Valentines Day iPod Treats

The BIG Valentines Day!

My little girl is SUPER excited for this day. She discovered a cute boy in her class, and then the other day I discovered a picture of him taped on her ceiling. Hummm, I think she might be trying to hide it from her mom. She knows what I would say,  
No Boyfriends!  Ahhhhh, am I REALLY at this point?  
My baby girl liking boys. She's only 9.  What happened???

Any-who, Valentines Day is one of my Favorite holidays. It seems to break up the long winter and is a GREAT excuse to go out to dinner and eat yummy CANDY!! 
I love Valentines Candy Way more than Halloween Candy!

In the past I've made my kids these cute iPods for the kids at school

But this year I might do something a little different. 

Here is the download for all you wanting to give the iPods a go, kids LOVE them :)

Here are some FUN Valentines ideas I thought were fun and wanted to share. I have them all pinned under my Valentines folder on Pinterest

Hope you all have a Fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. I just pinned the homemade Febreeze recipe -- brilliant!

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