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Here is yet another cute printable from 
  Happy 4th Everyone :)

I Survived!

 I'm BACK and can you believe it, I SURVIVED yet another glorious camping trip... but, only barely ;)hehe
Indoor camping didn't change my opinion on camping!

This clip pretty much wraps up my feelings in a nut shell!

I am happy to be BACK in the blogging world!!!
Watch for a GREAT giveaway in the next few days!

Birthday or Spring Printable

I Love This Free Birthday Printable!! 
I LOVE anything that has Birds and 
CUPCAKES on it! 

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Bear Lake

Well the time has come, we have packed the car and we are headed off to one of my favorite vacay-spots...BEAR LAKE!!!

This is an annual event for my side of the family. We load all the kids for the 2-hour drive to spend a fun couple of days of water and sun with their cousins. 
In the past, we have usually stayed in condos. But this year we are attempting to do some different...CAMPING, Ahhhhh!! 
The truth is, I am NOT a big camper...I can handle about one night of the smoke, dirt, sleeping in a sleeping bag (Way too tight for my taste) and lack of bathroom facilities.  Now with that being said, I do want you all to know that I still go because my kids REALLY enjoy it. But really it's not my cup of tea. And 
Gosh Darn it...People still like me! (SNL) 
So I guess I am not 100% an Idaho girl, but then again not all Idaho girls like to go camping, right?... right?

So yes, we are going camping but I have to be honest, 
It's not REAL camping! hehe 
We are doing a type of camping that I Very much agree with. We are pitching our tents in a big family reunion warehouse that is carpeted and heated, with the pool 5 feet away, a tennis court, and a private indoor bathroom only yards away! I am planning to set up camp with an air mattress covered by a memory foam and REAL Sheets to cover my make-sift bed! (Ok... so I am a bit of a wimp, oh well)  
The baby will be in his pack and play and the other 2 kids are looking forward to sleeping bags!  But I tell you what... 
Bear Lake is definitely worth all of this!! 

Just look at that water and Sky!

 Here is a picture of my Family from our trip last year! I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, So you can imagine the endless noise and never-ending pranks and jokes 24/7

If this week is a bit slow on posts, you now know why!:)
I'll be either basking in the sun or freezing my little toosh off! That’s Idaho for ya (Smile)

Have a GREAT Weekend Everyone!!!

meanwhile I will keep telling myself this...

Miss Room Redo

"M" room is the one room in my entire house that has been a HUGE Thorne in my side! It started out GREAT!!! I thought for sure I wanted pink and green, the room in a whole was darling but... the longer I lived around it, the more I became unsure.

I don't know if it was the green bed or the pink walls but something started wearing on me.
Before I go any further into this story I have to explain something about me. "Color" in general REALLY affects me. I mean REALLY affects me. I know this sounds super crazy but for example: when I am pregnant I can't decorate, or for that matter, even LOOK at a paint deck until I'm about 6 months along. If I DO attempt to decorate while feeling sick, then any time after I look at that bed spread or paint color or lamp that I bought while sick, it invokes a flood of memories of MORNING sickness and I start to dry heave and become nauseous... NO JOKING!! 

Just the other day I went through my old maternity clothes and the entire time I felt sick to my stomach like I wanted to throw up!  So...YES I am extremely sensitive to color! Now that I think about it...I pick restaurants not based on the food they serve but the atmosphere of the restaurant. 
Hummmmmm...Am I alone on this??? or am I just CRAZY;)
To add to the craziness I don't go to Disneyland for the rides, I go for the ambiance! 

Sooooo you can imagine on a GOOD day, if I don't like the color I am surrounded by, you better believe I will change it ;)

I wanted to design a bedroom that Missy could grow into. 
I didn't want it to feel too young, but at the same time I didn't want it to look or feel like a basic guest Room either. 

I wanted a room that whenever I walked into it I would "sigh"... and have the feeling of “I LOVE IT”!! hehe 

If I don't absolutely LOVE something I have this REALLY bad habit of going down a decorating downward spiral, I seem to re-do and re-vamp until it's a decorating mess, Aughhhhh!!!, at which point I just have to stop until I see something that inspires me. 
Unfortunately with "M" room, I haven't found ANYTHING for the past 2 YEARS... until NOW!!!!  

Let me back up for just a second...Here is a short HISTORY of where we started with "M" room!

