Megan's Room Take 2 or was that 3 I hope you're not tired of me sharing all the changes I am making in Megan's room? 

At this point I think I have had at least 5 plans I've tried, but either the plan had to stop for some reason, or I decided half way through I didn't like the direction I was going.

Trust me when I say that this LAST DESIGN was suppose to be the ONE! I already bought the paint and everything. I was planning on moving forward and I REALLY didn't like the fact that my excitment for her new room was crushed when Pottery Barn Kids 
told me that everything I ordered was no longer available! 

Oh WELL, it's my nature to change things anyway soooo, here is my NEW design plan. I REALLY hope it all comes together the way I am anticipating!

I went ahead and took advantage of Pottery Barn's White Sale 
and bought this blue floral Duvet and Sham and Decorative pillow with an "M" on it :)

I also found these sheets on eBay! 
I LOVE a great deal :)

This is her NEW bed we picked up around Christmas time. 
It's like a princess bed. As much as Megan loves it, I think I love it even more:)

And here is the existing chandelier hanging above the bed!

Here's the best part: Megan has this very long wall that's bare, and it's only 3 feet away from her bed so can't put any furniture there.  But, I found this tree that is SUPER tall and wide and will fill the BIGGEST wall in the room.
I used a 15% off coupon that I snatched off of eBay to help buy the tree mural!

Here's a paint color I'm LOVING lately
Benjamin Moore- Morning Glory

I would LOVE to paint this pattern on her celling... BUT I think this idea might be a little too ambitious :)

Well, as you can see...I am a Pottery Barn LOVER! or maybe it's because I have tons of gift cards I have to use because of their darn 30 day return policy. Why oh Why do I live 3 hours away from civilization, hehe! Oh well, you have to get more creative out here in the sticks :)


  1. Love everything. Her room is going to be beautiful!

  2. You'll love that duvet, we bought it and then returned it b/c she wanted to go another direction but it's adorable. Love all of your choices!! My daughter is 8 and we used the PB teen Coco Dot duvet paired up with the Pink's pretty cute. Can't wait to see more progress on your room :)

  3. From one Pottery Barn addict to another... can't wait to see the finished room!

  4. From one Pottery Barn addict to another... can't wait to see her finished room!