Painting The Whole House

I know... I know, I have been SUCH A slacker about posting lately, but you can't blame me, This is the mess I have been in for the past few days!!

Things are FINALLY getting done! As of this evening the painting is all COMPLETE!!! 
But now we have the after math of all the DUST!!! 
ahhhhhhh, my job never ends ;)


Love This Commercial

I just had to share this darling commercial!!!

 My little family are fans of anything Star Wars and I, having a new found love for the New Wolkswagen Beetle, 

thought it was only appropriate I share

Home Touches & Inspiration

Since we have been on the subject of Trim and Wood working these past few months, I thought all you out there would like to read a little bit more of about the different styles of TRIM and how to better incorporate it in your home. I of course am a BIG fan of ALL trim work...but you already knew that:P 

So I would like you to meet Susi, today's guest post, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a must-shop resource for beautiful light fixtures and lamps online. Visit their website and cool blog for more information. Enjoy! 

 Wood trimmed walls add a traditional architectural element to a room. Wood trim can be used to create picture frames or in strips to imitate wainscoting and custom millwork. Rooms with wood trimmed walls have built-in style that can work with a number of different decors.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via) Brinylon Design
White painted wood trim frames the headboard in this room. Large frames of wood trim allow plenty of room to hang art or lighting.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via)Pinterest
Wood trim becomes a type of paneling around the fireplace in this living room. Painted all white, the wood trim, or millwork, becomes an architectural element.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via)Southern Living
Wood trim adds a finished touch to the Ikea range hood in this charming kitchen. Wood trim unifies the hood and wall above it. Love the amazing pendant lighting.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via)Remodelaholic
Wood trim on the underside of the stairs ties this area into the rest of the architectural elements of the space. Wood trim is an easy way to add architectural interest.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via) In My Own Style
Wood trim and molding create the look of wainscoting in this bathroom. The wall and wood trim are both painted white to create the illusion of custom millwork.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via) Cato's Interior Trim
A more traditional kind of wood trim uses wood trim combined with a chair railing and baseboard molding. This design is typically painted white below the chair rail and a color or wallpapered above.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via) French by Design
Painted all white, walls trimmed in wood can even work with contemporary furnishings. Wood trim can be painted the same color as the walls or a contrasting color, like white. 
Loving that perfect little light fixture.

Rooms With Wood Trimmed Walls

Image above (via)  Better Homes and Gardens
Wood trim adds design style to this blank wall, transforming it into a gallery space. Love how the middle is painted a deeper blue to draw attention to the artwork. This post was provided by Arcadian Lighting

Make sure to check them out today for all of your lighting fixture needs.

Beauty Favorites for Hair & Skin

I thought I would take a break from painting and trimming and share a few things that I PERSONALLY love, 
just simple items I use EVERYDAY!!!

First things first....

I just LOVE big wavy curls, and being a mom of 3 I just don't have time to use the curling iron, so Hot Rollers have become my staple. I have used this Conair set for years but....the 8 purple jumbo curls just don't cut it for me.
So this past go around, I  splurged and bought 2 new sets, I throw out the HUGE black curls which do nothing for my straight hair and kept the purple ones. I now have 12 curls to work with, those 4 extra curls make all the difference I LOVE all the extra volume!

~Hair spray~

I can't tell you how MANY hair sprays I have used over the years! But I FINALLY found one that is here to stay! It's called 
Control Force from Aveda. 
Simply AMAZING!!!

I am IN LOVE with this tinted "illuminating" moisturizer from Laura Mercier. I wear the natural color.
 I have been wearing it for the past 3 years and can't say enough good about it. I put it on first and finish it off with Bisque from Bare essentials, face powder and bronzer!

Next up... is my ALL TIME favorite eye make-up remover and Mascara. 
I have tried others, but I always seem to come back to these tried and true products. 
They come from Mary Kay

Lengthening mascara in Black

Let's not forget my all time favorite liquid eyeliner,  Almay found at your local Walmart or anywhere for that matter for the grand price of $4.00

WHAT are YOUR all time favorite things?? 
I would LOVE to know some of your beauty secrets :)

Trim out Windows

I LOVE windows...and I LOVE trim so I thought: Why not combine the two! 
  I LOVE adding a bit of Drama to each window. 
So...while we are already trimming out the entire upstairs, we decided to add this trim technique to the remanning windows upstairs. 

