5 Ways to Transform any Room for under $100

Hey All, I thought I would share this guest post that I wrote 
for Plum DistrictENJOY ;)

Today, I am excited to share My TOP 5 STEPS on how to transform any 
room for under $100.  

The truth is, who doesn’t need a change of scenery sometimes, especially in the home? But then, we look at our bank account and realize that our dreams of the perfectly revamped room might be more of a financial nightmare. What I say to this my friends is THINK AGAIN … avoid the pitfall of believing a big transformation must come with a huge price tag.
Here are 5 ways and a few simple steps to transform your living space 
into your DREAM room!!!

STEP ONE: Get ‘er out of there!
Start from the beginning and clear the room completely! Remove all of your accessories, knickknacks, lamps, art, rugs etc…clear your room and by default you clear your head for new inspiration for the space. By just changing a lamp or even a lamp shade can give a room a brighter and totally different look. Also consider changing where items are hung on the wall. Or better yet, revamp old frames or small tables with a new punch of color! A $2.00 can of spray paint will make all the difference in the world!

Check out this before and After!

STEP TWO: Put Some “Pretty” On It!
PAINT!!!  For a small amount of cash, you can buy a gallon of paint that will turn your walls from boring to BRILLIANT!  By changing the hue of a room, even if it’s only a couple of shades darker, you can make a bold statement and a much bigger bang for your buck!  Also, consider doing an accent wall.  In my home I have done a number of accent walls with trim but, you can create the same affect on a shoe string budget by simply painting an accent wall to give you a new focal point.  Also consider adding crown molding to the look for a rich and classy look. You would be surprised how affordable it can be by doing it yourself.

 In this Picture Chalk Board paint was used for the accent wall.

Here is a PERFECT example of a Before and After paint job!

STEP THREE: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple)
There’s no need to rush out and spend a lot of cash on replacing items you already have.  For example: keep the sofa and chairs you already have and get them professionally cleaned. It’s amazing what a little soap can do to bring back the look and life of your fabrics.  If you want something extremely dramatic, consider a discounted slipcover or better yet, take the plunge and try to reupholster it yourself. There are many tutorials online that will help in the project. Adding a new set of colorful pillows and a throw will make your sofa makeover complete.  To save on money consider recovering old pillows with new fabric. It’s amazing the deals you can get now a days online or at fabric outlet stores. I have seen designer fabric for as low as $3.00 a yard! 

Check out how these pillows give a neutral space some POP!

STEP FOUR: A Change of Scenery
Simply rearrange your furniture. By changing things around the room it will transform the way you feel about the space.  Consider pulling the sofa away from the wall and add a sofa table behind with lamp. It will create more ambiance with the lamps and provide more depth in the room.  Give it a try, you might be surprised. Also don’t be afraid to take furniture or accessories from a different room . . . change things up a bit and have fun doing it!  You might end up liking them even better in your new space.

STEP FIVE: Out With the Old and In with the New . . . er, or sort of
Don’t ignore your windows. Heavy, dark, outdated window treatments can make any room feel sad!  Replace them with window treatments that are light, clean and airy. This is the one place I say it’s a good idea to spend some money, or better yet, find a way to “repurpose something you already own.  I have noticed a popular trend where people use bed sheets for curtains. It is a great, low budget way to cover your windows. All you have to do is add rings. You can also search your local discount store for deals.

Here is an example of Bed Sheets as Curtains

I love how they used a simple kaki fabric for these curtains

In the end, it’s all about making your house feel more like a home.  Keeping it simple and finding creative ways to use what you already have.  Then, of course, go out and spend a little money on those things you absolutely LOVE and of course need ;)  
You’ll be surprised how a little bit of elbow grease and creativity go a long, long way.
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  1. Great post. My favorite way to change up a room is paint. It works everytime. I just wish I could snap my fingers to have the colors change. I am not a fan of painting.

  2. Great tips! I just found out Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off paints & stains sale this weekend, so I will be stocking up!