Trim out Windows

I LOVE windows...and I LOVE trim so I thought: Why not combine the two! 
  I LOVE adding a bit of Drama to each window. 
So...while we are already trimming out the entire upstairs, we decided to add this trim technique to the remanning windows upstairs. 

Here is a picture of the bottom of a trimmed out window, already done and painted

And here is a Before picture of the two windows we were working on.... 

And here is what "B" added to the windows last night! 

I just think it adds so much to a window. 
All "B" used was a small piece of 1/4 MDF board, a few MDF boards and to finish off the sides, all he has to do now is glue the 1/4 board strips down the center!! 

Ahhhhh...I can't WAIT 'til it's painted!

We called the painter TODAY and so he should be stopping by soon to give us a bid!
Soooo excited to FINALLY get some things DONE around here!!!


  1. This looks great. Cant wait till its painted. great idea.

  2. You're driving me crazy, hurry up and finish!!! I can't wait to see all the final work you guys have been up too!!! So excited!!!

  3. so happy for you! these are darling, can't wait to see the final reveal! XO

  4. Oooh, Karl did something like this on Design Star this season and it was amazing the change it made in the room!
    Your house is going to look amazing with all the added trim.

  5. Makes so much sense! Wow! I Love it!!

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