Here is a picture of the bottom of a trimmed out window, already done and painted

And here is a Before picture of the two windows we were working on.... 

And here is what "B" added to the windows last night! 

I just think it adds so much to a window. 
All "B" used was a small piece of 1/4 MDF board, a few MDF boards and to finish off the sides, all he has to do now is glue the 1/4 board strips down the center!! 

Ahhhhh...I can't WAIT 'til it's painted!

We called the painter TODAY and so he should be stopping by soon to give us a bid!
Soooo excited to FINALLY get some things DONE around here!!!

Euro Shams

I know, I know....I  have been such a slacker with posting lately!!!
 I've had so much going on in my life from weddings, trips, back to school, and guess what else, I have also been re-painting my "re-painted" kitchen;) I just started today and I LOVE the color soooooo much better!!!  I lived around the first blue color and decided I wasn't IN LOVE with it so we are on to the 2nd color! PHEW...this kitchen paint color has been such an ordeal!!! :) But I think this color is here to stay! 

Since I have SOOOO many projects going on and very little pictures of completed projects, I thought I would share a quick tip on bedding. As I am sure most of you know, I am CRAZY about bedding! So over the past few years, I have come up with a few helpful tips that REALY make a difference!

   Here is a picture of 2 Euro Shams.  
One has a 26x26 insert and the other has a 30x30 insert.

Even though a Euro sham is the traditional 26x26 I have always felt that the 26X26 insert leaves it looking, well...A bit sad! 

I really like nice and puffy pillows that look brand new year after year. Buying a REALLY good insert,makes all the difference. 

while putting a 30x30 insert in the case, it can take a little bit of pushing and prodding to get it in, but the result is well worth the extra effort!  

I just picked up these 30x30 inserts at my local "Home Fabrics" store.

Here's to Happy Pillowing!

Labor Day Weekend

Phew....I tell you the worst part of a long weekend is pulling yourself out of bed on Tuesday and trying to function because you played like a kid all weekend!

This past weekend a lot happened! I've been having some CRAZY headaches as of late, so my hubby suggested I go to the eye doctor to check things out. Mind you, I have never had eye problems nor has anyone in my family. The thought of contacts is a foreign thing for me. After the exam it turns out that I have to get glasses!!! least I felt a little like playing dress up while picking out a pair of glasses.  It has taken me a few days to REALLY  embrace the fact that I need glasses! I guess it was a matter of time, though I feel like I am still 18 and sometimes act like I am ;) I'm REALLY 34 and the truth is, my body is telling so!! And, honestly at this point I will do ANYTHING to help these headaches! I also thought glasses could possibly be a fashion statement... Right????

So here are the beauties I will be sporting around town...cute right!! A little vintage I think! I really do like them!

Next on this list for this past weekend was...I got a NEW sister-in-law! The wedding was in California. So Brett hopped on a plane and I stayed back with the kiddos because of school! "B" had a BLAST, I wished I could have made it, but I'm looking forward to this weekend for the Open House in my neck of the woods! Here are some pictures of the Happy Couple!!!

*Sigh* Aren't they CUTE!?!?! Makes me want to go back and marry my husband all over again :)

And Last but not least....I went wake-boarding again after 3 years of avoiding it!!!  The last time I did it, I hit the water sooo hard that I blacked out, it was not a pleasant experience, so I have been staying safely on the boat for the past few years! BUT.... after hearing the news of needing glasses and realizing I am TRULLY in my mid thirties and that I have a 9-year-old who wanted to try it, and that I am a mother of 3 and honestly feel a bit old . . . OK having a bit of a pity party here...I decided that I would do something adventurous in hopes to feel young again...hehehe

Soooooo, I jumped in the glassy blue water of Bear Lake and had an AMAZING time!!! I am so glad I did it! What a Blast :) 
That day even son and duaghter gave wake-boarding a try! It still might take sometime for them to get the hang of it, but I am so proud of them for trying! :)

Well that was my Labor day weekend in a nut shell! I am excited for all the fun things that are going to be happening this week! I will keep you posted!