Pink vs. Pink

OK...I NEED HELP!!! I have mentioned in past posts about how at times I can hit a creative OVERLOAD and get stuck with too many ideas in my head! I've kept Brett up the last few nights with my brain that never seems to shut off. So for "B" sake....I NEED HELP!!!

In My little girls room I have 2 color schemes I could go either direction with. The walls will be some sort sort of blue.

Here is the first color palette... 
(In this color palette I have a few examples of the feel and color I want. The pictures of bedding and rugs are NOT set in stone)

Here is the 2nd Color Palette...

Hopefully, from those pictures you kind of get an idea of the direction I want to go! it's your turn, go to the right hand column of the blog and place your vote! 

( Remember... Don't pick palette due to the items in the pictures, as much as what colors  personally appeal to you more!)

I would ALSO LOVE to hear any of your comments on the subject!

Trim and Back to School

So far this morning I sent the kiddos out the door for their first day of school....Sniff

It's weird having 2 kids at school all day.  Our Baby was NOT happy about this situation when the kids loaded the bus and left him behind (poor baby).  No worries, he has a full day of his own, Our little man goes to Speech Therapy 3 days a week for 2 hours so it leaves the house VERY quiet. 

I suppose it gives me time to do things during the day like: working out for the 1st time in 3 months (due to my laziness of sleeping in til 9:30 sometimes 10 in the Summer) and started a crock pot dinner for tonight and the hubby even made the bed today!!!! 

Phew... I feel productive today.  If only I can have as MUCH motivation I do the first day of the school for the REST of the year!!! LOL...Hummmm, we will see how that goes, ask me in a few days and I will let you know:)

My house is STILL in disarray! Aughhh. So I decided since I have NO control over my upstairs until Brett finishes the trim and the painter comes. I decided to tackle the basement instead.  (We would have been done with the upstairs trim, but Brett broke his saw so we are waiting for a part! Praise will be the day when that part FINALLY comes in the mail)!

Here are just a few before and after pictures of my the basement's Mini Makeover.  
BTW have I mentioned "B" added trim to the basement as well???

Here is what we have done thus far,

The Wall Before....

Now a Pillar!!!
It's amazing what a few MDF boards and corner trim pieces can do to a PLAIN wall!! :)

My little Mermaid and FinFun Tails

My little girl is OFFICIALLY a REAL LIFE Mermaid!!! real as a Mermaid can get :)

This tail was a HIT at the pool today!  

Every girl wanted to try on Miss "M"s tail and every Mom was asking about it!

  An old friend of mine sent our little Miss a mermaid tail to try out, Missy and all her friends were "over the moon" about it. 
After watching all the fun the girls had with the tail, I was wishing I had a tail of my own ;)
 From now on, I am sure this tail with be a swimming staple along with the beach towels and sunscreen haha!!

To see more tails click on the "finfun" website here

So GUESS WHAT.... FinFun wants YOU to have a tail of your very own!!! 

 The winners will be able to pick their tails from what is available on the FinFun  
(Custom orders, limited edition and adult tails aren't included in this giveaway). 

There are three ways to enter to win: 
Be sure and leave 4 separate comments for each entry

1) Leave a comment saying how AWESOME these tails are ;)

2) "Like" Fin Fun Mermaid tails on Facebook (their page is here) and then come back and leave a comment that you did it. 
3) Become a followers of come back and leave a comment

4) Post about this giveaway on your own blog, Facebook, or twitter and then come back and leave the link to your post.

what little girls' imagination wouldn't love to run away with something like that?? 
I wish they had these when I was a kid!

Winner will be announced on Thursday September 1st

Camping or Should I say "GLAM"ping

Most of you know my "True" feelings about camping (wink) 
Who doesn't LOVE sleeping on a pile of rocks and walking around with the perfumed smell of camp fire smoke all over your hair, skin and clothes that you can't wash out for days? But...I really DO love mother nature, I love sharing the great outdoors with the children and have found at times it can be VERY magical! 
As an Idaho girl, I almost feel like I've disrupted my native roots by not loving it as much as a "true Idahoan" should...

