Mikarose Giveaway

 I am SUPER excited to introduce you to 

They're an online clothing company that has a HUGE focus on modesty! Remember...Modest is HOTTEST :) 
Even Emma Watson Agrees!
Not only is their clothing modest, they are DARLING to boot!

I was sent this shirt to try out from their collection
and I have to say I'm in LOVE!!!!!

The Color and quality is awesome
I got tons of compliments the day I wore it! 

I would LOVE one in every color :)

Here are a few others I'm drooling over!

Paint it? No, How about BRICKING it!!

Since the change of color in the kitchen I have been struggling with what to do with the front room. 

My kitchen was transformed, and I kind of felt like the front room was left behind and kind of blah...UNTIL NOW!

I wanted to add something NEW and different to the front room. Something more unique than just hanging up curtains again. 

Here is what I came up with!

Before picture...

And AFTER...

DownEast $500 Shopping Spree

" I want to be a Billionaire So freaking BAD" 

OK...honestly, I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. 
BUT...I would feel like a billionaire if I won the $500 DownEast giveaway!!!

I have sooo much on my Christmas list and the $500 GARND PRIZE from DownEast would take a BIG chunk out of it! :) 

Dear Santa, here is my Christmas list...Oh and let's not forget  to add World Peace to my grown-up Christmas list :) 
(In all honestly, I REALLY would love that wish to come true)

I would buy some Brand Name Designer Bedding!

And I might just have to get something AMAZING for my kitchen to hold all my Christmas mugs and platters!

I also wouldn't mind this beauty either. ** Sigh** 
I admit it, I'm REALLY baby hungry!!!

Decorating With Textiles & Vinyl

In ALL honesty, I haven't been doing a lot on the home front.   There is sooo much I want to do, but it takes time, money and waiting for one project to get done so I can move onto the next. 

I also feel a little overwhelmed with motherhood as of lately. I have been wishing, hoping and praying for another little bundle to grace our home, but month after month it hasn't happened. 

And in all honesty I have been pretty sad about the whole process and somewhat in a rut. 

But, on the flip side stepping back from the emotion of it all, 
3 kids is a lot of WORK!! Maybe a little more space between number 3 and 4 won't be a bad thing. Life is CRAZY as it is! You know the drill... Taxi driver, Cook, Maid, Laundry mat, Nurse, Personal Shopper, the endless jobs a mother gets to do! :)
I'm not complaining TRUST ME...My kids are my WORLD!!! 
It's just been one of those days and I need to remember that day to day problems are just that...ONE DAY! 
This quote is one that helps me carry on

"Hands full now, Heart full Later" 

 I have some REALLY exciting elements I want to add around the fireplace, but the project is going to take some time, and MORE hard work, so until then, I decided to forget about the front room and focus on what I can finish and that room is the KITCHEN!  
I have been wanting my kitchen to feel cozy and warm, especially for the holidays and the upcoming cold weather. Soooo, I have been on the search for a rug, and I think I found it!

(This picture doesn't do it justice!)
  Here it is in REAL life!!!

  I ordered this rug online from  Target it was FREE shipping and it arrived at my front door last Friday! 
I couldn't be more excited about the outcome. I am REALLY loving the blues, greens and browns! I am almost tempted to paint my black island white with a glaze to match my other kitchen cabinets. What do you think? Should I do it???

I also saw this darling vinyl idea off one my friend's blog and I knew I had to do it too! 

EAT...I think it makes a fun statement. 

My kids have really had fun with it. I really believe it's the small details that REALLY make the difference in a home!

Is It Christmas YET???

I am soooo ready to get things started with the upcoming holidays!!! I just LOVE this time of year!!! I am SUPER excited to start decorating but a little worried how my blues and reds are going to look together? Ahhh, I hope it all works out, this is going to be an experimental year! I'm crossing my fingers it turns out amazing:)

On the party side of things, look what I have been up to these past few days. I've been preparing for a 
Cookie Exchange PARTY!!! Yay...what could be better than a PARTY!!!

I can't wait to kick things off with some YUMMY cookies, Christmas music and Good Friends. I am CRAZY for cookies and this darling box will be my success to the PERFECT Party!!! 

I picked up this party in a box, AKA Cookie Exchange Kit, at my local Idaho or Utah DownEast Home and Clothing where the kits are available NOW!!! Or Buy it online!

Click Here for the link

Check out what comes in your little box of goodness!

 12 Invitations and Envelopes, 12 Recipe cards, sticker sheet, 
12 cookie ID cards, 12 cellophane treat bags 
with tags and ribbons!!!

Ahhhh, I am getting so excited for this party!! 
I'll post tons of pictures of this FUN holiday event :)

White Place Vintage Christmas Flea Market

I just wanted to give you all an reminder about the upcoming event  hosted by 
White Place Flea market. 

A PERFECT opportunity to start off the holiday shopping season right!!!
Come and see many vendors offering fun and unique items you won't find anywhere else!

Can't wait to see you all there!!!

Meet Tootie Tots Hair Accessories

I would like to introduce you to Krystal and her Company  

Krystal designs bows and flowers that are interchangeable with clips and headbands! Meaning more bang for your buck! :) Here's how her darling company came to be....

Krystal Explain....

Being mother of three beautiful little girls under the age of 6.  My girls LOVE hair accessories but my wallet was not so much in love! ;) Having three girls so close in age, I would buy 3 of the same color so they can match and keep the fighting to a minimum.  Everytime we came home from our favorite department store, the girls would try on their accessories, pick outfits that matched and marveled at themselves in the mirror.  However, I started to notice one day that the joy was short-lived.  My oldest daughter begged for more flowers that could match more outfits.  After explaining to her (which I thought was a great speeech) that mommy and daddy could not possibly afford to buy every flower in every color.  As soon as the words flew out of my mouth is when Tootie Tots was first thought of.  Stores needed something that was interchangeable!  What better way to have more colors if hair pieces were interchangeable.  Keep the same headband but change the flower or keep the same flower and change the headband, creating a different look every time.  So I began to put my ideas to work.  Orders from friends turned into craft shows and craft shows turned into boutiques, salons and gift shops.  

Tootie Tot Designs is named after my youngest daughter, 2, who is nicknamed Tootie Tot! 
All of Tootie Tots pieces are interchangeable with velcro.  
Velcro allows you to create more looks and have more of a variety to appeal to more people, 
no matter what your age or style.

Here are just a few pictures of all the DARLING hair accessories Tootie Tots has to offer
To see more visit 

(choose your headband)

(Choose your bow)

OK now for the EXCITING part! Who wants to win a gift card to SHOP Tootie Tots???
Krystal is giving away $30 dollars to ONE amazing reader!

Here is what you have to do...

1. "Like" Tootie Tots on Facebook by clicking HERE 
Don't forget to say Hi! and that Heidi sent you.
Come back, and Leave a comment

 For one more entry, post about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.  
Leave a comment with the link

Winner will be announced on Home By Heidi's FACEBOOK Page
November 20th 2011

Mrs. Idaho, Vegas, and a Dip to DIE For

Phew...the past few days have been CRAZY! I headed down to Boise for the Mrs. Idaho America pageant to be with my fellow Mrs. Idaho sister queens and to welcome in a NEW Mrs. Idaho!!! You can imagine it was a weekend full of glitz, glam, laughing, crying staying up til 3 AM . . . you know, all that 
GIRLS are made of :)

With the holidays soon approaching, I've been putting aside home stuff and focusing on how I'm going to decorate for Christmas. 
I am SUPER excited to get started. 
My goal is to have my tree up by next week! YAY!!

Before all the holiday excitement starts, I do have a short pit stop this coming Wednesday. I'm headed to Vegas

for an exciting convention launch about an AMAZING skin care line I just discovered! 

I can't wait to tell you all about it when I get home!!! Let's just say for the past year I have been on the search for something different for my skin. I feel as I am approaching my mid-thirties YES....Mid-thirties..Sigh...I am needing something for my skin that doesn't just maintain it,  but REALLY makes a difference in the look, glow and texture. And guess what...I HAVE FOUND IT!!! I am SUPER excited to introduce it to you all. I PROMISE I will post soon! 
If you can't wait and you are also on the search...email me! 

OK...on to the NEXT exciting business of of the day! 
In celebration of the upcoming Holidays, I wanted to share with you my ALL TIME party recipe. This recipe was shared with me from a dear friend. It has been a holiday tradition for my family since then.

The ingredients might sound strange at first, but after you have had your first bite of this, you will crave it all year long!!!!!

Cranberry Salsa
3 c. fresh cranberries, rinsed and drained (pick out any that are bruised or mushy)
1/4 cup green onions
2 small jalapeƱo peppers, seeds and ribs removed
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 c. fresh cilantro leaves

1 T. finely grated fresh ginger
the juice of 1/2 a lemon
8 oz cream cheese
Ritz crackers
Place all ingredients except the lemon juice into a food processor and mix until well blended.  Stir the lemon juice into the salsa.  Refrigerate for a few hours before serving.  Serve by placing the softened cream cheese on a serving bowl then pour 1/2 the salsa over the top.  Have plenty of Ritz crackers on hand for dipping!

I'm telling you it is divine and everyone who tries it just loves it!  It's the perfect blend of sweet and spicy and serving it with cream cheese really balances the flavors.

When you all have tried it, PLEASE write and tell me how much you LOVE it (wink)

Damask Rug

I have had a ton of people ask me where I found my black and white damask rug.  I bought the rug a few years back, from a store called Home Fabrics. They have locations in Idaho and Utah. 
BUT...they don't stock the rug, and honestly Home Fabrics is a bit of a hit and miss kind of store. 

BUT....I have GOOD NEWS. I found a rug VERY similar on Target today while I was on a search for a kitchen rug for myself.

Click Here to view rug online!

Hope that helps, Happy decorating :)

Recap of Halloween Weekend & My Rosie The Riveter Costume

Phew...it seemed the Halloween parties were never ending! 
We had MANY Trick or Treating events and I have eaten WAY more than my fair share of candy!!! I will be hitting it hard at the gym for sure this week:) 

Last night, while manning the door for trick or treaters we indulged ourselves with homemade donuts, seven layer dip, carmel apples, muddy buddies and Bar-B-Q sandwiches..YUMMY.. and NO this food didn't do any favors for my waste line...but BOY...was it FUN :)  

This year, I thought it would be fun to dress up. Here is my fast and easy costume I came up with last minute! I was VERY surprised and LUCKY to have won "Cutest Costume" at my Church's Halloween party! I was thrilled ;)

PLEASE Tell me you know who I am??? I had about half of the people know and the other half thought I was "I Love Lucy".  
It's HISTORY people! We should all know about the Power House woman "Rosie" the riveter!

My grandma was a Rosie. 
I would have LOVED to live in that era of time! I LOVE vintage clothing, and can you just imagine the parties they had...with people ACTUALLY dancing :)

"B" won the scariest costume award! I personally think he looks CUTE, in a long haired biker kind of way :)

Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween! 

P.S. Is November the 1st to early to start blasting Christmas Music???  I say it is, but Brett has been counting down the days til November so he could play his Christmas faves!