Evo'11 Conference

A Few weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend the 
EVO'11 Conference in Park CityUtah

It was so fun to rub shoulders with so many
CREATIVE bloggers!

We laughed, cried, and had an AMAZING Time Learning about the art of blogging :)

There were some PRETTY impressive sponsors this year... 
Sesame Street, Kodak, Aveda, PBS Kids, New Balance, McDonalds, Xbox, and Pepperidge Farm just to name a few :)

Me, Kim and Holly from Poppyseed Projects

I would have to say of all the things that made me laugh this past weekend, 
this clip from Sesame Street is by far my favorite!!!

There’s no other way to express my thoughts on the conference other than, I had a BLAST!!!  

My brain hurts from all the information I tried cramming into my head in only a short couple of days! I think I have an EVO'11 hangover.
I am exhausted BUT so excited and motivated to apply what I learned! 

Can't wait ‘til next year! 

I wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU to

for making this opportunity possible!

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  1. Heidi I just read this post and LAUGHED! I've never seen that Old Spice clip but it is HILARIOUS :) Thanks for sharing and so glad you had a blast @ EVO! :)