Recap of Halloween Weekend & My Rosie The Riveter Costume seemed the Halloween parties were never ending! 
We had MANY Trick or Treating events and I have eaten WAY more than my fair share of candy!!! I will be hitting it hard at the gym for sure this week:) 

Last night, while manning the door for trick or treaters we indulged ourselves with homemade donuts, seven layer dip, carmel apples, muddy buddies and Bar-B-Q sandwiches..YUMMY.. and NO this food didn't do any favors for my waste line...but BOY...was it FUN :)  

This year, I thought it would be fun to dress up. Here is my fast and easy costume I came up with last minute! I was VERY surprised and LUCKY to have won "Cutest Costume" at my Church's Halloween party! I was thrilled ;)

PLEASE Tell me you know who I am??? I had about half of the people know and the other half thought I was "I Love Lucy".  
It's HISTORY people! We should all know about the Power House woman "Rosie" the riveter!

My grandma was a Rosie. 
I would have LOVED to live in that era of time! I LOVE vintage clothing, and can you just imagine the parties they had...with people ACTUALLY dancing :)

"B" won the scariest costume award! I personally think he looks CUTE, in a long haired biker kind of way :)

Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween! 

P.S. Is November the 1st to early to start blasting Christmas Music???  I say it is, but Brett has been counting down the days til November so he could play his Christmas faves! 


Nat Heaton said...

So cute Heidi!! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Halloween!!

MegJill said...

NOT too early! We've been playing the Pandora Christmas station for weeks, although we stopped on halloween to allow some scary music into the house. :)
Your costume looks cute, but I have to admit I wasn't exactly sure who you were. It was one of those "looks familiar" moments. And your food sounds amazing!!! Especially the bean dip. I think my weight in chocolate has been eaten my me alone today, and I really don't want to work out! Waaahhhh!!!

Wiseman Family said...

I knew exactly who you were. You look awesome! Your dark hair and fair complexion are perfect. I agree about the dancing -- I wish people still danced like they used to.

Bobbi Jo said...

I knew exactly who you were. You look beautiful as usual. Great idea!
Sounds like you all had a great Halloween.
I listen to Christmas music year round when I am home and Christmas movies are that way too. I love Christmas and who couldn't use a little Christmas every day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Anonymous said...

Heidi! I loved it!!!
You should totally do more vintageit suits you but as a costume this was my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Love the costume! I saw it in your pinned items and thought it was way cute!!

Noodle said...

I recognized you too, and I love that you pulled that off so well. Seems like that was a great era.
Also, I think it's fun to have Christmas start early. Then it's not over in a big rush!

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