Recap of Halloween Weekend & My Rosie The Riveter Costume seemed the Halloween parties were never ending! 
We had MANY Trick or Treating events and I have eaten WAY more than my fair share of candy!!! I will be hitting it hard at the gym for sure this week:) 

Last night, while manning the door for trick or treaters we indulged ourselves with homemade donuts, seven layer dip, carmel apples, muddy buddies and Bar-B-Q sandwiches..YUMMY.. and NO this food didn't do any favors for my waste line...but BOY...was it FUN :)  

This year, I thought it would be fun to dress up. Here is my fast and easy costume I came up with last minute! I was VERY surprised and LUCKY to have won "Cutest Costume" at my Church's Halloween party! I was thrilled ;)

PLEASE Tell me you know who I am??? I had about half of the people know and the other half thought I was "I Love Lucy".  
It's HISTORY people! We should all know about the Power House woman "Rosie" the riveter!

My grandma was a Rosie. 
I would have LOVED to live in that era of time! I LOVE vintage clothing, and can you just imagine the parties they had...with people ACTUALLY dancing :)

"B" won the scariest costume award! I personally think he looks CUTE, in a long haired biker kind of way :)

Hope you all had a GREAT Halloween! 

P.S. Is November the 1st to early to start blasting Christmas Music???  I say it is, but Brett has been counting down the days til November so he could play his Christmas faves! 


  1. So cute Heidi!! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Halloween!!

  2. NOT too early! We've been playing the Pandora Christmas station for weeks, although we stopped on halloween to allow some scary music into the house. :)
    Your costume looks cute, but I have to admit I wasn't exactly sure who you were. It was one of those "looks familiar" moments. And your food sounds amazing!!! Especially the bean dip. I think my weight in chocolate has been eaten my me alone today, and I really don't want to work out! Waaahhhh!!!

  3. I knew exactly who you were. You look awesome! Your dark hair and fair complexion are perfect. I agree about the dancing -- I wish people still danced like they used to.

  4. Heidi,
    I knew exactly who you were. You look beautiful as usual. Great idea!
    Sounds like you all had a great Halloween.
    I listen to Christmas music year round when I am home and Christmas movies are that way too. I love Christmas and who couldn't use a little Christmas every day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  5. Heidi! I loved it!!!
    You should totally do more vintageit suits you but as a costume this was my favorite!

  6. Love the costume! I saw it in your pinned items and thought it was way cute!!

  7. I recognized you too, and I love that you pulled that off so well. Seems like that was a great era.
    Also, I think it's fun to have Christmas start early. Then it's not over in a big rush!