Last Minute Stocking Details

I know, I know I have been MIA for the past few days, but PHEW...I have been BUSY!!!! 
Getting Christmas ready for three kiddos isn't an easy task :)

I have been REALLY feeling the Christmas spirit  these past few days!!! 
Our adventures consisted of, dropping off neighbor gifts, making Sugar cookies, wrapping last minute gifts, and of COURSE Christmas Parties Yahoo!!! 

We've been having FUN around here, and so my poor blog has been forgotten about...SNIFF!! 

I finally got around to hanging the stockings :) 
How I LOVE these polka dot, animal print beauties! 
I picked them up 2 years ago at Ballard Design!

The kids LOVE our tradition of Christopher Pop-In-Kins. 
It's just like the famous Elf on the Shelf
Just a bit more modern of a look :)

Naughty Elf!!!

Another tradition we follow, which also makes it EASY on ME, is a wish list for Santa.  It also seems to be a balanced approach to gift giving as we're always conscious about the fine line between being generous or indulgent during Christmas.  

Here is one of our Family's Traditions! Great way to enjoy the holiday season with a gift giving system (wink)
 Click on Picture to Download

I hope you all have a VERY MERRY Christmas! 
Wishing you joy and happiness to you and your Family!

Love the Parson Family :)

The Girly Room

So in truth, I have been REALLY struggling with little 
Miss Megan's room!

I have tried several bedding options, I painted her bed from green to white; I added a rug. I can't tell you how many curtains I have been through, and so far, I have painted the room 3 times.

NOTHING seemed to hit the spot for me :(
And then I did something totally drastic!

I got her a NEW bed for an early Christmas present and NOW (finally) everything seems to be falling into place.

I scored this bed from DownEast Home for less than $500!!!
Can you believe it? This bed at PBK is normally well over $1500 Dollars PLUS shipping on top of that price,

I downgraded from a queen to a full, and that decision has made all the difference in the room. 
I also bought the fun sheer panels! The bed looks INCREDIBLE,
It is TRULY what the room needed!

Then I had to make the decision I have been dreading... 
which bedding to go with? 

I don't want Megan to feel like she is still in a baby’s room, but at the same time I am NOT ready to let go of the little girl feel either :) And even though she is 9 she seems ok with not having a teenage room. And I am so grateful for that!
So I hope I have created somewhat of an in-between look.

I ended up getting all her bedding either on 
clearance on PBK and eBay.

Here is the bedding I went with!(notice)it's the same bedding as the picture above.

Pictures don't even come close to giving this bedding justice!
I ended up ONLY getting the quilt, grey dot duvet cover and grey dot sham and a matching decorative pillow.

I wasn't in LOVE with the quilted sham, so instead I went with the white Euro sham behind the grey dot pillow in the picture below.

Usually, I try and piece bedding together and NOT go with the floor model. But I have come to the conclusion that my brain hurts over what to do with Megan’s room, so I just let Pottery Barn Kids do all the work for me this time! :)

My Cents of Style Giveaway

 We all have a Cents of Style, Right?! :) 
Well guess what...I have the BEST solution for where to buy the latest trends and Darling Accessories like Scarfs, Shoes and Handbags, Hats etc... and let's not forget all the AMAZING jewelery!

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Lets do a little bit of window shopping and I will show you some of my FAVORITES!!

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How about a SHOE to die for!!!
I will take one in each color PLEASE :)

My Skin Care

I have to apologize to everyone for making you wait. I have had several emails asking me about the new skin care line I just discovered. I FINALLY got my act together and HERE IT IS... 

I have SERIOUSLY tried EVERYTHING under the sun. My skin always felt dry and flakey and I would have MASSIVE break outs every single month! 

It wasn't until my dear friend Jamie (Mrs. Idaho 2009) introduced me to Apriori. And now, my skin feels like it's a reservoir of moisture, I HARDLY ever break out and if I do I use my handy-dandy 
Derma Firm Illuminator (DFI) machine 
and the zit is gone in one day! NO JOKE!!! 

 OK, I am getting ahead of myself...let's start from the beginning!

Apriori is all about being 100% PURE! Meaning you will NEVER put anything on your skin that is a harsh chemical or that isn't natural. 

Apriori also focuses on ant-aging. And at my age, this is starting to become a HUGE concern! I figure I want to grow old but do it VERY gracefully!!! and SLOWLY if at all possible;) 

 I've using Apriori now for the past few months and I HONESTLY have to say that I will NEVER use anything different. 
I am SOLD :) 

People close to me have REALLY seen a difference in my skin. They say it glows and that it just Looks healthier! I would have to agree with them. Even Brett has noticed how much softer it has become. Starting with a good cleansing system is the foundation for  great skin. And then after that you can build on different products that can make a HUGE difference with skin when it comes to fine line and wrinkles, age spots etc...!! 

 Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to several different products that I love and have made a difference for me.

Today I want to talk about the 6 piece basic skin care system It's called the Advantage Set

 Step 1 Crème Cleanse,    Step 2. Activating Tonic,  Step 3. Firming Complex,   Step 4. Eye+Lip Age Eraser,
 Step 5. Day Defense Plus lotion,      Step 5. Night Repair Deep lotion,  

It's really everything you need for great skin all in one set!

If you want even more details about this skin care line 
click HERE

If you are interested in learning more, email or check out the website and do a little bit of window shopping! :)

If you are in need of SOMETHING for your skin NOW, go ahead and become a client and order today. 
If after 30 days you feel like Apriori isn't everything you had hoped for (which I PROMISE it will be:) you can return it and get all your money back. 
Soooo you really don't have anything to lose.

Here are some REAL results from women who have tried Apriori

later than 28 days ...
100% agreed that lines and wrinkles appeared dramatically improved! 

100% agreed that lines around the mouth appeared to be dramatically improved! 

100% agreed that lines around the eyes appeared to be dramatically improved! 

100% agreed that the products significantly improved skin's radiance! 

100% agreed that the products significantly improved skin's overall appearance! 

100% agreed that the products significantly improved skin's overall health!

Pretty impressive if you ask me :) 
Can't wait to tell you all about the Derma Firm Illuminator machine "DFI" I'll save that for next time!

If you are interested in trying a sample of the 6 piece Advantage Set, Email me and I will give you all the details :) 

Christmas Mantel 2011


I have to tell you my mood started off great around the first of November, I was feeling the Christmas spirit and was READY to put up lights and dig out the old boxes of Christmas decor, but by late November I became a little humbug about everything:( 
(Maybe it was due to all the trying for a baby hang-ups going on in our life right now) 
Such is life, right!? 

Anyway, the Christmas Spirit finally found me and I have been listening to the original Osmond Christmas album from back in the 70's non-stop.  This kind of music soooo brings me back to when I was a kid :)

I am EXCITED for Christmas, but I do have to say that I didn't go all out on the Christmas Decor as I have in seasons past. 
I am in transition of wanting to go a different direction with Christmas Decor. But it's a bit too late in the game for that so I will have to focus on that next year and make a trip down to Tai Pan in Salt Lake 2 weeks before Thanksgiving (Note to self) when all the GOOD decorations are still in the store. We just went last week and there wasn't much left to buy. 

In the meantime, 
I am making due with what I have used in past Christmas's :) 

The Tree