First we started with pink walls,

 It was Super pretty...But I don't know??? I just wasn't feeing it, I guess I just had something else in mind for the room. 
Sooo, I then painted one wall green 
(that was a instant No!) and then I turned to blue...Which is the same color as the Nursery upstairs (Snow Cloud-Columbia paint)

Here is a sneek peek!!

  After two years of THINKING about what I was going to do, I finally found it thanks to PINTREST
(oh...how I LOVE Pintrest)  And Neiman Marcus 

Here is my plan...let’s just hope I like the bedding as MUCH in person as I do the picture!!!

 This darling bedding is on back order ‘til August but I am soooo willing to wait!!  
To cut down on the price, I only bought the quilt and 2 embroidered shams. 
I figure I can finish off the look of the bed by finding items at 
either TJ Maxx or on eBay!

Or I also thought it would be fun to add pillows like this!

My first inspiration for Missy's Room came from this picture!

I have been looking at this picture for the past year. Every time I see it, I fall in love all over again!  
I have BIG plans to do a tree similar to this but, with a little bit of Heidi flair added to it :)

I can see the entire room in my head...soooo, that’s always a good thing! That means I am on the right path when I can visualize the project from start to finish.

I will keep you all POSTED!! 

Oh, and one more thing... for those of you that have been asking about the toy closet? I have to be honest, I hit one of those 
"I'M NOT LOVING" it moods..so, I am waiting for some inspiration to kick in, and I will then finish it! 
I will post it soon, I PROMISE!!  
Thanks for being patient and waiting on "REAL TIME" 
as I get these projects done ;)

Warehouse Sale!!

Hey EVERYONE in my neck of the woods, 
That Means you EAST IDAHO!!

 in Idaho Falls is having a

Warehouse Sale!!

Starting this Friday June 24th @ 10:00 
July 9th @ 7:00

If you’ve got $10 – you’re in the market to buy ANY piece of the national name brand, DownEast Basics or Modbe clothing we will have discounted at prices up to 75% off at our warehouse sale. (All clothing $10 or less!) 

WOW...You all don't want to miss this one!!!!

Guaranteed you will see me there shopping for the DEALS!
Sooo, Be sure and say Hi!

Father's Day Favorite Eats

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Father's day! 

I know we did, What could be better then sleeping in, being late for church (oops!)  Hand make cards from the kids, Presents, and eating GREAT food!!!

I made this cake for a church activity last Thursday, As you can imagine it was instantly consumed so
Poor Brett and the kids didn't get any!! sniff...
So, as a special treat I  re-made it a few days later for Father's day!

Seriously...this Cake is SUPER yummy, I am a sucker for anything Almond!  
HERE is the recipe. I revamped mine a bit as you can see, and added more almond then it asked for in the batter!

I also made this Pasta Dish for Father's Day!! 
Seriously...It was Soooooo Yummy!!! There were NO left overs!  I am already craving it today!!

Ice Cream is a HUGE tradition in our family! 
When I spotted this gem at Macy's, I had to get it for Brett!! 

Bella Cucina Waffle Cone Maker

He was Super excited but honestly, I think the kids were even more so!!

Hope you all Have a GREAT week, 
Mine will be SUPER busy preparing for our 
annual BEAR LAKE Trip! Yay :)

Winner of Pineplace

WOW....Sorry everyone, this week was one CRAZY one for me!! 
I am in catch up mode with pretty much everything!! 
Sorry this has taken me so long to post today, 
but we do have a WINNER!!!

Ok... here it goes,
 the winner is....


I am SUPER excited for you, YAY!!!
email me ASAP ;)

Introducing PinePlace

I am SUPER excited for all you to meet 


Amber is UBER talented, and has darling personalized items that can REALLY add to the home!! 
For a perfect example of how talent Amber is... 
check out this headboard that she made!

Can you say STINKIN CUTE!!!! 

 She personally designed the vinyl on the headboard. And hand built the bed herself...Genius I tell you!!

Those pictures make me want to re-do my Boys bedroom!

Amber has so many other items as well! 
Go check out her blog and say Hello for me!!

Soooo, how about a Giveaway from Pineplace!! Whoot..Whoot!!

Check out this DARLING 4th of July Subway Art!!

Ok, You know the drill! 
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Monday, June 20th 2011

Painting The Doors Black

A few weeks ago, I posted on Facebook about sending all my interior doors away to get painted, not just any boring color...but I am painting 6 doors in my house BLACK!!!  
Yes, you heard right... BLACK, can you believe it!?!?
 I know, I know you probably think I am CRAZY, but you will just have to wait and see. 
This up coming project is going to be AMAZING! 

