Our Crazy Weekend

This seems to be baby "B"s FAVORITE show these days. 
Hummmm... I WONDER WHY?? hehe

"B" has been a little stinker this weekend! 
I can't tell you how many times I have had to wash his hands.
He just can't seem to stay away from the paint!!

A WORD TO THE WISE...If you have a 2 year old I would highly considering WAITING til he's 6 to paint!!

Hope you all are having a GREAT Weekend...Well, BACK TO WORK

Kitchen Update - Priming & Trim

Today’s update on priming and trim work!

Is this the same Kitchen???  

Ok, so I am a bit scared to paint the REAL COLOR!!! 
I know CRAZY right!?! 
I am unsure if I should paint the room the Comfort Grey or a neutral green? I might have to sleep on this one.

What is your vote???

At this point, I feel like every wall in my entire house has trim on it, I am thinking this is a GOOD thing!? is there such thing as TO MUCH Trim? ;) 

Trim Work & Molding

Well... Here are a few snap shots to give me an alibi for being LAZY with my posts lately!  
Things are starting to look GOOD!!!

And guess what....
I Made the decision and am in the process of covering the RED!!!  I know, I know! I thought I was going to keep it, 
but like my Mom said "This is something you have been wanting to do for a long tme, and it's just a can of paint." She is soooo right!  So for the past 3 days, I have been priming away.  

Boy, it takes A LOT of time to cover red! Aughhhhh!  
Especially if you are super picky about straight lines as I am.  I use a tiny brush to make sure all my lines are straight.  I don't trust tape :)in the past it ALWAYS bleeds through even though I have spent GOOD money on tape that promises it won't bleed.  
So now I just rely on a steady hand!

My kitchen is going to be the Comfort Grey from (Sherwin William) and for the front room, I tweaked the color that I originally was going to use (Tobacco Road) and had them mix a color that is somewhere between Tobacco Road and Plantation beige.  
Tobacco was just a bit too intense for my taste.  

For all of you interested, here is the formula: 

Pineplace Giveaway

I walked to the mailbox the other day and low and behold there was a package with my name on it. I opened it up and out popped this! A perfectly wrapped package from PinePlace! 

But the cuteness didn't stop there, look what was INSIDE...

Ahhhhh, isn't it DARLING!?!?! 
I'm in LOVE!!!

I knew in an instant where this pillow would call home! 
I paired it next to my $9.99 Pottery Barn pillows that I scored on clearance! 

What do you think? Perfection right!?!?

Now it's your chance to have this darling pillow grace your home!

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morning of July 27th 2011

How To Test Paint Colors On Your Wall

can be found in all sorts of places! 
Brett and I saw this commercial a few years back and fell in love.  We just KNEW we had to do something like this down our hall.  Well, FINALLY that day has come... YAY!!!

When you watch this, 
look for the White Hall Way towards the end of the clip! 

As of today, this is my view of the front room! 
I had to move everything in middle so we could start on the trim.
It's amazing how quickly messes attract other messes :)

I'm not even going to try and clean and organize it!  
Good thing too, my boys are not feeling so great :(
which means Mom's on Nurse duty!
Oh well, I guess that means cuddling on the sofa with a bowl close by (just in case).

As for my Red Crisis,  
I am still looking at paint swatches on the wall. 
Here is a new color I am trying out, Comfort Gray(Sherwin William) 

I'm for SURE keeping the yellow undertones in my home, If I don't then the master bedroom will no longer flow with the rest of the house. 

But, I am changing the lighter Millet color to Tobacco Road 
(Two Shades Darker)

Hope you have a GREAT Weekend!!!

5 Ways to Transform any Room for under $100

Hey All, I thought I would share this guest post that I wrote 
for Plum DistrictENJOY ;)

Today, I am excited to share My TOP 5 STEPS on how to transform any 
room for under $100.  

The truth is, who doesn’t need a change of scenery sometimes, especially in the home? But then, we look at our bank account and realize that our dreams of the perfectly revamped room might be more of a financial nightmare. What I say to this my friends is THINK AGAIN … avoid the pitfall of believing a big transformation must come with a huge price tag.
Here are 5 ways and a few simple steps to transform your living space 
into your DREAM room!!!

STEP ONE: Get ‘er out of there!
Start from the beginning and clear the room completely! Remove all of your accessories, knickknacks, lamps, art, rugs etc…clear your room and by default you clear your head for new inspiration for the space. By just changing a lamp or even a lamp shade can give a room a brighter and totally different look. Also consider changing where items are hung on the wall. Or better yet, revamp old frames or small tables with a new punch of color! A $2.00 can of spray paint will make all the difference in the world!

Check out this before and After!

STEP TWO: Put Some “Pretty” On It!
PAINT!!!  For a small amount of cash, you can buy a gallon of paint that will turn your walls from boring to BRILLIANT!  By changing the hue of a room, even if it’s only a couple of shades darker, you can make a bold statement and a much bigger bang for your buck!  Also, consider doing an accent wall.  In my home I have done a number of accent walls with trim but, you can create the same affect on a shoe string budget by simply painting an accent wall to give you a new focal point.  Also consider adding crown molding to the look for a rich and classy look. You would be surprised how affordable it can be by doing it yourself.

