Is It Christmas YET???

I am soooo ready to get things started with the upcoming holidays!!! I just LOVE this time of year!!! I am SUPER excited to start decorating but a little worried how my blues and reds are going to look together? Ahhh, I hope it all works out, this is going to be an experimental year! I'm crossing my fingers it turns out amazing:)

On the party side of things, look what I have been up to these past few days. I've been preparing for a 
Cookie Exchange PARTY!!! Yay...what could be better than a PARTY!!!

I can't wait to kick things off with some YUMMY cookies, Christmas music and Good Friends. I am CRAZY for cookies and this darling box will be my success to the PERFECT Party!!! 

I picked up this party in a box, AKA Cookie Exchange Kit, at my local Idaho or Utah DownEast Home and Clothing where the kits are available NOW!!! Or Buy it online!

Click Here for the link

Check out what comes in your little box of goodness!

 12 Invitations and Envelopes, 12 Recipe cards, sticker sheet, 
12 cookie ID cards, 12 cellophane treat bags 
with tags and ribbons!!!

Ahhhh, I am getting so excited for this party!! 
I'll post tons of pictures of this FUN holiday event :)

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  1. just found your site!
    i want your house! what i wonderful job you have done!
    dont know where to even start at my place - your details are spectacular
    congrats looks splendid