Guest Post

I am guest posting at Remodelaholic today!

  So Exciting!! 
Cassity asked me to take you all on a house tour! 
There are a few before and after pictures that are way fun!

 When you're there, Check out all of Remodelaholic's blog... 
When is comes to remodeling or "HOME" in general, Remodelaholic has it!
Be prepared to be inspired!!! 

Just Outside My Window

This is what I see outside my window today!

NOTHING could be sweeter than this!
After 5 years of living in our home and doing the "HARD"... not fun :(
 landscaping ourselves 
(literally baby step after baby steps after baby steps), 

TODAY we are FINALLY getting the "PRETTY" landscaping done!  

That means Rocks, Bark and TREES people!!!
I can't even tell you my excitement!

Here is where our FRONT yard started... Ooooh so Long AGO! :)



Oooooh my favorite part of the front yard is the spiral topiaries. 
Yes, I am a bit obsessed with topiaries! I now have them inside and out :)

I also LOVE window boxes! 
The only problem I have is never knowing what to plant inside of them

Didn't Brett do an awesome job on the rock path! 
(I LOVE my handy man! )

I will post the backyard as soon as all the trees are planted! 
Whoot, Whoot!! 
Just wanted to share my excitement for the day :)

Fathers Day Soda Pop Gift Idea

I always blank when it comes to gifts for Fathers Day!!

So this Year I decided to start a bit early and HOPEFULLY come up with some really great ideas.  
If I get my act together, I might just be able to pull something CRAFTY together :)

Here Are some Ideas I found in BLOG LAND! 
Some of these ideas are old and some are new! 
No matter what...Good ideas always get recycled! :)

Soooo Cute!!

Cute Card...CHEVRON!!

So Clever... Top Pop :)
Click HERE 
for Free download!

Top pop photo

Check this out.. 
How cute can you get!?! 
I am sooo doing this, find the Free printables 

Found this Idea on The Crafting Chicks Via Bakerella
This would be sooo fun to do with the kids!!

Brownie Burger Cupcakes & Cookie Fries

Well, I think we are off to a good start!  

Poppy Seed Projects Giveaway


I would like to introduce you to
Poppy Seed Projects!
Congrats on your guest appearance on Fresh Living Utah 
My good friends Holly and Kim, 
(the founders of Poppy Seed Projects) 
does a short demo on how these clocks are made!! 

View Here!
( I soooo want that RED clock)

Now that you have seen the demo, 
here is a run down of all the choices you have 
for creating this DARLING Custom Clock!
Create a customized clock that looks like a piece of art!!  

Choose from four different print options, than create a unique look by adding a vinyl center/saying or corners 

 Size of clock is - 25" square

 add a vinyl saying in center to your clock.  

see the inspirational pictures below. 

Want to add even more personality to your clock?
these clock corners can be mixed and matched with any of the clock centers or sayings.  

They offer two different frame options for the clocks. 
First, The standard frame, a gorgeous fame!! 
Or the little chunkier upgraded frame may be the option for you! 


How would you like to win this AMAZING clock?

...You have 5 Chances to win...

(Be sure and leave 5 separate comments)

#1 Become a Follower of Home by Heidi

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#5 Post about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.  
Leave a comment with the link. 

winner will be selected on Saturday  Morning May 28th by

My Friend Krysta & Her Movie Themed Party

Hello Friends 
I am so excited to be guest posting on Home by Heidi!  
Thanks for giving me this opportunity!  I have been friends with Heidi for a long time.  We go back to our early college days at Ricks (now BYU Idaho).  That makes me feel old! 

 Anyway, thanks to the world of blogging and technology, we have been able to stay in touch and see our families grow as well as share our hobbies with one another.  
I remember Heidi and I both as young newlyweds, exploring the world of decorating possibilities together.  That is where it all started!  Inspiration from friends is SO important, which is just ONE reason I love the blogging world. It is so easy for us to share!  
Soooooooo…Heidi asked me to share with you my sons Movie Themed birthday party.  I had so much fun preparing for it and the kids had more than their fair share of fun at the party.  It started out with the birthday invitation which I threw together with my digital scrapbooking embellishments and Photoshop.

J - BDay Invite  

I also made this movie poster in Photoshop.
Despicable Me

I had it printed and framed as part of the table scape.

Table Scape - 1
Table Scape - 2 

We even rolled out the red carpet.
(Borrowed from a very good friend.)

Red Carpet 

We had tickets hanging from the back of the chairs.  Once the kids arrived, we sent them into the kitchen to find their chairs and claim their tickets. 

