The Girly Room

So in truth, I have been REALLY struggling with little 
Miss Megan's room!

I have tried several bedding options, I painted her bed from green to white; I added a rug. I can't tell you how many curtains I have been through, and so far, I have painted the room 3 times.

NOTHING seemed to hit the spot for me :(
And then I did something totally drastic!

I got her a NEW bed for an early Christmas present and NOW (finally) everything seems to be falling into place.

I scored this bed from DownEast Home for less than $500!!!
Can you believe it? This bed at PBK is normally well over $1500 Dollars PLUS shipping on top of that price,

I downgraded from a queen to a full, and that decision has made all the difference in the room. 
I also bought the fun sheer panels! The bed looks INCREDIBLE,
It is TRULY what the room needed!

Then I had to make the decision I have been dreading... 
which bedding to go with? 

I don't want Megan to feel like she is still in a baby’s room, but at the same time I am NOT ready to let go of the little girl feel either :) And even though she is 9 she seems ok with not having a teenage room. And I am so grateful for that!
So I hope I have created somewhat of an in-between look.

I ended up getting all her bedding either on 
clearance on PBK and eBay.

Here is the bedding I went with!(notice)it's the same bedding as the picture above.

Pictures don't even come close to giving this bedding justice!
I ended up ONLY getting the quilt, grey dot duvet cover and grey dot sham and a matching decorative pillow.

I wasn't in LOVE with the quilted sham, so instead I went with the white Euro sham behind the grey dot pillow in the picture below.

Usually, I try and piece bedding together and NOT go with the floor model. But I have come to the conclusion that my brain hurts over what to do with Megan’s room, so I just let Pottery Barn Kids do all the work for me this time! :)

I also picked up these darling sheets, ALL on clearance!!
YAY...I love when that happens!

The NEXT crazy thing, in our lives, is painting Megan’s room...Once again!! Have you noticed I have no qualms with changing paint colors? Yep, I think it's a weakness of mine;)

This time we are going with the color
"Silver Chain" from Benjamin Moore
I wanted a color that wasn't pink and felt a little more grown up

And here is what it looks like on the wall

I also LOVE this Rug!! I do have a gift card coming
from Pottery Barn...Hummm?? I might just do it :)

I also have been eyeing these curtains on OVERSTOCK I want them sooo bad...but they are a bit pricey.
I might just have to save my pennies for later

With Megan’s new bed, I did ended up with a slight problem with her chandelier. 
The light hit the upper part of the canopy bar. Soooo I have to get the light moved over 18 inches. Crossed fingers, That will be fixed by next week. 
Soooo I am hoping in the next 2 or so weeks I will have pictures of her new room to show you all.

And I am HOPING this is the LAST time I worry about this room for a VERY, VERY LONG time :) hehe


  1. very nice-how old is your daughter,my diva just turned nine and we cant agree on bedding-love your choices though...come do my daughters...

  2. Brenda TurnerDecember 13, 2011

    Wow! Just, wow! I LOVE this! Alright, I'm on a mission to see how I can even come close to this with thrift store/handmade items, for my granddaughter's sleepover room. Oh, how I wish I could just duplicate this entire look!!! Thanks for sharing & for the true inspiration:)

  3. Lovely! Does DownEast home have a website? Looks like a place I would love to browse. We are working on our room and making space for new baby too.