GLAMPING!!!'s a REAL THING and they offer it in my neck of the woods, 

All luxury tents have electricity, cooling fans, and heat. Refresh yourself in your Glamping Bathhouse, which hosts 8 private, luxury washrooms, including rain showers, heated floors and indulgent organic spa products.

Ahhhhh...A girl could get used to this!!! Just thought I would share this bit of happiness today.  
With this alternative to "REAL camping," I believe I have finally found a HAPPY Medium! ;)

How To Trim a Hallway

We are getting soooo close to having the hall completed. Here are a few more pictures of our progress. 
All that is left to do is fill in the holes and paint it 
"ALL WHITE" :)  

I am very much a D.I.Y kind of person when it comes to home renovations; however, when it comes to trim work I leave the painting to the experts. 
There is a HUGE difference between hand-painted trim and spray gun painted trim. I feel like the sprayed trim holds up a lot better on little fingers and everyday wear and tare. It also leaves a professional sheen that I LOVE soooo much!
When we were finishing or basement, "B" and I used a spray gun to spray the walls, trim and ceiling, but after that experience and basically being covered from head to toe in white paint, trying to figure out how to control the darn spray gun, leaving overly painted gobs of paint here and there, we decided we would leave the spraying to the experts!(hey, at least we tried...right! :)
I can still call myself a D.I.Yer and have someone else paint right?...right???

I have a VERY affordable painter if anyone is looking :)

Can't wait to have the hall painted and then post before and after pictures!! YAY!!

P.S. I am still working on the kitchen makeover!! Exciting things are also happening in there :)

Home Decor Q&A - Part 3

I am from Idaho too! Where are some of your favorite places in Idaho to get home decor?
I REALLY like Pier one, and Target! I get SUPER excited when I find cute home d├ęcor at Target and Wal-Mart. I also really like the Mini bazaar in Idaho Falls.  It’s kind of like a mini Tai pan. And of Course lets not forget Downeast Home!
Who's your cabinet guy? Is it the same person who did you kitchen as did your office desk?
My kitchen and Office Desk was from Rocky Mountain Cabinets in Ammon, Idaho But as of lately I have been doing a lot of business with KVO cabinets also in Ammon, Idaho BTW the hubby designed both their website :)
In a previous post you said your family goes to Bear Lake every year. I would like to have a family reunion there and would like to know:

(1) Do you rent a home? condo? and which one? 

(2) this year you said you camped there so I'm curious where and who you went through to do this. It would be nice to know/have a couple of options depending upon if people want to rough it or not. 

When we go to Bear lake we always stay a the Worldmark Condos right by the marina. My parents have a membership with Worldmark so it makes it easy. We also own a condo at Ideal Beach Resort so we really have the best of both worlds. If I were to camp again, Blue Water is by far the BEST place to camp because it has an AMAZING view of the lake. This past trip we camped at a private residence. But I do know that there are MANY places in Bear Lake that people rent out for big groups. If you Google “Garden City, Utah” I am sure some really great places will come up!

Exciting Changes for Girl's Room

I know you have all been patiently waiting for this update of 
Miss "M" Room! So Here it is... 

Do you remember this bedding? 

I was sooooo excited when I found it, but when it came in 
the mail, I was SUPER bummed!!! The pink was a bright pink, kind of neon pink, nothing wrong with neon pink, in fact it was my FAVORITE color in the 80's...LOL! 
It just wasn't the feel I wanted in the room 
So...I was back to square one:( 

I then found a picture of this rug, 
and with the help of my facebook friends I discovered it was from Pottery Barn Teen! No wonder I LOVED it at first glance, I swear I have a due north compass towards anything Pottery Barn!!!

