What I Am Loving - Inspiration

I have been DROOLING over the New Pottery Barn Magazine! 
There are a few goodies that I Just adore!! 

Here is my DREAM Wish List!!!!

On a Decorating note, The Texturing guys came this morning. 
Now, All I can smell are Fumes 
(That explains why I have been running around in circles today ;)

As I mentioned HERE, we are adding White trim down the hall. 
To save on cost, we had the texture on the walls changed from Orange Peel to FLAT. 
That way Brett will have the PERFECT canvas to work on!! 

For under $200 Our Texture guy re-textured the Hall, The Entry, The Front Room and a Big Wall Down Stairs. 
A steal of a deal if you ask me!
We saved a TON not having to buy Quarter inch board!

We have a lot of work ahead!! Oh JOY ;)
Here is a Sneak Peek

And Here is our INSPIRATION picture for the arch leading into the hall!!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. I've been devouring the PB catalogue also.

  2. I love it all and I was able to score that rug on sale online for $169 for an 8x10 can't beat that. Now if I can just get hubs to work on and finish the dining room so I can take it out of the package.

  3. AnonymousJuly 17, 2011

    I am in love with the arch!! It looks fabulous!

  4. I was the same way when mine came. I love those lamps too. that blue color is gorgeous!

  5. i have to stop looking at the PB catalog. i love it all but i hate the NEED i have for all of it. lol your dream list looks a LOT like mine!! (LOVE the arch!!!)