The Playhouse

We have been working on the Toy Closet for awhile now! 
I'm happy to say I have made a lot of progress on it in the last few days! 

Here it is in its SAD early stages!
We decided turn our under the stairs space into a Toy Area.  It was super easy to do this, we just sheet rocked over the door opening and added future detail like the window and small opening for the miniature door.

Side note: I just want to brag on my CUTE hubby for a sec. 
My personal Superman did all the framing, sheetrockong and trim work in our basement. 
You're the BEST honey! 
Thanks for your big sexy muslces :) I couldn't do any of this without them!!

  OK...back to the task at hand! 

Brett (A.K.A Handyman) did all the trim work on the toy closet. For the trim Brett used planks that he rececued from an old barn that was about to be torn down! The white trim around the window and door is just your basic MDF boards you can find at any local hardware store.
My entire house is trimmed out in flat MDF boards. You really get more bang for your buck with MDF.

Here is it Finshed! 
My awesome friend and cabinet guy built the play house doors and added the cute glass window.  He only charged me $60 bucks. I found the hardware on ebay 
( tip..Hardware on ebay is Half the price than in local stores)
I also found the fun school bell on ebay as well! 
(I just have one thing left to do and that is to add a "School" sign right above the double doors!!)

 Here is a pic of the inside of the Toy Closet. Brett built the shelves. The material his used was MDF pre-painted shelving with a beveled edge
(YAY!! no painting, well worth the extra money) 
And L brackets for the hooks. 
Again...All found at your local hardware store. 
We're most likely going to put baseboards on the interior for the "finishing touch."

And here we are from the inside! (I'm I sounding like a tour guide?? haha)

And here is how the closet REALLY looks on any typical day!! (I blame myself...I have been super busy this past year with other life pursuits and I have neglected this sad little toy closet! 

I finally got my groove on, and this past weekend it was GO time!!
 Here is the mess I was in for 3 days...Ahhhhh! Why are toys so UGLY??  

Stay  tuned because tomorrow I am going to show you a sneak peek on what I have cooking in my brain for this little space!! 
 Let's just say "Pottery Barn Kids Inspired" :)

Pizza Recipe For Dinner

OK...I am ULTRA excited to share this recipe with you all!!  

I am NOT kidding when I tell you that you will NEVER again eat Dominos Pizza or any pizza for that matter after you eat this.  I fed this meal to my parents and my dad said this was honestly the BEST Pizza he had ever eaten . . . sigh. . . Thanks DAD :)

Click below for Recipe!

Sounds CRAZY but you have GOT to Try THIS!!!

Tip..Being the CRAZY Mother of 3 that I am and usually not thinking about dinner until after 5, I am always in need of short cuts to a quick meal. So, here are some tips to make life a little easier:

#1- Buy your crust already made at Papa Murphy's! I Do this all the time, you get instant homemade yummy crust for $2.00... can't beat that!

#2- I like my pizza crust thin. I can make 4 pizzas out of one Papa Murphy's crust. So again, your dollar goes a LONG way!!
 (You can also Freeze the crust for later)

#3- If you are making a regular red sauce pizza, skip your typical pizza sauce and grab a can of diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, a little bit of fresh parmesan and BLEND!
Voila..Yummy Fresh Pizza sauce! 

P.S. I also have decided to CHANGE my Friday's title.  As much as I LOVE to eat, I think in the near future I just might run out of recipes that I REALLY love and HONESTLY, I tend to recycle recipes often and I'm really not THAT adventurous so, in the future it will be a mix of recipes and some of my FAVORITE things I am loving at that moment. Hope this is ok with everyone :)

DIY Curtains

I am SUPER excited to share this little tutorial with you today! 
I have shared this trick with a number of friends over the years, I hope you love it as much as they have.

First things first... Supplies!!!
~A wire hanger or long stick with hook

~Ribbon or thick string
(I always like to use ribbon that matches closely with the curtain I am working with) 



OK, here's an example of a typical curtain. 
When I first started my journey of decorating it would DRIVE me CRAZY that one side of my curtain would gather and the other side looked flat and lifeless! ughh!! 
So I came up with this easy solution. 
It might be somewhat simpleton, but it works for me.



{Step #1}
Take your curtain panel and lay it on its backside

{Step #2}
Find an old wire hanger or long stick with a hook, Anything that you can attach your  ribbon or string to.  

(In the Picture I have used a wired hanger that I straightened. I attached ribbon and left the hook  at the end
so the ribbon wouldn't slide off)

{Step #3}
Thread the ribbon through the open tab
(Tip...make sure you have plenty of extra ribbon on BOTH sides)

{Step #4} 
Tie the ends of the ribbon together 

{Step #5} 
It's finally time to add the rod. 
Keep the ribbon tied together when you are doing this. 
(It might be a tight squeeze!)

{Step #6}
Voila...hang your curtain rod and you're done!! 
I love this little trick because you never have to fuss with your curtains ever again! 
They stay PERFECTLY gathered all the time. 

 Just one more thing that makes life a little easier! :)

I've been FEATURED on 

Go check it out!

Why This Blog??

So we’ve heard it all before . . . 
“There’s no place like home” . . . “Home is where the heart is” . . . “A man’s home is his wife’s castle” and the list goes on.  
The truth is, the need to CREATE runs deep inside my veins. 
Creating a "HOME" is no easy task. 
 I have lost tears, sweat and sleep over the decisions I've made in my home. But in the end, it’s sooooooooooooo worth it!

In my opinion, creating “home life” is a lot like having a baby. You have your good days; you have your bad days, but when you see the final product, you forget about all the “LABOR” pains and sleepless nights that is took to get there!

 At times, Life can seem impossible to keep up with! I admit, Motherhood comes with sticky fingers, cut off sweats and occasionally sporting my husband’s over sized t-shirts, but at the end of the day when the little angels are asleep . . . Phew! and I finally get a little time to myself to catch up on Grey's and Desperate episodes, I truly feel it is all worth it!

So my goal in this blog is to share the inner workings of what makes a HOUSE a HOME (at least in my house anyway), and loving the space you’re in plus enjoying the little things in life.  

As much as we’d all like to isn’t perfect.  We all have our bad hair days, we can go weeks without saving our legs, and lets not even start on those ugly little gray hairs and the on- going battle against wrinkles. ahhh! 

For me beauty comes in all forms. I mean, gheez, isn't a perfect Chocolate Raspberry with cream cheese frosting cupcake beautiful!?!  Or how about finding the PERFECT paint color, for your office, that took you months to search for?  Ahhh . . . you can’t beat that feeling!

This is my goal!  This is why I want to share my blog with you . . . to make ordinary into something extraordinary. To enjoy the small stuff that makes life so GREAT!

A great Man once said, “Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride." ~Gordon B. Hinckley

So my friends . . . Hop on Board . . . You’re in for a ride :)

P.S. This Blog is a collection of  old blogs that I have been working on for the past 3 years.
So...if this new blog seems a bit "patched work quilt like"... it's because it is :)  ENJOY!

Favorite Food Fridays

I decided I am going to start a NEW theme for Fridays!! 
{Favorite Food Fridays} 

I am SUPER excited to share my ALL TIME favorite foods and Recipes. Me and my cute hubby can spend HOURS watching the food channel or cooking shows on TLC. 
Our Newest LOVE is the...

   Buddy basically cooks Pure Italian food (which is my personal fav)
You will catch me Drooling the entire time I'm watching his show!

So..I thought enoughs, enough and I gave one of his recipes a try...So, Guess what I made??

I know what you're thinking, ewwww... Eggplant??
I know, I know GROSS right!?? 
NOT SO MY FRIENDS! This is sooooo good even my 2 year old couldn't get enough of it! 
you have got to try this, you'll be happy you did!

Happy Valentines Day Flower

Ohhhh!! I just LOVE Valentines day!! 
Especially when the Sun is out after a LONG gray winter.

This Valentines day I found the PERFECT gift for my kiddos at my FAVORITE store in the WORLD...Target or should we say {Tar-jay}

I found these cute fabric roses in the dollar section. I added some fun ribbon and attached a love note for the tag. I am Super excited for my kids to get them, especially the little miss!! 
I'm not sure how Little "B" will think about about it...But at least he will feel LOVED!! :)


DIY Valentine iPod

Remember these from last year?! I these Valentine ipods in the Family Fun magazine while waiting HOURS :( at the Dr. office!  
Last year I whipped out 27 of these babies. The Kids LOVED them,
But boy, did they ever take a billion hours of cutting and pasting ect, ect.. to make! (aghh)

Luck would have it..."M" asked me if I would make them again this year. (ahhhh!)
I know if I made them for her,  little "B" would also want some. That meant 50 ipods ( WOW!!!) 
I needed an easy way out.. So the hubs and I put our heads together and came up with this! 

 We sent the pattern on to the local printer. When I picked them up, they were all cut and ready to go!
All I had to do was tape the back, cut the string, and attach the Kisses! it took me about 1 hour to do 50 ipods. Not to shabby ;)
 Hope everyone has Wonderful, LOVEABLE weekend!!

Valentine ipod Download

Have a BLAST making your own candy heart ipods!!

February Already???

WOW..What happend to me since Christmas??... Geezz!! When did Life get so Crazy!!
I promised the New Year would bring NEW and exciting Projects.
I wanted to show you the BEGINNINGS of my Office. Yep..Pretty much an empty room with a desk. Ok... so this isn't REALLY what the office looks like at the VERY moment..But I wanted to show you the WAY "BEFORE" so the AFTER is that much more dramatic ;)The favorite part my office is the Desk. I worked with my cabinet guy designing the shape.My Husband owns a Design Company called Direction Marketing 
He works from home ( which I love) But, I had to come up with a work space for the Both of us.  I designed this desk so we could work on both ends of it. 
It works out GREAT! Our lap tops are back to back. 
It's awesome way to spend the day, staring in the eyes of the man you love, While sporting his unmentionables..haha 
~Maybe not the  fairytale, but hey it works!~

I am the MOST excited about what I have planned for the walls. 
You're going to DIE! Very exciting!