After discovering the rug, the green...NOW white bed, which was recently painted by my FAVORITE cabinet guy Kent at made it's GRAND ENTRANCE! 

I couldn't wait to put the rug and the bed together! 
I was considering waiting to post a picture.
(Mostly because I still don't have ANY CLUE what I am doing for bedding!!!) 

But I just LOVE the direction of hows things are coming along, so I thought I would share where we are in the process

I am LOVING all the white with just a pop of color! 
I will keep you posted with what bedding I go with...I think I just might have to talk someone into helping me from ;)

Home Decor Q&A - Part 2

Do you prefer to paint or spray paint furniture? And last but not least, your flour, sugar, etc jars in your pantry, what sizes are they? I found the jars at walmart but they look so huge in real life, can you recall the sizes you used?
I like spray paint for smaller jobs and paint for bigger projects! I also LOVE glaze and tend to never do a furniture project without it!  Be sure and seal your piece with lacquer. It makes all the difference in the world!
As far as the jars, I used the biggest sizes Wal-Mart had!  It looks REALLY big, but when you start cooking you’ll be amazed at how quickly you use the flour and the sugar!
You use a lot of molding/wood work in your rooms. Does this match the style of your house (what would that molding work be... craftsman?)
Trim in a home adds warmth and dimension to a home.  I’ve noticed most home styles use similar trim work.  They are the basics you’ll find just about anywhere, whether they keep it in wood finish or paint it white.  I would say my LOVE for trim stems from the old southern homes. When people really took pride in their craftsmanship!
How important is it to match the exterior style to the interior (in your opinion)? For example, I saw an entry that had painted wallpaper done in a silver, with mirrored console. So pretty in the picture, but do you think that you need a more modern type of house to pull this off?
I personally like things to flow so having the outside of your home match the inside of your home is always nice. But unless you build the home, that probably won’t always be the case.  So as far as the interior of your home, do what you LOVE and create the style YOU want to live around. Also, adding a bit of modern to maybe a cottage feel is ok…just as long as you balance the style in harmony.
I love all of the molding, but not sure we can do it here (we have bead board in our kitchen and upstairs bath already... can we do the walls in the bedrooms with board-and-baton?)
Yes, you can totally mix styles of trim.  I have board and baton in one room and then bead board in the next room over. In my home, I just made sure it was balanced and that one room leads perfectly into the next room.
If you could design any celebrity home, who's would it be?
I would love to design for Paula Deen!  She could feed my tummy with good old southern food while I play around with my all my favorite fabrics like Buffalo Check and toile, which I am sure she would LOVE . . . she being a southern bell and all :)
I want to know what your husband says when you come up with these great projects? Is he on board and ready to tackle it, or does he roll his eyes, and say, "how much is this going to cost me?”
This is the “husband” responding to this one.  Truthfully, I ALWAYS roll my eyes back and ask the notorious question, “How much is this going to cost me?”  But, I also really believe our home looks and feels better after each home improvement project.  Heidi has an eye for beauty so I’m prone to “go with it” whenever she concocts a new idea.  The way I see it is this, a woman is master of her home aesthetics and generally knows best so a husband can rest assured the home, where he visits only to eat and sleep, will turn out great.  If he really wants to decorate, he can decorate his office . . . though the wife will probably take over that one too :)

Kitchen Updates

OK, so I admit ... I am STILL painting my kitchen! I started and stopped a few times wondering if I was painting the right color. I finally decided to roll with one color and just see what I thought.

So far I like it; the only problem is the gray color on the swatch turned out to be more blue on the wall. Adjusting to blue is as hard as adjusting away from red. I think it will take sometime to get use to. 
During parts of the day it's REALLY gray and then other times it's more blue!

Here is a picture from Saturday. 
I didn't paint the baseboard or the top of the crown because we are going to thicken both up!

So...What do you think???  

The color is SW 6233 Samovar Silver

I have been thinking about painting my Table and Chairs cream with a glaze. 

