Surf's Up Birthday Party and Inspiration

My baby is turning 9! Aughhhhh time is going by way too FAST!!!

We have decided to make things more simple this year, and plan a Back Yard Water bash! 

And then next year, Miss wants to make it all Fancy and VERY much all GIRL! And invite all her little friends and their Doll's for a Perfect little Tea party! 
Oh man...what am I getting myself into?

But this year it's all about the Summer FUN and so we invited pretty much the entire neighbor, boys and all!!!

Here's my inspiration piece 

I just LOVE the vintage feel of this invite! 

Here is what we came up with!



  1. Hi Heidi,

    We just planned a Surf's Up party for my 9 year old. I put a few pictures up on my blog, but I have a ton more if you are interested in anything. Feel free to email me at

    Here's the link to that post on my blog.

  2. How fun! Enjoy-- the time goes by so quickly. :)
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor