DIY | How To Protect Your Mantel

I Have received a few emails on how I assembled my Halloween mantle, so here are a few tips: 

Step 1....I made a quick run to the local thrift store where I found random frames and old books. I brought my treasures home and got to work. 
I sprayed all my frames black and then tore the covers off all the books so just the faded pages were exposed!

Step 2... PINTEREST!!! ALL of the pictures I used above the mantle, I was able to find on Pinterest, from there I was guided to the MOST amazing blogs ever!  Look under my  Halloween Folder in Pinterest and you will find all the pictures I used. 

Step 3.... Hanging the Frames. NO wood was damaged in the project! 
PHEW..thank goodness for these handy hooks. Most of the frames I just hung crooked and then used a little hot glue to secure it to the closet frame. For the little pictures I just taped them on with packaging tape! 

Step 4...I Made a stop to my FAVORITE place on earth! TARGET 
Where I picked up some old looking moss, spider webs, black spiders and that FUN black cloth hanging off the mantle. The rest of the halloween decor, like the mini skull and potion bottle, I owned already.

The entire cost of the project was about $30 bucks! :) 
Not too shabby!

Hope you are all having a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. 
I'm off to try and find some fairy wings for little Misses costume. Any advice where to start looking???

Vintage Halloween Mantel

Well, as far as decorating goes, it looks like I am at a stand still till I can figure out WHAT the Heck I am doing with the space??? It's going to take some time to figure out everything.  
In the meantime, I switched gears to Halloween decorating.

 Remember this picture? 
This was my inspiration picture for the mantle

And here is OUR version of a Spooky Halloween mantle!

What do you think? 
I am really happy how it turned out!  Phew, after this project I am out of energy, my kids will have to fend for themselves this year and buy some store bought costumes. I usually like to sew them, but I'm no Super woman!(wink)  

During the process of assembling the mantle, a few pictures fell off and broke into a million pieces in the MIDDLE of the night, EEK!!! Can you imagine the sound of crashing glass at 3:00 AM? 

So after that heart-racing experience, I figured it was safer to leave the glass out of the bigger frames.

Here are some more pictures up close!

 My 7-year-old son decided to also give the decorating thing a try.  Here's what he came up with. You've got to LOVE it, he he :)

Happy Halloween EVERYONE!!!

Home Improvements with Trim

I know, I know . . . yet another set of pictures of my hallway:)  Hopefully, you're not getting tired of so many pictures. Well, I promise that until I make some MAJOR changes, this will be the last of the pictures. But I thought you might want a peek of the hall with it's new lights 
(never mind the purple light bulbs, those will be changed out with clear ASAP!)

Here are also is the latest addition to our home. 
The NEW white table! I am in LOVE :)
We now need some MAJOR rug and curtain action!

Here are the Before and After pictures

Notice how by just adding the extra trim around the top of the back door and below the windows really made a difference :)

Here is my inspiration picture for the kitchen. 
YES, I hope to add a bench to the one side of our table. 

My VERY nice cabinet guy is in the process of building it right now. I really WANTED to buy this amazing bench in the picture below from Pottery barn but it costs $499 and my budget didn't allow for it, sooooo I got creative and found some inexpensive legs online and once again commissioned my cabinet guy to create a look-a-like bench for half the price of the brand name version.

 ahhhh, I can't wait for everything to come together! Where is that magic wand when I need it!?

Halloween Mantel & New Lanterns

I have a LOVE/hate relationship with Saturdays! I know I should be cleaning, finishing long-awaited projects, folding laundry, yard work etc...but I find myself just wanting to stay in my PJ's ALL DAY LONG and either chillin' or just plain PLAYIN!!!!! 

It's late in the afternoon on this Saturday and this is the ONLY thing "B" and I have accomplished so far. 

One down, two more to go!
I am THRILLED with how it looks, YAY!!! The only thing is,SUPER tall people might not be able to walk down my hall...Hummm? good thing we're SUPER short around here, he he!

Stay tuned for more updates! I am almost done with my Halloween Mantle. This is my INSPIRATION.

I MIGHT get it done before Halloween??? *sigh* here's to trying!

IPhone, Hall and Door Finishing Touches

PHEW...this week has been one of those CRAZY ones! I have been one day ahead ALL WEEK! I suppose it's because I have been anticipating the release of the IPHONE 4S on the 14th and I guess I just want the time to go by more quickly so I can FINALLY get the long awaited phone I have been wanting for years now! I REALLY like my service with Sprint, so I told Brett I would dig my feet in and just WAIT til sprint finally carried on iphone. In the meantime I have been carrying around this UGLY thing for the past 2 years!!! 

I know, I know....Soooooo Ancient! Its been dropped, cracked, dipped in the toilet, and just plain abused!  The picture mail stinks and the screen is kind of shot... but hey, my service was only $30 bucks a month unlimited. Do you blame me for waiting for something AMAZING to came along like the IPHONE 4s Eeekkkkk! 
I am Soooo excited!!! 
Have you seen the videos and how this thing works??? You can talk to your phone and it talks BACK...Seriously are we 
NOW living star Trek? 
Too Cool!!!

OK, Now that I shared my excitement for the week, here is what I have been up to on the home front!
I am working on my hall little by little.  
Working on adding elements to enhance the trim and the LOVE affair I am having with our black doors! Yesterday I added these fun numbers to the doors. 
I think they add so much character to the space! 

Thanks to just my type vinyl or 208 552-1369 for the amazing vinyl! I love that the shop is here locally so I can just run over whenever I am in NEED of a vinyl order! ;)

I also picked up three of these hanging lights from 
Home Depot! 

were going to give them a quick spray of black paint, just so they don't look so brown, and get them hung down the hall ASAP!!!
Now, if I could just get the rest of my house completed, I might get some sleep at night and not lay awake like I did last night at 2:30 thinking about what I am going to do about the office. *sigh* Poor "B"...I didn't mean to keep him up all night. 

I just have to remember slow and steady wins the race...RIGHT??? ;)

So Far So Good - Trim Work

Have I left you in suppense long enough??? I was hesitant even showing this picture! The room is FAR from finished and I don't want you to judge based off of this picture, but I know you have been waiting so long.... sooooo here it is!!!

OK, Ok I know it's NOT as grand as you were all hoping for BUT... this room was just thrown together with what I already had so I could feel like my house was SOMEWHAT liveable, you get what I'm saying right!? :)

Here is the room before...if you like the red better than the blue, PLEASE don't tell me, at this point ignorance is BLISS and no matter, I have got to LIVE with it...No going back now! :)

OK, lets back track a bit, here is just a snap shot of ALL the many things I WANT and NEED to change about the room. Some will come quick and others will take time!

Te VERY first thing I need to do is work on getting another lamp shade for my blue lamp so that my mantle looks somewhat normal ;)

 I also desperately need curtains, and also start the process of re-upholstered my over sized chairs in a pretty burlap type fabric. I also want to add nail heads to the chairs for some extra drama. BTW does anyone know someone really good in my neck of the woods that re-upholsters??  I am also looking for a NEW entrance light, so any suggestion in that area is much needed! 

Here is a quick before picture! WOW...much improvement!!

In the meantime, the white Martha Stewart chairs are there for inspiration until I can switch them out. Eventually they will work their way into the kitchen..but that's an Entirely different project that I will have to update you later on! 

Phew....I'm already tired just thinking about all the things I want to do, and living 3 hours away from any good home decor shopping has it's challenges! Anyone living in south east IDAHO and has a darling decorated house...My hat is off to you, You UNDERSTAND the hardship and pain it is to decorate ANYTHING!! thus is the reason I don't have another lamp shade. When I was at Pottery Barn last they gave me the wrong size shade sooooo it's another trip down and a few lot of dollars later in gas JUST to fix the shade! Aughhhhhh!! I'm not complaining, really I'm not. But if you could please do me a favor when all you Utah girls are out shopping and when they ask your zip code at checkout, say you are from 83404 so that they will FINALLY build a Tai Pan HERE:)

Here is the picture of the hall...I am LOVING the trim, but now I need to add some MAJOR color!!! I have a few ideas up my sleeve, BTW taking pictures of Halls is NO easy task, This shot looks soooo much better in person than in this picture!

Here are a few pictures BEFORE

So there you go! 
It's Not perfect but it's a start, I am in the process of deciding on a MAIN ROOM color and looking into adding a bit more accent colors like warm gray hues to the room. 
We will see what I end up doing? Always an adventure around here:)