Decorating With Textiles & Vinyl

In ALL honesty, I haven't been doing a lot on the home front.   There is sooo much I want to do, but it takes time, money and waiting for one project to get done so I can move onto the next. 

I also feel a little overwhelmed with motherhood as of lately. I have been wishing, hoping and praying for another little bundle to grace our home, but month after month it hasn't happened. 

And in all honesty I have been pretty sad about the whole process and somewhat in a rut. 

But, on the flip side stepping back from the emotion of it all, 
3 kids is a lot of WORK!! Maybe a little more space between number 3 and 4 won't be a bad thing. Life is CRAZY as it is! You know the drill... Taxi driver, Cook, Maid, Laundry mat, Nurse, Personal Shopper, the endless jobs a mother gets to do! :)
I'm not complaining TRUST ME...My kids are my WORLD!!! 
It's just been one of those days and I need to remember that day to day problems are just that...ONE DAY! 
This quote is one that helps me carry on

"Hands full now, Heart full Later" 

 I have some REALLY exciting elements I want to add around the fireplace, but the project is going to take some time, and MORE hard work, so until then, I decided to forget about the front room and focus on what I can finish and that room is the KITCHEN!  
I have been wanting my kitchen to feel cozy and warm, especially for the holidays and the upcoming cold weather. Soooo, I have been on the search for a rug, and I think I found it!

(This picture doesn't do it justice!)
  Here it is in REAL life!!!

  I ordered this rug online from  Target it was FREE shipping and it arrived at my front door last Friday! 
I couldn't be more excited about the outcome. I am REALLY loving the blues, greens and browns! I am almost tempted to paint my black island white with a glaze to match my other kitchen cabinets. What do you think? Should I do it???

I also saw this darling vinyl idea off one my friend's blog and I knew I had to do it too! 

EAT...I think it makes a fun statement. 

My kids have really had fun with it. I really believe it's the small details that REALLY make the difference in a home!


  1. Love it! That rug would go great in my dining room. I have very similar colors:o) Did you get the largest size? Better start saving my pennies so I can get one too;o)...good luck with making "blessing #4" happen.

  2. We all get into project burn out, creativity burn out, and motherhood burn out! 3 kids is a ton of work, I've got 3 and I'm plenty busy but I'd still love to have a little #4. Good Luck! You are so talented I love your style!

  3. I agree, Heidi! Love the rug-- gorgeous touch to your family space. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Waiting for those precious bundles of joy is so hard, it has been torture for me the last few years. I have never hated the word "patience" so much!
    Love the rug! You could always paint your island a chocolate brown, white would be lovely too!

  5. Your new rug is beautiful and looks gorgeous in your kitchen! I love the vinyl table idea. I can totally sympathize with you, I'm a mom of 3 and I know it's a lot of work! But what blessings they are! Take care!

  6. Loooove the rug!! I really need to come see all this new fun stuff in person!!

  7. Hey honey, I love the rug! Will be perfect for my new space. Just remember that timing these things is not yours to determine and trust in His plan for you! I had some extra space between 3 & 4 and it was a blessing. And now I have 5!

  8. Hi Heidi! Love the rug and your light fixture is AMAZING too!

  9. I've seen that rug! I have been admiring it too! I can't remember where I saw it but I love it! I was thinking about using it for my bedroom. I love it in your kitchen!

  10. So sorry to hear this little bundle is being poky. I have 6 kids and 2 big gaps (4.5 years between #2 and #3 and 5 years between #5 and #6). There are definitely some advantages to a little space. You'll cherish this one all the more, and it's beyond wonderful to watch bigger kids enjoy the new little one. Best wishes to you.

  11. I have this rug but in reds and oranges and greens. I'm a fall color kind of girl :)

  12. Did you paint the table yourself? If so, can you share the steps you took? I love it!

  13. Did you paint the table yourself? Do you mind sharing the steps you took? Love this look!