Toilets, Swimsuits, & Motherhood

So, Guess what My hubby gave me for Valentines Day? 
(I know, I know... Valentines was a month ago, but life has been somewhat crazy around here!)

MOLD and New Carpet Pad!! Ahhhhhh!

  Confused??? Let me explain...

So, here I am, sitting at the hair dresser's with foils in my hair under the warm heater thinking to myself . . . sigh . . . Isn't life great? 
(Doesn't every woman feel great getting her hair done, or is that just me)?

Just then, I had a thought...I wonder how the kids are doing?? 
So, I walked over to my purse, dug through the mess and found my phone. 

My sweet Miss answered.. 

Missy: Hello

Me: Hey babe how are you guys doing?

Missy: MOM!!! the toilet is over flowing

Me:  WHAT?? Where's Dad?

Missy: I dunno

Me:  Ok...go and get the plunger

Missy: I did, the plunger isn't working

Me: Put the plunger right over the hole and really push hard!

Missy: OK...(hearing sounds of her workin' it)

Me: Is there a lot of water coming out?

Missy: YES! (almost in tears)

Me: OK, go and get all the towels you can find.

(Side note: little "B" is making his typical squeaking sounds of distress trying to help "M" in the background)

Missy: Ok, I got the towels (Frantic)

Me: Ok, I am going to call Shelly (Our neighbor)

Missy: Ok...but don't worry because "B" and I got our swimsuits on so our cloths wouldn't get wet!!!

Thinking to myself...WHAT IN THE WORLD??? 

My almost  9-year-old found the time to get on her swimsuit while the toilet bowl was  GUSHING water! 
I can so see her now trying to decide what color of suit to wear and double checking her hair before attempting the toilet problem! 
LOL...Oh my, what kinds of things am I teaching this girl??  I blame myself! :) haha  

I called Shelly and she was good enough to come over and check the situation. The hubs showed up moments later. But the question that still remains is.... "Where was " Mr. B"?" 

We didn't discover the magnitude of the water damage until days later... within 2 days Mr. B could smell the mold under the carpet. He had pull up all the carpet and ripped out all the padding and put new padding down almost the entire hallway and into the master bedroom and in the baby's room!
I was out of town, doing Mrs. Idaho stuff in Boise. So it was all up to the hubby to figure out the mess. Sorry Honey... but, where were you again???

I have to be honest...I was a little bit frustrated over the entire situation until I called my mom and told her the story.  She caught me off guard when she couldn't stop laughing about the part when the kids got into their swimsuits.  
At the time I didn't find it funny, but now a month later, when everything is finally back to normal, it is TRULY something to laugh about, and we do!!!  
Oh, the wo's of motherhood. I truly cherish every second!

Spring Baby Shower

I just LOVE Baby Showers!!
My good friend Suzy and I had a blast throwing a Baby shower in honor of our sweet friend
Lyndsey and her soon to arrive baby boy!

We had a Great turn out with tons of yummy food and Darling gifts!
I'm always up for night with my dear friends and good food! :)

The Invitations

The Favors


These favors were SUPER simple to make!
I bought the pocket size lotions from Bath and Body Works
I picked up some card stock, ribbon and an oversized paper punch at my local craft store.

I formatted several quotes on one piece of paper, printed them out and used my hand punch for the cute factor :)

Here is a link to a punch that is similar to what I used!  

Full quote...
Thank You for coming and touching Lyndsey's Life,
Now you'll be able to touch her baby :)

The Shower was a hit!
Thanks to EVERYONE for their loving support!

My Favorite Layering Top

Introducing my FAVORITE Under Tee of all time!!!
These are for EVERYDAY, and for me EVERY outfit!
They are even AMAZING when you are in the PREGO stage with a growing tummy! 
(which I am hoping to be soon, but with my might take awhile)!

Hapari T's

(BTW: do you recognize the model?   Yep, that's me :) . . .  In my DREAMS!!!
After having 3 kiddos, humm?? I might just have to keep on dreaming :)

In my world of clothing, modesty is key! I am always looking for under T's to modify outfits. 
With that being said, it DRIVES me CRAZY when I wear an under Tee that

#1 rides up and that I am ALWAYS tugging at or re-tucking in to my jeans. (Drives me Crazy!) 

#2 bunches and creates ugly lines under clothing. 
(Please tell me you know what I'm taking about)?? 
You know the tee shirt or tank top line that hits you right above the bootie? 
(Ahhh, I hate that!)
#3 adds one more, unneccessary layer (like full length T's) that creates added Heat and Bulk, ESPECIALLY during the warmer months.  

This Tee is perfect for sundresses, Spaghetti strap dresses, sleeveless shirts, low cut shirts,  sheer blouses, etc, etc...

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE this Fav! 

New Color Vs. Red

OK..So lately I have been obsessing about the color of paint in my house Kitchen. 
 I look at all these AMAZING blogs all over the internet and have fallen in LOVE with the soft blues and grays that everyone seems to be using these days!!
 I have been having the itch to PAINT something in a BIG way!  