 In this Picture Chalk Board paint was used for the accent wall.

Here is a PERFECT example of a Before and After paint job!

Our DIY Updates & Paint Project

We have been BUSY around the Parson Home!
This weekend was full of projects. Brett finished the tiling on his mom’s kitchen backsplash, and then came home to find a 
semi-short Honey Do list from me :)

Here is Brett measuring and marking the walls for the texture guy to come.  Poor boy spent all that time measuring and marking and then in the middle of the night 
(of course it had to be in the middle of the night) 
I woke up with the brilliant idea of trimming out the entire hallway, from floor to ceiling all in white. 
It’s going to look 
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G when Brett gets it done! 

 Here is the hard man at work ripping off the vinyl so we can add TRIM!

Oh, and here he is again, doing what Brett does BEST...hehe!

Evo'11 Conference

A Few weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend the 
EVO'11 Conference in Park CityUtah

It was so fun to rub shoulders with so many
CREATIVE bloggers!

We laughed, cried, and had an AMAZING Time Learning about the art of blogging :)

There were some PRETTY impressive sponsors this year... 
Sesame Street, Kodak, Aveda, PBS Kids, New Balance, McDonalds, Xbox, and Pepperidge Farm just to name a few :)

Me, Kim and Holly from Poppyseed Projects

I would have to say of all the things that made me laugh this past weekend, 
this clip from Sesame Street is by far my favorite!!!

There’s no other way to express my thoughts on the conference other than, I had a BLAST!!!  

My brain hurts from all the information I tried cramming into my head in only a short couple of days! I think I have an EVO'11 hangover.
I am exhausted BUT so excited and motivated to apply what I learned! 

Can't wait ‘til next year! 

I wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to

for making this opportunity possible!

What I Am Loving - Inspiration

I have been DROOLING over the New Pottery Barn Magazine! 
There are a few goodies that I Just adore!! 

Here is my DREAM Wish List!!!!

Favorite Things & a Downeast Giveaway!

Having to pick ONLY three things at DownEast that fall under my favorite list was SUPER hard for me!!! I LOVE everything at DownEast, I would buy the ENTIRE store if I could :)

With that being said, let’s get this DOWNEAST party started!  
As a quick disclaimer, I’d have to say my #1 all time favorite thing at DownEast has got to be . . .

#1... The AMAZING brand name items for a fraction of the price!!!

I picked up this beauty for only $52.00 dollars. The retail price on the lamp was $110.00 I have been eyeing this lamp online for sometime now and when I saw it at DownEast I seriously was jumping up and down...SCORE!

Photography Workshop

Hey All... This is your last chance to join me this Saturday at 9:30am in Ogden, Utah 
for an exciting Photography Workshop by Katie Evans

Her workshops are normally $225 but she is offering a one time offer of only $125 
this price also includes her book! 

See HERE for more details!

Here are just a few more pictures of her AMAZING photography!

I would LOVE for everyone to come out for a fun filled day of hands on learning!!
Who's with me??

If want you want to find out more information contact me right away!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Winner of Jessica N Designs Necklace

Congrats to 

Kimberly Paige

you are the winner of the Darling Peony Necklace!

Baby Shower Invitation

I Just had to share this DARLING Baby Shower invitation 
I got today!!! 

Isn't it to die for!
And SUPER easy to do :)

I am sure the Shower will be just as cute!!

Meet Jessica From... Jessica N Designs

I am So excited for you all to meet Jessica. I Just LOVE all of darling items in her Esty store!!

Here are just a few of my Favorites...

Here is a Idea I saw from her Blog
How DARLING is this to have the names of the ice cream Sauces carved into the spoons!! 
(I might just have to do this for Miss "M"s Birthday Party!) 

 I received this necklace from my Sweet "HOT" adorable, sexy hubby for Mother Day this past May! 
( YES...I am a bit behind in my posts!! Do you blame me...It's summer and you better believe I am soaking all of the 5 days of it in Idaho ;)

This is the box necklace came in

I received the BEST Mother's Day Gift EVER...A necklace saying "Loved"
 isn't that what a Mom REALLY wants for Mother's Day anyway,
To feel LOVED!! :)

And here is the proud owner of the necklace... 
(Taking pictures of yourself is harder then it looks!!)

So...Guess what?? 
Jessica is giving away your color choice of any one of her 
Peony Necklaces!!

(I just LOVE the pink one!!)

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Summer and Ice Cream Parties

Well...Summer is in full swing and that means Hot temps, Late nights, Swimming and ICE CREAM!!! Yummmy ;)

My little girl Missy is turning 9 in August and I thought it would be fun to throw an Ice Cream themed party! 

Here are some fun ideas I have found so far!

Darling Favors

And a Free Printable to boot!! :)

The Perfect Party Hat

Can't wait to get going with the Party plans!!!!
Please leave a comment if you have any more fun Ice Cream party ideas for me! ;)