Labor Day Weekend

Phew....I tell you the worst part of a long weekend is pulling yourself out of bed on Tuesday and trying to function because you played like a kid all weekend!

This past weekend a lot happened! I've been having some CRAZY headaches as of late, so my hubby suggested I go to the eye doctor to check things out. Mind you, I have never had eye problems nor has anyone in my family. The thought of contacts is a foreign thing for me. After the exam it turns out that I have to get glasses!!! least I felt a little like playing dress up while picking out a pair of glasses.  It has taken me a few days to REALLY  embrace the fact that I need glasses! I guess it was a matter of time, though I feel like I am still 18 and sometimes act like I am ;) I'm REALLY 34 and the truth is, my body is telling so!! And, honestly at this point I will do ANYTHING to help these headaches! I also thought glasses could possibly be a fashion statement... Right????

So here are the beauties I will be sporting around town...cute right!! A little vintage I think! I really do like them!

Next on this list for this past weekend was...I got a NEW sister-in-law! The wedding was in California. So Brett hopped on a plane and I stayed back with the kiddos because of school! "B" had a BLAST, I wished I could have made it, but I'm looking forward to this weekend for the Open House in my neck of the woods! Here are some pictures of the Happy Couple!!!

*Sigh* Aren't they CUTE!?!?! Makes me want to go back and marry my husband all over again :)

And Last but not least....I went wake-boarding again after 3 years of avoiding it!!!  The last time I did it, I hit the water sooo hard that I blacked out, it was not a pleasant experience, so I have been staying safely on the boat for the past few years! BUT.... after hearing the news of needing glasses and realizing I am TRULLY in my mid thirties and that I have a 9-year-old who wanted to try it, and that I am a mother of 3 and honestly feel a bit old . . . OK having a bit of a pity party here...I decided that I would do something adventurous in hopes to feel young again...hehehe

Soooooo, I jumped in the glassy blue water of Bear Lake and had an AMAZING time!!! I am so glad I did it! What a Blast :) 
That day even son and duaghter gave wake-boarding a try! It still might take sometime for them to get the hang of it, but I am so proud of them for trying! :)

Well that was my Labor day weekend in a nut shell! I am excited for all the fun things that are going to be happening this week! I will keep you posted!


  1. Heidi,

    You are still young. I am 42 yrs young and I feel young. Good for you for going back out on the water.


  2. Embrace the glasses. I wear mine 90% of the time and spent a pretty penny. They way I look at, they are part of me and my statement.

    I hear ya about embracing your fears. I am moving on to 36...sigh and I recently spent the day riding roller coasters with the youngins. I LOVED it.

  3. I love those glasses! I might copy you next time I go to the eye Dr. As a contact wearer, I started at 16, they're not all that great. At 16 I loved them, but now at 42, I really only want to wear them when I work out.

  4. I am in love with her dress!!