So...I need help! 
Vote for what you think I should do on the left hand side!

Do I keep the kitchen red...or transform it into something totally different???
I need your help!!

(Which I Still really LOVE!!)

Or something like this...

OR This...


I feel a change coming on!?! 

The Man of my Dreams

Here is a picture of my Darling husband, Blue eyed, dark haired, Hunk of a Man, Father of my Children, Love of my life, Makes me laugh everyday, AKA Handyman, The bread winner, 
My winner!!! 

 . . . And here's the other 
MAN OF MY DREAMS!!! I seeing double?? Yep, It's Uncanny! hehe 
(Sorry babe..I couldn't resist)!

Bathroom Decor

Remember this Room??
Here is the  GRAND REVEAL of the kids Bathroom!!
If you haven't noticed by now, I kind of have an addiction to green and yellow! 
(Not sure if this is a good or bad thing??

Here is how I added color to the space...TOWELS!!! 

( Towels that are TOTALLY off limits to the kiddos :)
Towels: Pottery Barn (downeast)
Benches: Target
Rug: I have owned for 5 years! Pottery Barn (ebay) 
Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn Kids (ebay)
Hooks: Porters crafts ( 1 of 2 crafts store in town.. ahhhh)!!
Clock: Tai Pan -SLC

Here are some other ways I added color!!

Cute Hook-Usually has a hand towel on it! :)

I found this AWESOME picture from Tar-jay. 
It is from one of my FAVORITE artists RODNEY WHITE

I'm Loving this Space!

Girl's Bedroom Textile Reveal

I LOVE trim...It is TRULY my weakness!  
I pretty much have it in EVERY room in my house and I just keep adding more:)
(Is there such a thing as TOO much trim?...I think NOT)! 

My cute hubby loves trim as much as I do, I'm the one that comes up with the CRAZY trim ideas and he's the one that trys to "understand" my vision and make it happen.  Trim work is his hobby. I do have to brag on him for a sec and say that I totally scored in the handy man department :)  Love ya babe!

We have MANY different types of trim throughout the house, so I figured I would have to break them up over a couple of different posts.
Let's start with the basement...first stop

The Girly Room!

When starting out, you need to decide if you want to cover the main wall with sheet rock or 1/4" MDF board.  The MDF costs more, but is so worth it if you don't want to spend the time plastering your sheet rock to give it a smooth finish.  Most wall textures are an egg shell finish.
We made sure NOT to texture the walls and left them PERFECTLY smooth, no texture, so we could use it as the canvas for trim work. You really save A LOT time and money not having to buy big sheets of flat 1/4 inch board to achieve that smooth trim appearance.

Here is how we did it...

The Main Wall

Supplies we used..
Crown Molding 
1x4 inch MDF board
1x6 inch MDF for baseboards
decorative trim...used to trim the inner squares
and of course wood glue, pneumatic air gun, and lots filling holes sanding.

Without the paint, it is easy to see the steps we did to accomplish the look. It is easy to see the bare wall at this point. Pretty much all we did was frame the entire wall out with MDF boards and created the pattern we wanted. Next came cutting the decorative trim to each and every square.

Stacked Crown

I LOVE stacked crown! Ohhhh it just gives me goose bums. This is sooo easy to do and saves you so much money than having to buy it as one piece.
What Brett did to accomplish this look was first nailing the MDF board and then placing the crown over the top tip of the MDF board, lastly adding the decorative piece of trim at the bottom.

When the trim is painted it looks seamless, check it out below!

(Notice the blue paint..YES, I have painted  since the last picture..But that's a entirely different story :)
Here is the Room all done ready to be painted...
Here is the room once it was Sprayed white and painted pink..
(  Pink Paint... Sea Shell by Laura Ashley and the chandelier is from Pottery Barn Kids )
One last look at the room...
You can Sooooo do this if you're up for the challenge!
Happy Trimming!

Better Homes and Gardens

check out 

And see my 2010 Christmas Mantle!
(Click Here) 

(Not sure why they posted it in March..But hey, I'm not complaining!)

Featured along side me are some of my favorites blogs!!

Spring Has Sprung Giveaway

Can you Believe it...Another giveaway!!! 
(I want this giveaway for myself!)

This one comes from one of my favorite Shops

A Recessionista is one who, despite an economic downturn, evokes the creative power and continues to look like a million bucks while only spending a few. She can endure burden and misfortune that accompany a poor economy. Refusing to go without, she searches the sales, frequents the discount stores and always leaves with her head held high and a smile across her face, knowing she found some incredible deals. In other words, she proudly follows the motto, 
“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

OK Ladies...
Want to Win a pair of Either 

Designer Capris or Bermuda Shorts!?!
( of course you do!)

These are PERFECT for this up coming Season! And might I add STINKIN'CUTE!

