Laundry Room Update

It has been CRAZY around here. I had workmen (and Brett) working for an Entire day to assemble the laundry room cabinets. Things are looking good and I can't wait to show you all the grand reveil. BUT...I have a few things I still have to do, like get new lights and paint the room. But for now I will just give you a sneak peek of what's been going on around here!

Ok here is my laundry room 


Really cute, but not very functional and felt very crowded in such a small space. 
See HERE for more info on the Subject! 

Here is the next picture of the cabinets removed...
Ready for the NEXT HOPEFULLY more functional laundry space.

The next step was stacking the Washer and Dryer and removing the lower pedestals.
I now have 2 Practically new pedestals for sale if anyone is interested :)

PHEW...Stacking those appliances was NOT as easy as it looks :)

The laundry room is only a 7x6' space, so I had to get VERY creative on space planning. I had at list a mile long of all the things I needed to cram into this small space. 

Here are just a few things on my list.

~A place to hold dirty clothes waiting to be washed

~ A designated spot for kids socks. 
(I go crazy running around the house on school mornings trying to find socks for everyone to wear. I figure having a drawer in the laundry area would be a perfect spot to find's on your way out the door:)

~Room for my mop, broom, vacuum, iron and the BIG one...The ironing board!

~ I wanted a place I could store seasonal dishes

~ I needed a place to store random things like the shoe shine basket, and extra rags, sewing kit etc

~ A hanging rod for wet clothes

~I also needed a reference place that I could put all my kids papers and reminders of upcoming activities
and the yearly calendar. 

~ A place that I could store my laundry soap, fabric softener, bleach etc... that was conveniently close to the washer.

I Have a long laundry list ( pun intended) of things that were a MUST for the space, 
I also wanted a clean, put together, functional, and well let's be honest, .... a CUTE space:) 

I am EXCITED to say, that I feel like I accomplished everything on my list!

The ONLY thing I WISHED I could have done was pick a fun color cabinets over then white in the room. 
But I had a few things that were working against me for that: 

#1 I have a red washer and dryer and honestly, nothing really looked good other than white

#2 I know I was going to have TALL massive cabinets and I thought a colored cabinet of any sort would make the small space a bit overwhelming

#3 I want to go with a fun paint color or wallpaper for the space and again I felt a painted cabinet would limit my choices.

So other than the fact that the color scheme isn't much different than my original laundry room...I LOVE it!!!

#4 I really wasn't looking for a change for the room. More function, I figure...why change a good thing, right? :)

I'll be working on this room for the next week, 
just finishing things off.

But here is a sneak peek of how the room is coming along.
Sorry about the pics, the lighting was bad, the workmen was there, and The room is so tiny!
 it's hard to get the right angle for pictures!

Remember..this is JUST a sneak Peek!
Can't wait to show you the room when it's all done!


  1. My Laundry Space (it's not a room but a space in our garage) is also in dire need of update.
    I'm taking inspiration from your lovely LR.
    (Is it safe to put the machines piled on? it does save space :thumbup:)

  2. Teresa,
    Thanks so much! You want to make sure that your washer and Dryer has the option to stack! Most new appliances do! I just had to buy a simple stacking kit for mine to stack! I can't tell you how GREAT having a New laundry room is! It ALMOST makes me want to do laundry :) hehe

  3. I like it! I would love to change up my laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I am in the process of redoing my laundry room. Mine is much like yours, tiny and also the pass through from the garage to the rest of the house. It is fun seeing your transformation. Ours, we are adding a sink base and a drop in laundry tub and upper cabinets with a drying rod. I would like to tile the floor as well. Across from our appliances, I have a small walk in closet to house cleaning supplies, vac, brooms, etc, as well as the shoes and dirty laundry. I bought when we moved in 7 years ago metal basket system. I found it online. It has huge baskets, 4 of them for the basics - whites, darks, towels and colors. There is a shallow basket on top to hold vacuum bags and attachments. It has worked slick. Even my kids put their clothes in the corresponding baskets. Give me a few days. I will photo mine and put it on my blog. Yours really is looking great!!!

  5. Okay this is going to be GOREOUS!!! I've GOT to know what yo used for your horizontal planks???? I am going out of my mind trying to figure out what to use for my whole house! This looks AMAZING so far...Thanks

  6. April,
    The planks are just 8 inch tongue and groove boards that we hung horizontal. My cabinet guy glazed and distressed them for me! I am going to have them continue them up the wall. I am Soooo excited how it's turning out :) You can get the same look by just using board or if you are handy, route the boards. Good Luck with your project!!

  7. Michelle,
    I would LOVE to see pics!!!

  8. Heidi, thanks so are always so quick with your responses!!
    One or two more question though :) Did you use PINE tongue and groove?? If so, did you cover up all the knots? Where did you get them too?? Oh, how I wish you lived closer... Idaho isn't that far from Utah, I guess :), I NEED a tour!! Thanks

  9. April,
    The planks are Alder. KVO my cabinet guy mills them in their shop. BUT...I know you can get them at any building supply store like BMC Not sure about Lowes or Home Depot?? You might have to special order them in.

  10. Okay, Heidi... are all front facing washers and dryers considered stackable?! I think I have stack envy. Can't wait for the full reveal.

  11. Can we get the info to your cabinet guy?

  12. It is looking amazing! I can't wait to see the whole thing!

  13. I love it! We also have a small laundry room (more like a large laundry closet) & I have nowhere to hang clothing to dry. The stacked machines are intriguing....

    Kim @

  14. Loving your laundry room! Your cabinets are gorgeous.
    We currently have a huge hole in our laundry room ceiling to fix a leaking drain upstairs. Wanna trade rooms? :)

  15. (First off, this is Camile, not Aaron.) I love all the cabinet space and drawers - perfect for everything you wanted to fit in. It would make me want to do laundry too! :)