How To Test Paint Colors On Your Wall

can be found in all sorts of places! 
Brett and I saw this commercial a few years back and fell in love.  We just KNEW we had to do something like this down our hall.  Well, FINALLY that day has come... YAY!!!

When you watch this, 
look for the White Hall Way towards the end of the clip! 

As of today, this is my view of the front room! 
I had to move everything in middle so we could start on the trim.
It's amazing how quickly messes attract other messes :)

I'm not even going to try and clean and organize it!  
Good thing too, my boys are not feeling so great :(
which means Mom's on Nurse duty!
Oh well, I guess that means cuddling on the sofa with a bowl close by (just in case).

As for my Red Crisis,  
I am still looking at paint swatches on the wall. 
Here is a new color I am trying out, Comfort Gray(Sherwin William) 

I'm for SURE keeping the yellow undertones in my home, If I don't then the master bedroom will no longer flow with the rest of the house. 

But, I am changing the lighter Millet color to Tobacco Road 
(Two Shades Darker)

Hope you have a GREAT Weekend!!!


  1. so funny...i'm thinking about painting over my red to a grey/taupe too! something so different...but i'm SO excited about it!

  2. ok - i have to ask - do you paint FIRST and then find fabrics/drapes/accessories or do you usually find the jumping off point first before you grab a gallon and a brush?

  3. Sheri, My inspiration point usually does come from fabric or a lamp or a picture. This go around the blue lamp I snagged at DownEast has opened up my world of possibilities. I also fell in LOVE with the NEW blue stripe curtains from PB. So Paint is usually the last thing I pick! I pick the paint to BEST highlight what I already have in my room. That way I don't have to CHANGE everything I own. HOPE that helps!! :) ~Heidi

  4. Love that hallway! I would LOVE to have something like that in my house!!! Hope your babies get to feeling better soon!!

  5. Love the hallway! And I love the colors. Tobacco Road is a great color! I can't wait to see what you decided on as far as the red & gray! Hope the boys feel better soon.

  6. I'm excited to see the "red change" and I'm so glad you aren't getting rid of the yellow.... I love yellow. I warms up anything.

  7. Bedford Grey by Martha Stewart is a great grey because it has warm undertones to flow with your yellows. We used Tobacco Road and then repainted everything because it was too gold for our house. In the end went with Shelburne Buff from BM and it was a great warm, yellow. Your home is beautiful so I know whatever you choose will be great.

  8. Jerri, Thanks for the tip. I was kind of thinking that Tobacco road was a bit to gold. I was going to try and twick it but now I will go and find Shelburne Buff. THANKS sooo much!!