DIY | How To Protect Your Mantel

I Have received a few emails on how I assembled my Halloween mantle, so here are a few tips: 

Step 1....I made a quick run to the local thrift store where I found random frames and old books. I brought my treasures home and got to work. 
I sprayed all my frames black and then tore the covers off all the books so just the faded pages were exposed!

Step 2... PINTEREST!!! ALL of the pictures I used above the mantle, I was able to find on Pinterest, from there I was guided to the MOST amazing blogs ever!  Look under my  Halloween Folder in Pinterest and you will find all the pictures I used. 

Step 3.... Hanging the Frames. NO wood was damaged in the project! 
PHEW..thank goodness for these handy hooks. Most of the frames I just hung crooked and then used a little hot glue to secure it to the closet frame. For the little pictures I just taped them on with packaging tape! 

Step 4...I Made a stop to my FAVORITE place on earth! TARGET 
Where I picked up some old looking moss, spider webs, black spiders and that FUN black cloth hanging off the mantle. The rest of the halloween decor, like the mini skull and potion bottle, I owned already.

The entire cost of the project was about $30 bucks! :) 
Not too shabby!

Hope you are all having a HAPPY HALLOWEEN. 
I'm off to try and find some fairy wings for little Misses costume. Any advice where to start looking???


  1. Kid to kid or thanks for the pinterest pics, that is one of the things I'm missing aside from the moss...almost done although oct31 is too lol...check it out, we can be twinners... for your continued inspiration.

  2. My sister and I LOVE your Halloween mantle! My favorite is the "Keep Calm and Scary On" sign, as well as the fact that you hung some things crooked. You really made us both excited for Halloween....and we also both want to do a Halloween mantle now!

  3. Love the mantle! I agree, pinterest is wonderful! As for wings, try JoAnn's.

  4. Joann's for fairy wings! If they have any left, they are probably at least 60% off