Fabric Choices and CRAZY Dreams

Have I ever mentioned how in LOVE I am with Fabric!?!?!  I swoon over fabric stores like Calico Corners
But then when I read the price tag attached to the fabric bundle of bliss, I about have a heart attack right there in the store! I'm always on the look out for sales! Since I don't have any fancy fabric stores in my home town, Joanne Fabric had to do:)  
I was super surprised by the collection, and with a 40% off sale going on, you just can't be BEAT that!!!

Here are some of the fabric swatches I checked out from Joanne Fabric, with a few selections from my last visit to Calico Corners. I also stopped into our local Home Fabric store. 

So tell me, What fabrics do you like BEST? 

I have to come up with curtains for the Kitchen, Front room and of course 
PILLOWS for the Sofa and Chairs!!

I am EXCITED for this New Adventure of adding blue to our home, though, I do have to admit I have had some high stress dreams over the transition. For some reason they are a mix of home projects, paint colors with an ever so random bit about me marrying into the British Monarchy. I know, I know I must be CRAZY!!! 
I am FAR from a Kate Middleton...lol 
Guaranteed I would be kicked out of Buckingham palace the first day...;)

So there you go, I MUST be having some major anxiety over this change. As much as I LOVE the gray-blue, I am still trying to adjust away from the red. I guess after 5 years of living around it, old habits die hard:)


  1. I totally agree! I am having a hard time too. I LOVE my dining room but I am struggling with my family room. I did curtains, but I just ripped them down and I'm on the hunt today to start over. I went wi blue, but I think I'm going to go with mustard yellow instead. I LOVE having pops of blue around the room and for pillows, but it was too much for me on the wall. It will look awesome in your house though!

  2. If you were to read my post from yesterday you would know i am of absolutely zero help. I have by own drape drama going on, involving PB drapes that shrunk at the dry cleaners! Oy vey.

    Anyway - i can't wait to see what you decide and i would love your opinion on my own curtain and paint drama - stop by if you can!

  3. I'm right there with you on the blue anxiety!! I have been transitioning from red/green/gold to blues and neutrals throughout our house. I get to a place where I just don't know what to do. I am keeping touches of red here. Can't wait to see what yours ends up like. BTW, LOVE LOVE all your trim/mouldings. I would love for our house to look the same.

  4. They're all gorgeous. Personally I think they all go together beautifully and I would use all of the ones except the 2 on the right and just mix them up all over the place. The 2 on the right seem to be the odd man out to me. Just my personal taste. I do agree though, I just about drool in any fabric store. I totally love fabrics and mixing them all together. Hugs, Marty

  5. Love them ALL. You can draw some inspiration from Pottery Barn right now too... they are doing gray-blues and muted yellows... loving that palette. My last house was reds and mustard yellows and some grey greens too. We built a new home and I went with blues, neutrals, and texture... it was scarey but fun. I get so many compliments. Hope this 'venture' is fun for you too.

  6. I too love them all. I would say my favorite is the 2nd to the end on the right (the underneath the check). Hope that made sense! I know that whatever you decide it'll be gorgeous!

  7. I love all of them. I also had a red kitchen once but I got tired of it really quick and red is my favorite color. I then painted it a soft beige but I am getting tired of that too. I am so excited to see what you come up with. You are inspiring me.

  8. Love the three blues on the right! Especially the blue medallion looking one with the yellow in the middle.
    This is fun getting to watch your house get re-done, but not actually having to do any of the work ourselves! Best kind of decorating.
    And...why IS fabric soooo expensive?! I think our moms used to sew to save money, but I don't think it is a money saver anymore!