Trim and Back to School

So far this morning I sent the kiddos out the door for their first day of school....Sniff

It's weird having 2 kids at school all day.  Our Baby was NOT happy about this situation when the kids loaded the bus and left him behind (poor baby).  No worries, he has a full day of his own, Our little man goes to Speech Therapy 3 days a week for 2 hours so it leaves the house VERY quiet. 

I suppose it gives me time to do things during the day like: working out for the 1st time in 3 months (due to my laziness of sleeping in til 9:30 sometimes 10 in the Summer) and started a crock pot dinner for tonight and the hubby even made the bed today!!!! 

Phew... I feel productive today.  If only I can have as MUCH motivation I do the first day of the school for the REST of the year!!! LOL...Hummmm, we will see how that goes, ask me in a few days and I will let you know:)

My house is STILL in disarray! Aughhh. So I decided since I have NO control over my upstairs until Brett finishes the trim and the painter comes. I decided to tackle the basement instead.  (We would have been done with the upstairs trim, but Brett broke his saw so we are waiting for a part! Praise will be the day when that part FINALLY comes in the mail)!

Here are just a few before and after pictures of my the basement's Mini Makeover.  
BTW have I mentioned "B" added trim to the basement as well???

Here is what we have done thus far,

The Wall Before....

Now a Pillar!!!
It's amazing what a few MDF boards and corner trim pieces can do to a PLAIN wall!! :)

I have been doing a little decorating, moving everything from upstairs down...

It's not a WHOLE lot different, but I have been eyeing a round table and chairs that would be PERFECT for the space! I also want to add a hanging light fixture, it would REALLY finish off the space! ;)  

After seeing this picture, I am also making a mental note to myself: "fill the empty candy drawers!"


The wall is trimmed and READY for White paint.
 I am SUPER excited to make this my colorful Gallery wall!

I am VERY excited to get these projects DONE... Just in time to start another...Sigh ;)


  1. Out of curiosity...why the intensive speech Therapy for your little one. I also have three children. My oldest has apraxia. My other two children are speech delayed with articulation errors. My oldest has been in speech since 12 months old. He is now 7 and will continue with speech for years. My other two also receive speech therapy.

  2. Jackie,
    My son Brock also has Apraxia! He has been in Speech Therapy since the age of 18 months, he is now almost 7. I understand your pain, it seems speech is such a SLOW process. it's just been lately that we have seen a break in the clouds for Brock. he is getting better everyday. Blake also has a speech delay, He is 2.5 and just started saying basic words like momma and dadda. At this point, because he is so little, we aren't sure if he has Apraxia. We all have our struggles don't we! isn't so great to be REAL about them ;)

  3. My little 7 year old grandson has never been diagnosed with Apraxia but I've done a lot of research on that and believe he may have it. He's been in speech therapy at school and privately for 3 years now and while it's still difficult to understand some of what he says, he's come a long way and we are so proud of him. He has a twin sister who is off the charts with her speech so it has been especially difficult trying to figure out what was "wrong"...he is so special and precious to us. He loves books and just recently told his 1st grade teacher he was going to read to the class! Thank you so much Heidi for sharing your story, sometimes my daughter feels so alone with Jackson's speech situation.


  4. Judy, like your daughter I understand the feeling of being alone. And also the frustration of "what's wrong" As hard as my journey has been with Brock it has been even harder with Blake. We have seen loads of Dr's about him and slowly one by one we are getting closer to the REAL problem. It's so good to have people out there that really understands. Thanks so much for your comment! Tell your daughter to hang in there!!! Sending hugs

  5. I keep forgetting to ask you where you got your awesome black and white rug that was upstairs and now looks like you moved it downstairs. I'm in love with it!

  6. We added pillars in our family room/kitchen and man it does make a HUGE difference! Your rooms look amazing. I love molding and think there can never be enough♥