But you best believe I drank a whole bottle of orange juice to get her jumpy...a little too jumpy perhaps because the technician said she was one of the liveliest babies she'd ever seen! :)