Meet Tootie Tots Hair Accessories

I would like to introduce you to Krystal and her Company  

Krystal designs bows and flowers that are interchangeable with clips and headbands! Meaning more bang for your buck! :) Here's how her darling company came to be....

Krystal Explain....

Being mother of three beautiful little girls under the age of 6.  My girls LOVE hair accessories but my wallet was not so much in love! ;) Having three girls so close in age, I would buy 3 of the same color so they can match and keep the fighting to a minimum.  Everytime we came home from our favorite department store, the girls would try on their accessories, pick outfits that matched and marveled at themselves in the mirror.  However, I started to notice one day that the joy was short-lived.  My oldest daughter begged for more flowers that could match more outfits.  After explaining to her (which I thought was a great speeech) that mommy and daddy could not possibly afford to buy every flower in every color.  As soon as the words flew out of my mouth is when Tootie Tots was first thought of.  Stores needed something that was interchangeable!  What better way to have more colors if hair pieces were interchangeable.  Keep the same headband but change the flower or keep the same flower and change the headband, creating a different look every time.  So I began to put my ideas to work.  Orders from friends turned into craft shows and craft shows turned into boutiques, salons and gift shops.  

Tootie Tot Designs is named after my youngest daughter, 2, who is nicknamed Tootie Tot! 
All of Tootie Tots pieces are interchangeable with velcro.  
Velcro allows you to create more looks and have more of a variety to appeal to more people, 
no matter what your age or style.

Here are just a few pictures of all the DARLING hair accessories Tootie Tots has to offer
To see more visit 

(choose your headband)

(Choose your bow)

OK now for the EXCITING part! Who wants to win a gift card to SHOP Tootie Tots???
Krystal is giving away $30 dollars to ONE amazing reader!

Here is what you have to do...

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November 20th 2011


Holly said...

CUTE! I just liked Tootie Tots on FB! Loving those fun accessories!

hair pieces for short hair said...

Very cool and nice image in yours site.I like yours site. Looks very attractive.

Heather said...

I just liked Tootie Tots on FB! I love all the headbands and flowers!!

Brenda said...

Adorable! So CUTE!
My little girl would love it! Great for the Christmas Stockings!

Laura said...

I liked Tootie Tots on facebook. What darling hair flowers!

MegJill said...

Liked Tootie Tots on facebook! Not sure if I like their name or their products better. :)
Their Shabby Tots collection is my favorite!

MegJill said...

Love your new picture on the side of your blog! Very creative idea.

MegJill said...

Posted about their giveaway on facebook,even though it lowers the chances of winning. :) Not really sure how to link it to here.
Here's the link, maybe:

Kathie said...

Already "Like" Tootie Tots on Facebook!

Kathie said...

Posted on Twitter!!/navywifetill02/status/136673159251365888

Delyn said...

I liked Tootie Tots on facebook. I have two little girls that would LOVE their stuff.

Natalie@Endless Crafting said...

From a mom of three girls this is a great idea! We would love all of hard to choose!

JULIE said...

These are adorable, and the idea is brilliant, but what makes me really, really love them is that the little girl wearing one in the picture has a runny nose! That is hysterical!!! Can't wait to check these out... when my daughter is a bit older (she's new). Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Amazing produt I love the Shabby Tot collection!

momentum said...

I liked her on Facebook and left a comment saying I was visiting via you! Cute idea!

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