Trim Work & Molding

Well... Here are a few snap shots to give me an alibi for being LAZY with my posts lately!  
Things are starting to look GOOD!!!

And guess what....
I Made the decision and am in the process of covering the RED!!!  I know, I know! I thought I was going to keep it, 
but like my Mom said "This is something you have been wanting to do for a long tme, and it's just a can of paint." She is soooo right!  So for the past 3 days, I have been priming away.  

Boy, it takes A LOT of time to cover red! Aughhhhh!  
Especially if you are super picky about straight lines as I am.  I use a tiny brush to make sure all my lines are straight.  I don't trust tape :)in the past it ALWAYS bleeds through even though I have spent GOOD money on tape that promises it won't bleed.  
So now I just rely on a steady hand!

My kitchen is going to be the Comfort Grey from (Sherwin William) and for the front room, I tweaked the color that I originally was going to use (Tobacco Road) and had them mix a color that is somewhere between Tobacco Road and Plantation beige.  
Tobacco was just a bit too intense for my taste.  

For all of you interested, here is the formula: 

 Brett, of course, is Hard at Work! 
Can I just tell you how much I LOVE THE FACIAL HAIR!  
As a professional brand designer, Brett doesn't get a chance to "dress down" all that much so this time he said was going to grow out beard until the project is completed.  
Oh PLEASE finish soon!!! :)

Here is what he came up with to adorn the arched door way.

 Here’s a Tip: He cuts them first and then glues them together before placing them on top of the pillars.  He does this because if you nail small pieces of wood together, they usually split and you have to cut more.  But with glue, you can attach them, putty in gaps and let them dry right on your kitchen counter.  They also join together more straight than by nailing piece by piece on the wall. 

And Here they are nailed in place! 
Wow, can't wait to see all this trim painted!

 Things are REALLY coming together!  My goal is to have it done by the time school starts. Hmmmm?  
I guess we’ll see if that happens???

P.S. My doors will be here in a week! At least that is what the cabinet guy said; I’ll bet it will be two ;)


  1. I'm so happy you decided to do away with the red! I love red but I'm so super excited to see what you do next. And I cannot wait to see your doors! Loving Brett's beard too! ;)

  2. Can't wait to see it finished! I am loving the trim over the archway :).

  3. Love the arch trim, and I too can't wait to see how the red room re-do ends up! I have a red wall that I have loved but have been debating a change for about 6 months. Maybe your room will convince me. :)

  4. the arch progress is so exciting! and i totally agree with you regarding tobacco road. in my old house i painted the guest room that color and i'll tell you, i hated it! too orange-y and well...TOBACCO! lol

  5. Its looking so good. I can only imagine what it will look like when its finished.