I am excited for the potential this color will bring to the space!!!

I still have a second coat to do, 
butI first need to live around it a few more days until I KNOW the color will be a winner!!!

The Black Doors are HERE!!!

Aughhhhhh! Living without doors for weeks on end is HARD to say the least!!!  At first I thought no biggie, but between the baby napping, Brett working, and the kids running 100 miles per hour from outside in desperate NEED of the bathroom without a door! Well, it had it's challenges for sure:)  
Including Brett and I NEVER having ANY privacy! Yep... THANK GOODNESS it's finally all behind us and the doors are up with their locks in place.

Here is a Sneak Peek!!!!!

I am soooooo in LOVE! 

My painter Doug did an AMAZING job!! Mind you, MDF is not easy to work with when you are trying to create a "Real Wood" look!! 
We had to do a few sample board before we found the perfect technique. My goal was to have them look like alder wood doors. 
I am soooo happy how they turned out. Once the hall trim is done and painted, I will do a big long post of the whole process!!

Ignore the hall at this point, It's still yellow from the plaster!! Hopefully this week we will get it DONE!!!

So excited for this whole Hall project to be over! I need to get my kids ready for back to school! 
hummm,I might get more done around the house once there in school all day!:)

Here's to hoping :)

Surf's Up Birthday Party and Inspiration

My baby is turning 9! Aughhhhh time is going by way too FAST!!!

We have decided to make things more simple this year, and plan a Back Yard Water bash! 

And then next year, Miss wants to make it all Fancy and VERY much all GIRL! And invite all her little friends and their Doll's for a Perfect little Tea party! 
Oh man...what am I getting myself into?

But this year it's all about the Summer FUN and so we invited pretty much the entire neighbor, boys and all!!!

Here's my inspiration piece 

I just LOVE the vintage feel of this invite! 

Here is what we came up with!


Home Decor Q&A - Part 1

I've heard you were Miss Idaho! If that is right, can you tell us about that? How did that begin, what was the scariest part, did you feel inadequate or were you full of confidence, if you had to do a talent, how were your responsibilities after you won, etc...etc...
I was actually MRS. Idaho America 2010, CRAZY huh?  A good friend told me about the program and I was intrigued but didn’t do anything about it for a few years.  I finally decided I would give it a shot and I put my whole heart into going for it!  I most definitely felt inadequate, it was one of the scariest things I have ever done!
I had A LOT of advice on how to do this and that, but I decided I wanted to be TRUE to myself and chose to “just be me.”  During the experience, I gained confidence in going after long lost dreams and finding "Heidi" again after 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later.  I also felt like going for Mrs. Idaho helped me gain more confidence to do the things I am currently doing in my life such as my blog, appearing on Fresh Living (tv)  and being able to express my thoughts and feelings better.  
It was truly a life-changing experience! 
In Mrs. America they don’t require a talent, instead the interview is 50% of your total score.  SUPER SCARY!!!  After I won Mrs. Idaho I went on to compete for 
Mrs. America. It was an experience I will never forget! There are some pretty amazing women in the world who are truly making a difference! 

Here is a picture from my year as Mrs. Idaho America

(Disclaimer...No, I do not look like this everyday! This is what is called professional makeup and photo shop! 
No, I am not sharing this information because I think that I am full of myself, or that I think my life is perfect because that is soooo far from the truth. I am just a everyday stay -at- home mom that found Mrs. Idaho to be a great adventure and an opportunity to serve my community!) 
 Tell us about how you and your husband met, your first date, how he proposed, etc. By the way, does he have a sister Holly?
OK, First off Yes… Brett does have a sister Holly!
Here’s the story: Sounds CRAZY but my brother-in-law Dave and Dad set Brett and me up on a blind date. We joke about how we had an “arranged marriage.” ;)  
Our first date was when Brett was invited over to my house for dessert.  I can honestly say that it was love at first site! I fell in love with his hair, and he noticed how cute my feet were, of all! 
I knew Brett was the one for me after only knowing him a few hours. From that day we were never apart. I had just gotten home from an LDS mission from New York and 3 days later Brett and I met, 2 months later he proposed, and then 3 months later we were married.
Brett proposed by composing and singing that song, while the ring was hidden inside the piano. Hard to explain, But It was very romantic!
 Everyone wants their husband to love to decorate and build things for the home. (Such as all of your beautiful trim.) Did you train your husband or was he just naturally that way? How much does he care about how the home looks? The rest of us need tips on getting our husbands involved!

