Home Decor Q&A - Part 1

I've heard you were Miss Idaho! If that is right, can you tell us about that? How did that begin, what was the scariest part, did you feel inadequate or were you full of confidence, if you had to do a talent, how were your responsibilities after you won, etc...etc...
I was actually MRS. Idaho America 2010, CRAZY huh?  A good friend told me about the program and I was intrigued but didn’t do anything about it for a few years.  I finally decided I would give it a shot and I put my whole heart into going for it!  I most definitely felt inadequate, it was one of the scariest things I have ever done!
I had A LOT of advice on how to do this and that, but I decided I wanted to be TRUE to myself and chose to “just be me.”  During the experience, I gained confidence in going after long lost dreams and finding "Heidi" again after 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later.  I also felt like going for Mrs. Idaho helped me gain more confidence to do the things I am currently doing in my life such as my blog, appearing on Fresh Living (tv)  and being able to express my thoughts and feelings better.  
It was truly a life-changing experience! 
In Mrs. America they don’t require a talent, instead the interview is 50% of your total score.  SUPER SCARY!!!  After I won Mrs. Idaho I went on to compete for 
Mrs. America. It was an experience I will never forget! There are some pretty amazing women in the world who are truly making a difference! 

Here is a picture from my year as Mrs. Idaho America

(Disclaimer...No, I do not look like this everyday! This is what is called professional makeup and photo shop! 
No, I am not sharing this information because I think that I am full of myself, or that I think my life is perfect because that is soooo far from the truth. I am just a everyday stay -at- home mom that found Mrs. Idaho to be a great adventure and an opportunity to serve my community!) 
 Tell us about how you and your husband met, your first date, how he proposed, etc. By the way, does he have a sister Holly?
OK, First off Yes… Brett does have a sister Holly!
Here’s the story: Sounds CRAZY but my brother-in-law Dave and Dad set Brett and me up on a blind date. We joke about how we had an “arranged marriage.” ;)  
Our first date was when Brett was invited over to my house for dessert.  I can honestly say that it was love at first site! I fell in love with his hair, and he noticed how cute my feet were, of all things...lol! 
I knew Brett was the one for me after only knowing him a few hours. From that day we were never apart. I had just gotten home from an LDS mission from New York and 3 days later Brett and I met, 2 months later he proposed, and then 3 months later we were married.
Brett proposed by composing and singing that song, while the ring was hidden inside the piano. Hard to explain, But It was very romantic!
 Everyone wants their husband to love to decorate and build things for the home. (Such as all of your beautiful trim.) Did you train your husband or was he just naturally that way? How much does he care about how the home looks? The rest of us need tips on getting our husbands involved!

 Heidi decided to let me take this one :)  
“Hello, my name is Brett and I am addicted to doing Honey Do’s for my wife.”  LOL . . . a bit of a joke there, but there is some truth behind it ;)  It all started in our first home 8 years ago.  Heidi is the type of person who is in a chronic state of change.  We joke about it and call it the “8-month itch.”  For the past 11 years, we have either moved or dramatically changed our home every 8 months.  With that kind of track record, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to do it myself to save us major renovation bucks!
So do I like decorating as much as my wife???  I really don’t think ANY husband likes decorating as much as his wife.  I really don’t like decorating, BUT I DO like cutting wood, using power tools and creating art with my bare hands.  I think you’ve got to tap into the inner man and pull out what he innately enjoys doing, such as working, building, creating and providing for the family.   
Here’s a hint: go out and get a professional bid on the project and then tell your husband how much money you’ll save if he did it . . . and OF COURSE tell him how AMAZING a man he is, then you’ll probably convince him to do it.  Usually a guy gets hooked after his first couple projects and then you’re set!! 

Hey it's Heidi again, what Brett didn't tell you is he comes from a long line of professional artists! I think it runs a little in his blood :)  Brett also does care about how things look in the home but more on the trim aspect, floors and paint then Decor pillows, pictures and lamps. With that being said he does have a natural eye for things, I suppose this comes from his profession, Brett owns a design firm www.directionmd.com and he is VERY particular how things look.  I guess I lucked out by marrying someone with a critical eye for detail :) 


  1. Wow! What a small world. My sister-in-law competed in Mrs. America 2010. She was Mrs. Texas. So funny! I just started following your blog a few months ago... love your house :)

  2. Sooo fun to read your answers, and to see a picture from the pageant too!
    Thanks for answering all of those! It is good to hear that you had to stretch and push yourself to compete. I think so often women see successful women and just think, "Oh, she's so confident. I could never do that." When really they could if they would just push themselves and believe that they can!
    As far as the man tools go, my husband bought a table saw and sander and all kinds of fun tools last summer and built a wall to wall, floor to ceiling set of built ins with a desk in the middle. We LOVE it! However, he has yet to be inspired to make much more since then! Well, except, I did get him to make a doll bed for newborn photos last week. I guess I should count myself lucky. Just can't wait for him to be inspired to build again! :)

  3. I know that I'm WAY late, but can I ask another question? What are your favorite brand of towels and sheets? I'm in the market for both. Thanks to one of my fav Mrs. Idahos!

  4. Stacy TuckerAugust 10, 2011

    You are beautiful and an inspiration to young moms that you don't necessarily have to put your hopes and dreams on the back burner after starting a family. What a role model you are to your children, especially your daughter. Kuddos!! So nice to 'hear' Brett's voice about your decorating addiction and coping with it. Sounds familiar!! Love it.

  5. You are beautiful and an inspiration to young moms that you don't have to put your hopes and dreams on the back burner after starting a family. What a role model you are to your children, especially your daughter. Kudos!! And I especially like 'hearing' Brett's voice about your redecorating addiction. Sounds familiar. Love it!!

  6. Stacy TuckerAugust 10, 2011

    Don't do this often. Sorry for the almost duplicate comment... thought there was a malfunction! Double the love.