Christmas Mantel 2011


I have to tell you my mood started off great around the first of November, I was feeling the Christmas spirit and was READY to put up lights and dig out the old boxes of Christmas decor, but by late November I became a little humbug about everything:( 
(Maybe it was due to all the trying for a baby hang-ups going on in our life right now) 
Such is life, right!? 

Anyway, the Christmas Spirit finally found me and I have been listening to the original Osmond Christmas album from back in the 70's non-stop.  This kind of music soooo brings me back to when I was a kid :)

I am EXCITED for Christmas, but I do have to say that I didn't go all out on the Christmas Decor as I have in seasons past. 
I am in transition of wanting to go a different direction with Christmas Decor. But it's a bit too late in the game for that so I will have to focus on that next year and make a trip down to Tai Pan in Salt Lake 2 weeks before Thanksgiving (Note to self) when all the GOOD decorations are still in the store. We just went last week and there wasn't much left to buy. 

In the meantime, 
I am making due with what I have used in past Christmas's :) 

The Tree

The Mantle
(I did simplify it this year, But it's still very festive)

My personal favorite...
The Reason for the Season!

Making the light and the chairs around the kitchen table 
a bit more festive!

And lets not forget the outside...
This magic is ALL Brett's doing!

BTW the man turns the BIG Three-Five in a few days, so be sure and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

I have always felt bad for him that his birthday is during the Christmas season. Makes for an interesting birthday and also makes for an expensive month for me! 
Especially when Brock was born in December as well
(just two days before Brett). 

Oh well, at least they can share it together! 
And it was fun bringing a Christmas baby home from the hospital on Brett's Birthday! 
love those memories :)


  1. Heidi! I love it! Right down to the wreaths on the chairs, they are adorable.

  2. Memories to treausure indeed, Heidi.

    I Love your decor and don't see nothing wrong in joining the jolly wagon later on. To be honest the early birds are th surprise.

    Merry and Blessed Celebrations for your Family and Congratulations for the Decor.

  3. It does look lovely! Have a wonderful time with the Birthdays and throughout the Holidays!

  4. Lovely, Heidi ~ sometimes less is more! My hubs is turning 53 in a few days, so I'm with ya-- and he LOVES to celebrate his bday, so it's always a challenge. A happy one, nonetheless.

  5. I've been waiting to see your Christmas decor, your home is sooooo beautiful and my absolute fav in blogland!!! Everything looks perfect!

  6. Beautiful home and holiday decor!!! Sometimes less is more and makes such a beautiful statement. Happy Birthday to Brett!!! And to Brock as well. My littlest will be 5 this month.

  7. I have a friend struggling to conceive, and it's such an awful feeling for her. She has 2 littles and never had a problem before. I hope that a little Christmas spirit will help you this Dec, and then you'll have a Sept babe, like my little girl =)

  8. Heidi, your home looks amazing! I love the "Believe" on the mantel. Merry Christmas!

  9. Heidi, I was at Down East Home a few weeks ago and I saw you there. I just didn't know it was you. I found your blog about two months ago and so when I saw you, (and your daughter) I was wondering why you looked familiar. Now I know. :) I love your home and style. I would love to see the brick wall in the living room and your table. I need to refinish mine this summer and I'd love to see and hear how you did yours. I also would love to see the brick wall in your living room. We installed brick on the front of our concrete porch to give it some character and I love how it turned out. If you ever decide to give a home tour, let me know. :) I live in Rigby. Thanks, and Happy New Year!

  10. Heidi, did you make the "BELIEVE" or did you buy it? I want to make one but I am not sure what board. Is that mdf?

    1. I didn't make it. Bought it years ago from a craft store. The wood is a hollow 3d box. It's not MDF from what I can tell.