Halloween Mantel & New Lanterns

I have a LOVE/hate relationship with Saturdays! I know I should be cleaning, finishing long-awaited projects, folding laundry, yard work etc...but I find myself just wanting to stay in my PJ's ALL DAY LONG and either chillin' or just plain PLAYIN!!!!! 

It's late in the afternoon on this Saturday and this is the ONLY thing "B" and I have accomplished so far. 

One down, two more to go!
I am THRILLED with how it looks, YAY!!! The only thing is,SUPER tall people might not be able to walk down my hall...Hummm? good thing we're SUPER short around here, he he!

Stay tuned for more updates! I am almost done with my Halloween Mantle. This is my INSPIRATION.

I MIGHT get it done before Halloween??? *sigh* here's to trying!


  1. I LOVE all the white trim with the contrast of your black doors. I bought those light fixtures for our guest bedroom but didn't paint them, might have to give it a shot. :)

  2. Heidi,

    I feel the same way. I don't ever want to do anything and I have given myself permission to do this once a month. Its great, so try it out.

    Love the light fixture.


  3. Hey ALL....For those who have been asking, Here is the link to the home depot lights!!!! Happing decorating :)


  4. I love the inspiration photo! Those crooked photos are so perfect and so easy to do! Great picture!

  5. looking amazing! Can't wait to see what you did with your mantle.

  6. Would love to know where you got the light?

  7. Those lights look great! Thinking I should follow that link and find some for our upstairs hallway. :) It is so neat to watch your home evolve.
    By the way, this is MegJill (Megan) but I am signed in on my brothers account and computer. Calling you soon!
    P.S. I agree about the Saturday feelings!