Home Decor Q&A - Part 3

I am from Idaho too! Where are some of your favorite places in Idaho to get home decor?
I REALLY like Pier one, and Target! I get SUPER excited when I find cute home d├ęcor at Target and Wal-Mart. I also really like the Mini bazaar in Idaho Falls.  It’s kind of like a mini Tai pan. And of Course lets not forget Downeast Home!
Who's your cabinet guy? Is it the same person who did you kitchen as did your office desk?
My kitchen and Office Desk was from Rocky Mountain Cabinets in Ammon, Idaho  www.ifcabinets.com But as of lately I have been doing a lot of business with KVO cabinets also in Ammon, Idaho  www.kvocabinets.com BTW the hubby designed both their website :)
In a previous post you said your family goes to Bear Lake every year. I would like to have a family reunion there and would like to know:

(1) Do you rent a home? condo? and which one? 

(2) this year you said you camped there so I'm curious where and who you went through to do this. It would be nice to know/have a couple of options depending upon if people want to rough it or not. 

When we go to Bear lake we always stay a the Worldmark Condos right by the marina. My parents have a membership with Worldmark so it makes it easy. We also own a condo at Ideal Beach Resort so we really have the best of both worlds. If I were to camp again, Blue Water is by far the BEST place to camp because it has an AMAZING view of the lake. This past trip we camped at a private residence. But I do know that there are MANY places in Bear Lake that people rent out for big groups. If you Google “Garden City, Utah” I am sure some really great places will come up!

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  1. I forgot about the Mini Bazaar! Do you remember when they used to be under the doctors office on 17th Street? My sisters and I used to go there with our mom every time it opened. Then once we got married and had our own homes we had a whole new love of that place! And you are right. It IS like a mini Tai Pan, which is my very favorite decor store! Finding Tai Pan was like finding gold!