Click "READ MORE" on the left to continue...

I'm Keeping the Red...I think???

After much thought and anticipation of what I am going to do with all the red in my house, the verdict is in...I am keeping the RED...... at least for now!

Here is how I came to my decision.

As I journeyed my way through blog land, I started falling in LOVE with all the different Rooms of  blue and green,  combinations with a touch of yellow or khaki 
How could you not, It all looks so soft and comfortable...swoon!!
 At that point, I decided to out the red 100% and start a new!!  
Well.... I started to have some anxiety over the transformation!!! 
I’ve lied awake at night (my time for inspiration) trying to come up with a game plan.  
Night after night I thought of what direction I wanted to go.  But nothing ever seemed right.  My ideas were just not falling into place!   

I struggled with not knowing how to X the red and replace it with blue.
And then I realized, if I painted over our red  Kitchen walls, then I wold have to Change EVERYTHING in my house. Curtains, frames, pillows, flowers etc, etc!!!
if you can imagine, I started to get a bit overwhelmed
 So, I decided to take a step back and take a different look at things.  
This is what I decided.... I LOVE Red, I really do!!!  

But, I have noticed a trend going on in the other parts of  our home....
 Without even realizing it, I have decorated most of my rooms without red.
For example: 
The Master bedroom.. (yellow and green) The nursery...(green and blue) The hall bathroom.. (black and green)  The Downstairs bathroom (yellow and green) and  girly room is now  (blue and Pink)... pictures to come :)
Here is my Kitchen currently, I like how the  white cabinets balance the red paint.

And here is the Front Room

Why I've had such a struggle with this decision is because...I Love, Love, LOVE blue. 
I have some blue in our home, and I just LOVE how I feel when I'm in those rooms!
But, I still really like the color RED! 
I Suppose it's very much me, and lets be honest... I have got to be true to who I am. 

 Before I change anything, I need to be truly inspired and see the whole room clearly in my mind before I do anything. I don't want to spend money and waste my time on something I don't REALLY love.
Soooo, Red might not be the MOST popular color right now,  
But...I figure as long as I LOVE it, that’s all that matters, RIGHT?
So, I am keeping the red, BUT.... Improving upon it!
 Here are my plans: 
-Reupholster my front living room chairs
-Get some REALLY great pillows for my couch 
-Change the curtains in the front Room and Kitchen 
-Repaint my living room

-Get a New family room and Kitchen rug

Soooo... Red is here to stay, at least for now!!
BUT...the again if you know me well, you'll know that I do change my mind at times.

Hummm??  This post has got me questioning again... Ahhh!
I just might have to lose more sleep over this one,

I will let you know how I feel tomorrow!! (wink)

Some of My Favorites

I have a LOVE affair with Fonts!! 
Here are just a few of my favorites
(Click to Download)

Pantry Makeover

I just finished my Kitchen Pantry makeover!

Thanks to Shelley from

 who INSPIRED all of us to decorate a space that most of us would just plain forget about, who would have thought? 
Genius I tell you! :)

Here is the timeline of my Kitchen Pantry, 
from disaster to the presently clean and organized Pantry!

Here is what I started with...
The pantry went from this

 Don't  JUDGE me,
 2010 was a bit of a CRAZY year for me :)

To THIS...
So Clean and White!!

But then, my counters looked like this…

We should play a game, I spy the mold of a brain…Do you see it?? 
Yep, left over from Halloween. 
Again…no judging here :)

After a paint job to the pantry and a trip to IKEA for some organization tools, 
we were ready to put everything back inside!

Along the journey of organizing everything to better meet our needs, I came up with some great tips.

Tip #1 

I searched and searched for those darn clips that keep cereal and potato chips fresh. I don't know if I was looking in the wrong section but I eventually gave up.  
But then I had an idea…clothespins! 
They work sooo awesomely and for a fraction of the price!


Spice jars - I LOVE these!!!  
These are the PERFECT size for a teaspoon, 
YAY..I will never have a mess again and resort to measuring my spices over the sink ever again!  

I picked these glass containers at IKEA! 
 I labeled the jars and then typed up a cheat sheet that I taped on the side wall of the pantry with the coordinating number and spice. 

This was my Favorite addition to the pantry!

I already owned these containers ( purchased at Walmart) 
They now house the Instant Breakfast and Oatmeal

And Last, The GRAND REVEAL!!!
Now.. comes the tricky part of keeping it organized :)