I am SUPER excited and have so much anticipation to get this project DONE!!! 
I have been day dreaming about a hall makeover for sometime now! 
I just wish my doors would get done and FAST!

Brett and I have BIG plans for the hall! Here are a few pictures of the BEFORE hallway. 
I made sure and took before pictures this time!!! 

( I tend to forget that part, I just get sooo excited to get started!)

Yep...SUPER boring!  

Here is my Front Door! 

After living with an interior black door for the past 5 years, 
I have no hesitation to paint all the other doors in my house! 

We are also adding heavy trim all around the entry way! This place is going to feel like new again! I LOVE the smell of fresh paint 

Our plan is to have black doors all the way down the hall and put up trim work 3/4 up the wall. Pretty much the hall with be black and white with little paint showing!!
Oh...Did I mention I am re-painting my main color. I want to add a little more drama, 
So here are the colors I am considering!
Tabacco Road-Columbia paint

Butter -Restoration hardware

Sherwin Williams- Solaria 6688

What color do you like BEST??

Weekend Trip to Salt Lake

This past weekend, my little family and I headed to Salt Lake City for a fun-filled weekend of Work and Fun.  
I had my guest appearance on Fresh Living Utah as well as judging the Miss Draper pageant. And, of course, let’s not forget fitting in as much shopping time as possible! 
 I picked up a few treasures that I am excited to grace our home with!  
Pictures soon to come :)

I would have to say the most fun I had all weekend was my 
first experience in a D-Box movie theatre seat!!! 

Oh my Goodness!!!  This was the most incredible, heart-racing, extremely intense 2 hours of my life!  I felt super bad for the people in front of me because I  couldn't help but laugh each time the chair would move or would vibrate or jolt. Brett also couldn't help but laugh at me, laughing at the chair, so together I am sure we REALLY bugged the people around us!! 
OH WELL.. at least we enjoyed the experience!!  
It also didn't help the intensity of the situation that the movie we watched was 

Super 8  

You’ve GOT to see this film! Brett and I  Loved it!  
It was SUPER intense, most definitely NOT for kids!! 

It soooo reminded me of the old school shows of my youth, 
you know the 80's type feel like Goonies and E.T. 

 I would give this movie a definite two thumbs up, but be warned . . . if you attempt this movie in a 
D-box seat be prepared to feel like you have been on a roller coaster for 2 hours!  
I think I now have a love/hate relationship with this new technology.  
But I do have to say that I like it sooooo much better than 3D. 

Not sure how you all feel about 3D but when the movie is over I come out feeling a bit dizzy! 
I must be getting old!! hehe

Well..that Is what I was up to this past weekend! What did you do??

Winner of Stella and Dot Earrings!!

.....Congrats to.....

You are going to LOVE these earrings!!!!
Please Email ASAP so I can send you your prize!!

Under Construction!!

Hey everyone!! 
As you have noticed I am in the middle of making some changes to the blog!! YAY... These change are for the Better!! 
So bare with me, and please don't mind the dust!! hehe

 It should all be done by the first of next week!! 

Thanks so much for all your support!!

Photography Workshop and One Amazing book


By: Katie Evans

I can’t even tell you my excitement for this book! 

 A few years back, my cute husband bought me this incredible Nikon camera. At the time I thought the art of photography would be something easy that I could pick up on my own. 
 Boy… was I ever wrong! Can we just say “aperture, lighting, Shutter speed, oh my!!!” 

All of it was so confusing to me... Aughhhh
(please tell me I am not alone here) 

The truth is, just like anything it takes work and practice to create amazing shots. 

I hate to admit this but my poor Nikon has become a point in shoot! Aughhhh! I KNOW, RIGHT!!! 

 But then, Katie, an old friend from High school who is an UBER talented photographer, sent me her new photography book
(maybe she could see I needed the help) HEHE!!  

Here are just a few pictures Katie has taken!!

 WOW…is all I can say!!! 

After reading Katie’s book, 
all I can say is OMGosh…Seriously!?!
 My eyes are now open to the ways of photography! At least the stepping stones to get me there that is! :) 
I can now see the possibilities of my camera and to top that, 
a lot more things like, when to use what lens is Finally making a whole lot more sense!