Check them out... 
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Saint Patrick's Day Treats

Here is what I have been up to today..
this and spending 3 HOURS at the allergy Doctor... aghhh!

I am super excited to send these cute saint Patty's baskets to school tomorrow. My kiddos are going to LOVE them!!

Thanks to The Crafting Chicks for the inspiration and  free download. They help me look like Super Mom in my kids eyes 
 (even though I am FAR FROM IT!! hehe)

Here is the list of supplies that I used..

Tissue paper
Rolo Candy
Green Sparkle box...Found @  Target of course :)

Tip..I stuffed tissue paper underneath the candy so I wouldn't have to use some much of it.  Candy is not cheap PEOPLE!!

How To Keep A House Clean With Children

Without these 5 Household items I would NOT Survive 
Motherhood with these Three cute faces!!! 

#1 Carpet Rake
HONESTLY..I would go CRAZY without this rake!!! I LOVE my shag carpet, but it drives me CRAZY how after seconds of vacuuming it mattes down ( especially on the stairs....ahhhhh!!!) 
This rake has saved my sanity so I don't have to vacuum everyday. With one swoop, it fluffs up the carpet and even builds my arm muscles BONUS!!! :) 

(this puppy will only put you back around $15.00 bucks. I found mine at my local carpet cleaning store!)

#2 Febreze
I am pretty much addicted to this stuff. I use in EVERYWHERE in my house including on my sheets every morning when I make the bed. it just makes everything better! Wouldn't you agree? ;)

#3 High Capacity Washer and Dryer

Before I got these beauties I was a SLAVE to my laundry! These were not cheap, but in my book worth EVERY penny!!
Just yesterday I did a load of towels. 15 to be exact!

#4 Magic Eraser
As much as I LOVE my white trim, it does require some extra cleaning. Without my BEST FRIEND (Mr. Clean magic Eraser) my house wouldn't be the same!
Thank you bald man in a little box!!

#5 Clorox Wipes
Ok, Ok..So I am a bit of a germ FREAK! I make my kids wash their hands the MOMENT they walk in my door. During my daily routine, it can be a pain to grab a wet rag and a cleaning bottle when just maintaining. These awesome wipes save me soooo much time cleaning off counter tops and touching up toilets.

Be sure and add yourself as a follower for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card to Target. 
Giveaway ends tomorrow night!

Launch P.A.R.T.Y!!

Well... as of Last week my NEW Design Blog has officially been up and running for a little over 2 weeks.
WOW... it's been a CRAZY couple of weeks! :)
Thank you to all my friends and family that have given me so much support to get this blog off the ground.
As a big THANK YOU... I am going to have A GIVEAWAY!!! 
YAY...what could be better than that :)

The Prize is a $25.00 Gift Card to my FAVORITE store in the world

(or should I say Tar-Jay :)

Here is what you have to do to win!

1. Leave me a comment and let me know what ideas you would love for me to blog about!
2. For a second entry, become a follower of my blog or subscribe, and leave a comment about what you did.
3. For a third entry, "LIKE" me on facebook and let me know.

(The giveaway will end Tuesday night March 15th )

Have a SUPER Weekend!!

DIY Cost Efficient Bathroom

The JOY of finishing a bathroom! 
I swear, we were more frustrated finishing our bathroom than we were finishing the
  ENTIRE basement!
But . . . in the end, it's NOW one of my favorite rooms in the house!!!

Here is the room during the RAW stages of the process.
This is when you'd feel like you'll NEVER finish the room.
Before we had the cabinet company install, we had a few prep things we had to do. 

Do you remember the planks from the play house? Yep . . . we used the same recycled old barn planks in the bathroom. This point of the process is painful and sooo not pretty! aghh 
But, I had HOPE :) 


ahhh...Much Better!!
 It took a awhile to sand and fill all the holes in the wood planks. 
Doesn't All the white walls look amazing!
 The green cabinet really pops against the white walls.

And Here my friends 
is the finished project! 
 One of my MOST favorite lighting tips is using outdoor lights INSIDE
The lights I used in the bathroom are some brushed nickel outdoor lights that I picked up from Lowe's. 
They had the price tag of about $15.00 a light. 
Can't beat that :)
I also bought all my hardware from Ebay. You honestly save half the price per nob!

And for my last 2 tips of the day..Tile!! :) 

Tile to me is pretty boring, so I try to make it as creative as I possible can. (while staying in my budget :) I didn't want to invest a lot of money into the basement tile, so I just bought your basic 13x13 square tile, but instead of laying it in the normal tile pattern I asked my Sweet hubby to off set each tile.
I think it really makes a difference!

Here is a fun way to have the illusion of a Full tiled shower. 
By only tiling the upper part of the wall and using a more cost efficient insert. you get a high price upscale look for pennies compared!! 

Here is the shower with the curtain closed!
You would NEVER know there was an insert behind there :)

Keep checking back for a new post on how to DECORATE an 
ALL white bathroom like this one!!