 Heidi decided to let me take this one :)  
“Hello, my name is Brett and I am addicted to doing Honey Do’s for my wife.”  LOL . . . a bit of a joke there, but there is some truth behind it ;)  It all started in our first home 8 years ago.  Heidi is the type of person who is in a chronic state of change.  We joke about it and call it the “8-month itch.”  For the past 11 years, we have either moved or dramatically changed our home every 8 months.  With that kind of track record, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to do it myself to save us major renovation bucks!
So do I like decorating as much as my wife???  I really don’t think ANY husband likes decorating as much as his wife.  I really don’t like decorating, BUT I DO like cutting wood, using power tools and creating art with my bare hands.  I think you’ve got to tap into the inner man and pull out what he innately enjoys doing, such as working, building, creating and providing for the family.   
Here’s a hint: go out and get a professional bid on the project and then tell your husband how much money you’ll save if he did it . . . and OF COURSE tell him how AMAZING a man he is, then you’ll probably convince him to do it.  Usually a guy gets hooked after his first couple projects and then you’re set!! 

Hey it's Heidi again, what Brett didn't tell you is he comes from a long line of professional artists! I think it runs a little in his blood :)  Brett also does care about how things look in the home but more on the trim aspect, floors and paint then Decor pillows, pictures and lamps. With that being said he does have a natural eye for things, I suppose this comes from his profession, Brett owns a design firm and he is VERY particular how things look.  I guess I lucked out by marrying someone with a critical eye for detail :) 

Wedding Hangover - My Favorite Things

Phew! These past few days have been CRAZY for sure! 

On Thursday the 4th we had an Open House/Pre wedding party for my 1st cousin Brent, though he feels more like a brother to me, as I only have 4 cousins on that side of the family.

We just got back into town from Salt Lake City, where Brent was officially married on the 6th. I had a BIG part of the party planning, I do have to say it was A LOT of work, but a blast to be apart of!!!

We hosted the event in my parents AMAZING back yard. They have one of those gorgeous yards with the rock water fall and paver patio. It really feels like a paradise! 

We rented a big white tent with a 20 foot serpentine table for the food. The presentation turned out so Pretty! 

I was also very excited with how the other tables ended up looking! I am such a sucker for pretty linens and white candles. 
I think it creates such a romantic atmosphere! 

The florist we used is a true artist; she did an amazing job on the flowers. If you live in the Eastern Idaho area and need a florist, I have your gal!!!

I have sooo much more to tell you about this event, but for now I will give you a sneek peek of the Food Table!

It was a Fun and very magical night! 

But now that I'm home, after these past few days, I am SUPER tired and I think a long, HOT bath is calling my name!

Really quick, I had a lot of questions about that YUMMY looking cake I posted a picture of back on the 4th 

I only WISH I was that talented to create a cake like that! For all you people out there that can create convection is the recipe!

 I will work on the questions from the Q&A session over 
the next few days. 
It might take me a few posts, 
but I PROMISE I will try and answer each and every one :) 

Friday is Here

Let the Weekend Begin!!!! 

We're going to be jamming out to these great tunes while having a FUN filled weekend of Weddings, Projects and a little bit of time spent in the Wonderful Summer Sun!!! 

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Hope you have a GREAT weekend! 

I have Sooo many fun pictures to share, 
so watch for them next week!