Home Decor Q&A - Part 2

Do you prefer to paint or spray paint furniture? And last but not least, your flour, sugar, etc jars in your pantry, what sizes are they? I found the jars at walmart but they look so huge in real life, can you recall the sizes you used?
I like spray paint for smaller jobs and paint for bigger projects! I also LOVE glaze and tend to never do a furniture project without it!  Be sure and seal your piece with lacquer. It makes all the difference in the world!
As far as the jars, I used the biggest sizes Wal-Mart had!  It looks REALLY big, but when you start cooking you’ll be amazed at how quickly you use the flour and the sugar!
You use a lot of molding/wood work in your rooms. Does this match the style of your house (what would that molding work be... craftsman?)
Trim in a home adds warmth and dimension to a home.  I’ve noticed most home styles use similar trim work.  They are the basics you’ll find just about anywhere, whether they keep it in wood finish or paint it white.  I would say my LOVE for trim stems from the old southern homes. When people really took pride in their craftsmanship!
How important is it to match the exterior style to the interior (in your opinion)? For example, I saw an entry that had painted wallpaper done in a silver, with mirrored console. So pretty in the picture, but do you think that you need a more modern type of house to pull this off?
I personally like things to flow so having the outside of your home match the inside of your home is always nice. But unless you build the home, that probably won’t always be the case.  So as far as the interior of your home, do what you LOVE and create the style YOU want to live around. Also, adding a bit of modern to maybe a cottage feel is ok…just as long as you balance the style in harmony.
I love all of the molding, but not sure we can do it here (we have bead board in our kitchen and upstairs bath already... can we do the walls in the bedrooms with board-and-baton?)
Yes, you can totally mix styles of trim.  I have board and baton in one room and then bead board in the next room over. In my home, I just made sure it was balanced and that one room leads perfectly into the next room.
If you could design any celebrity home, who's would it be?
I would love to design for Paula Deen!  She could feed my tummy with good old southern food while I play around with my all my favorite fabrics like Buffalo Check and toile, which I am sure she would LOVE . . . she being a southern bell and all :)
I want to know what your husband says when you come up with these great projects? Is he on board and ready to tackle it, or does he roll his eyes, and say, "how much is this going to cost me?”
This is the “husband” responding to this one.  Truthfully, I ALWAYS roll my eyes back and ask the notorious question, “How much is this going to cost me?”  But, I also really believe our home looks and feels better after each home improvement project.  Heidi has an eye for beauty so I’m prone to “go with it” whenever she concocts a new idea.  The way I see it is this, a woman is master of her home aesthetics and generally knows best so a husband can rest assured the home, where he visits only to eat and sleep, will turn out great.  If he really wants to decorate, he can decorate his office . . . though the wife will probably take over that one too :)


  1. Aw...what a good husband! I think my husband probably rolls his eyes at first to but then he always loves what I do! Heidi, what kind of Glaze do you use? Is that the same or similar to Gel Stain? Thanks! Love your Blog! Kim

  2. Hey Old Road...I like to use the glazes at Home Depot offered from Ralph Lauren. They have all sorts to pick from. I think the color I like best is tobacco. But don't quote me on that one ;) It's more like a paint texture then a Gel Stain. But I like Gel Stains as well.

  3. Haha....Love it when your husband responds. Although, I still am amazed that he is on board for everything! It takes months to get my husband motivated on house projects, and then I often do them myself anyway. :/
    One time I was in the middle of painting the kitchen when the heating unit gave out. It was February. I stay up two nights in a row with layers and layers of clothes and netflix movies to get that room done. No way was I waiting for the new furnace to be delivered! And no way did my husband want to freeze to death for a paint project! (When we bought it the ENTIRE room was bright yellow- baseboards, walls, crown molding, ceiling. Ahhh!)

  4. P.S. What is the glaze for? Is that how you get the distressed look?