Beauty Favorites for Hair & Skin

I thought I would take a break from painting and trimming and share a few things that I PERSONALLY love, 
just simple items I use EVERYDAY!!!

First things first....

I just LOVE big wavy curls, and being a mom of 3 I just don't have time to use the curling iron, so Hot Rollers have become my staple. I have used this Conair set for years but....the 8 purple jumbo curls just don't cut it for me.
So this past go around, I  splurged and bought 2 new sets, I throw out the HUGE black curls which do nothing for my straight hair and kept the purple ones. I now have 12 curls to work with, those 4 extra curls make all the difference I LOVE all the extra volume!

~Hair spray~

I can't tell you how MANY hair sprays I have used over the years! But I FINALLY found one that is here to stay! It's called 
Control Force from Aveda. 
Simply AMAZING!!!

I am IN LOVE with this tinted "illuminating" moisturizer from Laura Mercier. I wear the natural color.
 I have been wearing it for the past 3 years and can't say enough good about it. I put it on first and finish it off with Bisque from Bare essentials, face powder and bronzer!

Next up... is my ALL TIME favorite eye make-up remover and Mascara. 
I have tried others, but I always seem to come back to these tried and true products. 
They come from Mary Kay

Lengthening mascara in Black

Let's not forget my all time favorite liquid eyeliner,  Almay found at your local Walmart or anywhere for that matter for the grand price of $4.00

WHAT are YOUR all time favorite things?? 
I would LOVE to know some of your beauty secrets :)


  1. I also love the LM tinted moisturizer. I also like the Tarte primer (all natural)

  2. Love that you shared your favorite products... I don't know anyone who isn't always on the lookout for something new! I'm a fan of Almay mascara (allergy sufferer) and SWEAR by the powdered mineral foundation you already use. I guess if there is a secret I have... It's to towel dry (squeeze, dont rub) your hair with a couple of paper towels after applying styling products (if you use any) but before using your hair dryer. I have naturally curly hair, but even when I straighten it, the paper towels suck out extra water, shortening your drying time which results in less frizz (for me) and it's just better overall. As long as you don't shred your paper towels in the process, you can let them dry and use them again the next day, reducing waste. Give it a try!

  3. So that's how you get your hair to look so amazing all the time!

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