Wedding Hangover - My Favorite Things

Phew! These past few days have been CRAZY for sure! 

On Thursday the 4th we had an Open House/Pre wedding party for my 1st cousin Brent, though he feels more like a brother to me, as I only have 4 cousins on that side of the family.

We just got back into town from Salt Lake City, where Brent was officially married on the 6th. I had a BIG part of the party planning, I do have to say it was A LOT of work, but a blast to be apart of!!!

We hosted the event in my parents AMAZING back yard. They have one of those gorgeous yards with the rock water fall and paver patio. It really feels like a paradise! 

We rented a big white tent with a 20 foot serpentine table for the food. The presentation turned out so Pretty! 

I was also very excited with how the other tables ended up looking! I am such a sucker for pretty linens and white candles. 
I think it creates such a romantic atmosphere! 

The florist we used is a true artist; she did an amazing job on the flowers. If you live in the Eastern Idaho area and need a florist, I have your gal!!!

I have sooo much more to tell you about this event, but for now I will give you a sneek peek of the Food Table!

It was a Fun and very magical night! 

But now that I'm home, after these past few days, I am SUPER tired and I think a long, HOT bath is calling my name!

Really quick, I had a lot of questions about that YUMMY looking cake I posted a picture of back on the 4th 

I only WISH I was that talented to create a cake like that! For all you people out there that can create convection is the recipe!

 I will work on the questions from the Q&A session over 
the next few days. 
It might take me a few posts, 
but I PROMISE I will try and answer each and every one :) 

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  1. I have been poking around your blog a bit today...You have an amazing sense of style! I especially like the boys bedroom. It is so hard to decorate for boys:) I would love to move beyond the blue and red for my son... and you've totally given me some inspiration:) Thanks!