Exciting Changes for Girl's Room

I know you have all been patiently waiting for this update of 
Miss "M" Room! So Here it is... 

Do you remember this bedding? 

I was sooooo excited when I found it, but when it came in 
the mail, I was SUPER bummed!!! The pink was a bright pink, kind of neon pink, nothing wrong with neon pink, in fact it was my FAVORITE color in the 80's...LOL! 
It just wasn't the feel I wanted in the room 
So...I was back to square one:( 

I then found a picture of this rug, 
and with the help of my facebook friends I discovered it was from Pottery Barn Teen! No wonder I LOVED it at first glance, I swear I have a due north compass towards anything Pottery Barn!!!

After discovering the rug, the green...NOW white bed, which was recently painted by my FAVORITE cabinet guy Kent at www.kvocabinets.com made it's GRAND ENTRANCE! 

I couldn't wait to put the rug and the bed together! 
I was considering waiting to post a picture.
(Mostly because I still don't have ANY CLUE what I am doing for bedding!!!) 

But I just LOVE the direction of hows things are coming along, so I thought I would share where we are in the process

I am LOVING all the white with just a pop of color! 
I will keep you posted with what bedding I go with...I think I just might have to talk someone into helping me from Etsy.com ;)


  1. I love how the bed turned out and that rug is gorgeous. I like the bright cheery colors you are going with. Can't wait to see your finished work!

  2. I love it! The rug is awesome. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  3. They look great together! So many pretty colors to work with. I know it is such a tough decision. I am great helping everyone else, but when I have to choose for myself, I just can't seem to pull the triger!


  4. It's looking gorgeous!!!

  5. love the rug - and the room taking shape!
    i'm also currently doing up my daughter's room (15yr old) - and finding that a white background is really making the colours pop beautifully.
    i've decided to go with mostly white bed linen also - with a pop of colour in some cushions - and hope to make a quilt to fold up at the end of the bed. we'll see how it goes!!
    look forward to following along to the finish of your daughter's room!
    cheryl xox.

  6. Doesn't the rug have hot pink in it? I thought you didn't like that? Looks good, though.

  7. This room has defiantly Evolved..I didn't think I wanted hot pink, But sometimes with room re-do's you go a direction you never thought you would go! I am embracing the thought of Hot pink, I am excited to see what happens :)

  8. I'm kind of old but would you adopt me? Love this room so far. You have fantastic taste! Can't wait to see it with the bedding done. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  9. Love that rug! And whoever does your furniture painting does an amazing job! It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what else you do!

  10. Where did you find the bedding?