The Boys Room

I have had a few emails about the boys room and their bedding. I was asked if I make their beds the same way I make my bed?  Here is my answer...I prefere my kids taking care of their own spaces and cleaning up after themselves. I'm a bit military about clean rooms:) 

But...I couldn't expect my kids to have a daunting task of making their beds if the process was too difficult. 
So their beds are a bit more simplified, though they still have a GREAT store window look to them!

Here is how I make the Boys beds...
(Or better yet, How THEY make their beds! :)

1st Step....Hide the top sheet
fold it, knot it in a ball... I don't care what my kids do with this sheet as long as I can't see it!

2nd Step... The Duvet
Just throw the entire duvet at the top of the Bed! Simple as that!

3rd Step... The Quilt

Throw the quilt over the duvet and then fold 1/4 of it down 
(just like in pic)

Last Step...Fold the duvet over on top!

Add your pillows! 
It's as easy as that! What I like about this bed ensemble is that my boys, for some odd reason, like to cuddle right there at the top the bedding. 
So in the morning it's just a matter of smoothing out the duvet. 

You might think this bed is a little technical for little ones, but Brock at age 6 has mastered it. 
I think kids can do more than we even realize.
I am still wanting to add one more decorative pillow to these beds, I just haven't found the PERFECT one yet!

Happy Bed making :)


  1. I agree about kids making their own bed. My kids are in charge and they do it quite well. Cute bedding.

  2. They have a cute room and I love their bedding.

  3. Very cute! I am working on the bed making with my 5 year old. Like you, I want his bed to look simple and clean, without being too complicated. I love your boys room. You struck the perfect balance between fun and sophisticated.

  4. Love it! I am going to work on this with my 5 year old daughter. She needs a little help on this. I'll give my son a reprieve until we lose the bedrail in a month or so. :)

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